Hundreds of people are beaming. They have never seen the horror of six scattered immortals before. One can not only increase their knowledge, but also be good for Du Jie if they have the opportunity to achieve scattered immortals in the future.

Ten-thousand-meter-high peak hangs upside down outside the small peak, prohibiting the ice pupil from shaking at the top of the head.
That cold and beautiful face has a confident and determined look, but there is a little excitement and anxiety hidden in her eyes.
The power of the six-fold celestial disaster is poor only because of the nine deaths and seven-fold celestial disaster. Although history has a special physique, my brother has supported more than Chengdu in the whole sect, but there are still people who have fallen. Aren’t those who haven’t lived and tasted amazing wizards?
It’s very valuable to survive the top five without the support of super power and strong talent.
There is a maximum of five robberies in the employment of scattered immortals in Shenwei Academy of Fantasy Fairy City because it is almost impossible for those who happen to be scattered immortals to survive the sixth catastrophe. Their employment in Shenwei Academy is to accumulate resources in exchange for stronger magic weapons, better elixirs, more charms and so on, so as to prepare for the future catastrophe.
Otherwise, without the help of external forces, those who are not particularly qualified will not be able to survive the quadruple doom.
When Chen Han and his gang arrived at the scene, they were already crowded with people hundreds of miles away from Du Jie.
A hundred miles is the limit. Going inside is likely to be caused by the default common Du Jie. The power of Armageddon has increased several times. In the innermost part, there are a group of old people who are immortal. The old man wearing an apricot cassock, such as Gu Yue, has a white face and a dignified look. It is Taiyi Xianmen who is now in charge of teaching Qi Jianqiu and the fifth real brother Jiruoxiu in the bloody battle list.
Of course, they won’t care who Jirexu’s grandfather is, and more than 60% of his real brothers have extremely deep background and family power in the sects.
"Ice pupil really didn’t live up to my expectations, and it will be another one in 270 years."
Next to Qi Jianqiu, the tall old man smiled and stroked his long beard and said, "There are three people on this bloody battle list, and other little guys are under more pressure. This is a good thing!"
The cloud of robbery is getting stronger and stronger. Qi Jianqiu’s parallel refers to the sudden rise of ice around him, which seems to freeze the soul.
"This month, Bing Yan Ling Jian will help you Du Jie to quickly drop blood to recognize the Lord!"
"Thank you for teaching!"
While JieYun is constantly remit heaven and earth reiki ice pupil took the rainbow to fly sword immediately drop blood to recognize the Lord to replace its own fairy sword handle.
The gap between the Chinese fairy and the fairy is revealed, and it lingers in the outside world. The mysterious cold is doubled on the spot, and a layer of deep blue is almost solid like Xuan Bing cold. Her body surface seems to be covered with indestructible sapphire.
"Bingtong Town Shencui Yuandan, Jiuzhuan Dragon Pill and Shengxue Dan each help you Du Jie!"
"Ice pupil nine over fairy charms two help you Du Jie!"
Three elixirs plus two talismans flew out of the hands of two elders and crossed thyme in an instant. These two people are the elders of the Ice House in Taiyi Fairy Gate.
Of the ten real elders in the whole sect, there are three in Bingjia, which is more powerful than teaching in charge.
"Sister and brother, there are five elixirs here for you, Du Jie!" Xuanlong was holding a jade bottle with anxious face.
"It’s just the first elixir. It’s enough for three elders to give elixirs. What about other elixirs?"
God disdains to sneer at the palm of your hand. Suddenly, there are more lotus flowers with light blue color as if they were carved from ice. "This is my brother who tried his best to slay a six-robbery Teng snake when he was in extremely cold Xue Hai, but he just took the yellow cold lotus to help his school sister Du Jie."
Teng snake!
The demon race, a descendant of the Dragon, is stronger or weaker in the same order than Chengtian. Even if he has a fairy device to protect himself, he will pay a high price if he wants to slay a six-robbery Tengsnake.
Although it’s easy for him to say, in fact, he almost died in the first world war, and it took three years to recover, which shows how much thought he spent to get the cold lotus.
This yellow lotus can’t be used as medicine. Generally, it’s no different for a practitioner to commit suicide. In a short time, his body will be frozen to pieces, and Yuan Shen will vanish. Only if he has a special constitution with water properties and achieves the practice of scattering immortals in four robberies can he recover in a short time, no matter how important the injury is.
It can be said that for qualified scattered immortals, the yellow lotus is equivalent to an extra life, and its preciousness is self-evident and its value is much higher than that of ordinary elixirs.
"What … these two guys are fighting for more than just a couple?" Chen cold strange sound to KouXun around with a smile.
Chapter 325th Scattered Fairy Armageddon 2
"Pigs can see that they are rivals in love, but it’s no wonder …"
Kou Xun laughed like a weasel who ate an old hen. She replied, "There is such a big background behind her face, figure and temperament, and she is even more talented and talented. When she has been robbed for more than two hundred years, which man doesn’t like her?"
I can’t agree. I left my mouth and shook my head. "This woman is as cold as ice. I don’t like it. Besides, this kind of repair with her is not said to be a soft meal?"
Just after the two had just finished talking, the cold voice of the ice pupil came from the air. "The two brothers are kind enough to understand the treasure given by their elders. Ice pupil is confident that he can survive the six-fold celestial disaster. Let’s leave it to his Du Jie in the future."
"Ice pupil!"
Xuanlong and Chengtian quickly shouted at the same time, but it’s a pity that the ice pupil root didn’t accept the meaning. That group of old guys looked at each other in the eyes and reached out to outsiders.
Exhausting the aura of heaven and earth, gathering the aura of six scattered immortals and absorbing the aura. Compared with Chen Han, I have seen the apocalypse of my ancestor Du Jie, and it is rare to see it. The bullet of Kowloon Penetration is many times stronger, but Du Jie’s repair is also a far cry from it.
More than a hundred miles in diameter, the purple-black robbery cloud is flashing with bright purple thighs. The moment when Leimang is wearing a Chinese fairy weapon and an ice pupil, it seems like nine days of fairy tales.
In Taiyi Xianmen, she is almost an idol and a dream.
Of course, this is a rose with thorns, not to mention that her self-cultivation makes those people discouraged, nor that her background is not ordinary people, just those two. She is really a brother who has made a mistake and let everyone put an end to their thoughts
Cheng Tian killed two real brothers, one for robbing and selecting new people, and the other for pestering her all day after her confession to Bing Pupil was rejected, and was finally chopped to pieces by Cheng Tian’s sword.
Yu Xuanlong is qualified to be a rival in love with God and a worthy opponent.
Besides, killing God is not a brain problem, silly fork. What kind of people can kill what kind of people can’t kill him? In my heart, I know better than anyone that the real brother who was killed has no background and relatively speaking, Xuanlong is not an ordinary real brother. What’s worse, it’s not that easy for him to kill Xuanlong.
"It’s a good thing you’re not nervous because it’s an ordinary natural disaster."
Zhang Jiao Qi Jianqiu took one look at Zhong Jieyun and said to Cheng Tianhe Xuanlong, who was nervous, "It is not difficult to repair the ice pupil with the help of the fairy and her own armor. If she can’t survive the apocalypse, even few people can."
It’s really strange if she can’t get through the ordinary apocalypse that she has the strongest magic weapon, elixir and charm to help her face the ordinary apocalypse that is not very powerful.
Qi Jianqiu’s voice just fell from the sky like a thunder dragon, and the surrounding area was broken.
If it weren’t for Taiyi Xianmen, a group of dharma masters forcibly isolated this heaven and earth, I’m afraid the nearby peaks and valleys would turn into fly ash, and Xuanlong held his fist tightly and stared unblinkingly at the thunder that fell from the sky, showing great tension.

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