Gradually, he found that he could fully understand the composition of this long bone.

He knows how to build long bones like the world’s source power.
This kind of cognition is almost divine.
"Soul force" Gu Qingshan involuntarily said, "I need soul force to construct laws to form a body."
With this, his soul force was immediately deducted at 1 o’clock.
Gu Qingshan soon felt a little itchy.
Why do you feel itchy?
Supposedly, I am a soul body and should not have this feeling.
Gu Qingshan looked down.
All four claws of the body, which is made of bones, are sharp swords with cold light flashing.
This is his body
Generally, the claw demon is different in that its body is more slender and coordinated.
Gu Qingshan has induced a new force besides spiritual power.
He tried to urge the force to pour into the sharp claws.
Claw across the rock wall produced a kind of wanton pleasure like cutting tofu.
Five marks are deeply engraved on the rock wall.
"It’s really the secret practice of the world mystery level that made me disguised as a claw demon!"
Gu Qingshan said to himself
"No, it’s not a disguise. I’m a claw demon."
Gu Qingshan tried to move his body.
Millimeter obstacle
Just as he was born to know how this demon should move.
Gu Qingshan cautiously stopped and trained himself according to the claw demon fighting style in his memory.
It was a long time before he stopped to rest.
-is roughly mastered the claw demon attack mode.
Gu Qingshan no longer hesitates to stride toward the underground of the yellow passage.
It’s amazing. He naturally moves in the way of claw demon
Sharp claws pierced the hands and feet of the rock wall and crawled towards the depths of the cave.
Is this all right?
Really won’t be seen through?
Gu Qingshan has some doubts in his heart.
The most important thing now is to find a demon and see how it reacts to him.
It’s a pity that the nearby demons were killed by him, and no demons appeared for a long time.
So he can continue to climb to the depths of the cave.

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