When he reappeared, he had come to a spacious and bright hall. A giant crystal was suspended at the center of the hall, with perfect white jade and faint white jade luster.

Mo Liudao was in this giant crystal square when he appeared, and his right hand still held the small crystal in front of him. The crystal square giant crystal in his hand resonated.
Obviously, he can suddenly disappear from the temple in Niutoushan and then appear here because of the huge crystal suspended here.
Mo Liudao looked up at the front and found that Lingyun and Xu Tianyu were in front of him. There was a large and luxurious jade long table with Phnom Penh in front of them, which looked very luxurious.
Chapter 552 Fate
At the moment, there is a man sitting in front of this jade table, who is immersed in his pen.
Xu Tianyu and Lingyun waited on the jade table.
Before Mo Liudao was busy, he made a respectful salute to the person who wrote at the table "See Executive Adult".
This is a man wearing a white robe. It looks like he is about forty or fifty years old. He heard six tones, then stopped writing and looked up and smiled slightly. "You three are here. I also received a notice temporarily and called you to Jiangdong Province."
"You three guides have been responsible for the performance of Jiangdong Province. This time, there is a great opportunity to fall on your Jiangdong Province."
The executive adults in this white robe paused here for a moment, and then tapped a pen in hand. "There have been some changes in the competition of dark forces, and the corner of darkness has been knocked down, which just fell to Jiangdong Province. This is some kind of omen and sign."
Mo Liudao, the original executive, summoned himself to return, but he didn’t expect to hear the news. Both he, Lingyun and Xu Tianyu felt shocked.
Although they are guides, they are almost in charge of the whole Jiangdong Province, but the execution of what adults say is still far beyond their imagination.
Lingyun couldn’t help saying, "What are the omens and signs of executive recognition?"
White robe executive adults face a smile slowly became a solemn look at Lingyun. "The head race is your way to imagine that this dark corner fell off your Jiangdong Province. It is not accidental, but there is some kind of prophecy. The prophet has given a prophecy. Of course, this is also a sign that Jiangdong Province may be born with a darkness. Someone may become darkness or bury the dark person."
"Whether the future is good or evil, whether it is a blessing or a curse, even a prophet can give an accurate answer. There are many kinds of future, and every kind is possible."
Mo Liudao sank, "What do you mean by the execution of the adult?"
According to the prophet’s prediction, this man has great luck, and if he is bewitched by darkness, it will be a disaster for us. Against him, the head of our camp can also be contaminated with his luck, and the chances of winning will increase greatly in the future.
"So I can’t believe that our little Jiangdong province has a chance to influence the future situation? We also have a glorious face when we listen, "Xu Tianyu said half jokingly.
Ling Yun said, "If there is such a bad luck, then I won’t find it. It must be Xuanhua’s rare double talent and hidden career. I can’t think of anyone else besides him?"
Mo Liudao and Xu Tianyu took a look at Lingyun and wanted to refute it, but think about guiding and being responsible for those people. People can really argue with each other.
Law enforcement adults tap the pen in his hand and say, "Xuanhua, I have also noted this … double talents and hidden occupations are rare in Jiangdong Province, but they are also limited to Jiangdong Province."
Lingyun was surprised. "Executive adult, do you mean that it also has double talents and hidden professionals? Can you compare xuanhua? "
"Yes," said the executive. "At present, I know that there are five people who have changed before. This is simply impossible …"
When he said this, he pointed the pen in his hand to the side and said, "This means this change."
Lingyun also don’t talk is to show some shock.
Xu Tianyu said, "Although the double talent and hidden career are not the only one, the whole Jiangdong Province is really his head. He can recognize this day and choose Jiangdong Province, and nine times out of ten it can be him."
Executive adults said, "This is also a place where I can’t guess. This dark corner falls into Jiangdong Province for a reason. It is decided that this dark corner will be tested to find it out. This time, I called you here to let you perform this."
As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and suddenly a finger-sized white crystal appeared in his palm.
"What do you have to achieve’ wait’ power good seedlings? Of course, you think it’s possible to send them to that dark corner with one each. These crystals can ensure that they can return safely. Since it has atmospheric luck, it is very likely that it will become dark and close to the people sent in. Which one stays the longest is the first to find someone. "
"This matter is very important, and I will personally note that you must seriously implement it."
Executive adults here face solemn look.
Mo Liudao, Lingyun and Xu Tianyu are all careful to follow the in the mind, and then pick up the table and put away the tiny crystals.
Then the executive adults gave Mo Liudao a large crystal.
"Once in the dark corner, everyone can peek into what is happening inside, even the head power can penetrate into the darkness. Only with the help of this crystal power can they come back. You must make it clear that once the crystal is lost or broken, you will never get lost in the darkness and never come back."
"All parties in this matter note that if there is any mistake, even I will be held accountable."
When the executive adults say this, Mo Liudao and three people will understand that this incident has not been done well or gone wrong, even if he has to be held accountable, let alone the direct executors Mo Liudao, Lingyun and Xu Tianyu.
Hearing this, the three people all felt that the pressure on their hearts was greater than the faint feeling that they seemed to have several pairs of eyes staring at them.
After that, the executive adults specifically explained some matters needing attention, and then the three talents left one after another.
In that huge darkness, Su Li, Jassamyn Liu and Wei Bingying are studying the dark stone.
After talking, the three parties can determine that they are friends or enemies from different cities, but there is no conflict of interest with human beings. Now they get together to study, such as entering the dark refinery through the dark stone.
They are not stupid. If they can enter this dark refinery, they will get a chance.
The problem now is that if you start
Everyone tried many methods, such as transmitting energy, studying spells or trying to drop blood, but they failed to start the dark stone, but they didn’t want to be hit by a dark giant door, and then a group of people came out one after another
As before Wei Bingying came in, when these people entered, they suddenly saw a large group of people here. First, they were surprised, and then they realized that there were acquaintances among them.

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