Follow the right eye to look at the past, and the left eye will see that the limbs are disgusting tentacles, magic tricks, insects and ghosts. When the peak state of his bedroom is normal, those tentacles are all gray-black. At this time, those tentacles are white with gray, and you will know that the master is in a bad state.

The magic method, the worm and the ghost came to the Zerg and the spirit beast camp in a flicker, and they were smoked to the extreme by the deep blue grass breath. He almost bumped into this little detail. Hu Yingxue felt that he should know that the shadow flow made them want to kill the Zerg and the spirit beast before the magic method, the worm and the ghost.
The whole world knows that it was the magic method that made the zerg and the spirit beast, but it didn’t directly connect the zerg and the spirit beast with other people’s bodies. If Hu Yingxue thought that there was no mistake in speculation at this time, the magic method of the worm and the ghost would refine himself into the method of the emperor’s level. Those zerg and the spirit beast were separated by him in the process of refining himself.
This method is second only to the mother’s method. At ordinary times, the individual can be independent. When the zerg and the spirit beast can devour each other, they can rapidly increase their own strength. It is precisely because they belong to the same mother’s method. It is said that the magic method can help the worm and the ghost to recover quickly, which is the mother’s method.
Just like a spirit-eating worm, if a method is close to the mother method, then this method will have a chance to take its place. This method is born out of the mother method. This is not a clone. It will be qualitatively different from the mother method because of many factors, that is, if the method succeeds in replacing the mother method, it will be another one.
Magic, magic, insect, and ghost brought out Zerg and Soul Beast because they were accidentally discovered that their development would make their strength grow rapidly, but no one would like their position to be threatened. No wonder he didn’t like them at all, although he enjoyed the benefits brought by Zerg and Soul Beast, and kept them as slaves and deliberately suppressed their strength growth.
In fact, the magic method, the worm, the ghost, the zerg and the spirit beast are indeed female methods, but although they don’t like the fact that their status is threatened, the magic method, the worm and the ghost don’t particularly like them. They are worried that if people know, someone will benefit the zerg or the spirit beast and cultivate one that can replace him. They have been hiding this layer and deliberately showing their rejection.
I feel that the number of Zerg and Soul Beasts is decreasing, and I am hesitating whether to help them recover to the peak | peak state. I didn’t expect that the Zerg and Soul Beasts camp would be covered with a thick layer of blue grass. I am afraid that he almost lost his ugliness because he was unprepared.
With a flash of his figure, the demon came to his left and right, and noticed that he had pulled away from the camp, but he could still feel the threat brought by the blue grass. He suddenly looked up and saw that everything in Tiandaying camp was designed by himself, and soon he noticed something that had been noticed before but not paid attention to.
Although the magic method, insect and ghost are now in a weak period, even if they didn’t devour nearly 100 low-level deities before, they won’t be weak enough to be vulnerable. After devouring nearly 100 low-level deities, now he and the Saint have no problem in the initial stage, one enemy and three enemies. He immediately threw out two tentacle virtual shadows.
Tentacles virtual shadow hit the tent of meeting created by the camp people. When the thunder sounded, the whole camp shook violently. I haven’t seen the truth of this explosion. The magic method of worms and ghosts changed their look and moved to the front of the sundial in the center of the camp. I really saw that it was already divided into two.
At this time, the magic method, the worm and the ghost looked up, and when the artificial canopy was broken, it was found that there was another barrier outside the protective barrier of the camp and that it wrapped the whole camp, not only this layer, but also a big earthen cover.
If there’s nothing in a simple earthen cover, it’s best to break it when you run away, but in front of you, this earthen cover not only exudes a strong smell of fallow soil, but also is covered with blue grass, so be it. The smell of blue grass is not what those blue grass can have.
Hu Yingxue didn’t expect that the magic method of worms and ghosts were also afraid of the blue grass. She felt that this arrangement would be convenient to catch the zerg and the soul beast. When she saw the magic method of worms and ghosts waiting for the soil cover, her pupils contracted, and she couldn’t help but raise her hand and touched her nose. At the same time, she lamented that her luck was not so good in her heart.
It’s like God feels that it’s not enough to stimulate the magic method, insects and ghosts. The magic method, insects and ghosts haven’t recovered from the shock of discovering the earthen cover. The chaotic place shows signs of collapse, and the surrounding buildings creak, but it’s just a stupidity and a large area collapses.
The magic method, the worm and the ghost have been thinking about Li’s chaotic horse, thinking that it has always been very quiet, and that chaos will change like this. Let the gods know that he can’t find the convergence Dan and the stealth operator Hu Yingxue and others naturally found nothing.
Guess the other person is a means to hide his tracks. The devil wants to burn everything and threaten the other person to appear. His eyes fell on the sundial that was split in half and he choked. The light flashed and flashed. He thought of a person. "Where is the shadow?"
The right envoy crustily skin of head replied, "We have called people to search for her and haven’t found her whereabouts."
Hu Yingxue blinked and put it in the prison cell of Gankun Secret House. Xu Rui, Xu Feng, efreet, Liu Yaozhi, Liu Xinting and Hong Jun were all thrown in front of the magic method of insects and ghosts. Xu Rui’s luck proved to be so bad that he stopped at the feet of the magic method of insects and ghosts. The magic method of insects and ghosts didn’t see who kicked him into the sundial that split in two.
Chapter 567 Trapped bucket magic method of insect ghost (6)
Hu Yingxue, who was banned by the magic method, saved his life by adding a heavy foot to Xu Rui’s body. Therefore, he was scattered and found that the body was banned without Xu Rui’s horse. He rolled over and got up and knelt down to "Xu Rui see the Lord" at the magic method.
The demon’s eyes swept aside efreet and others before falling on Xu Rui’s body. "Is it easy for Feng Di to make a move?"
Xu Ruigen didn’t dare to look up and shake his body and replied, "It’s not Yi Feng’s Emperor who has two emperors. Otherwise, let the fairy demon Buddha over there find out that we arranged people in the human world to steal the demarcation beads. At that time, they arranged Hu Yingxue’s reincarnation, and we all arranged it in each other’s control. It feels like playing a game with the temple."
Hu Yingxue pulled the invisibility symbol "Father, they don’t need it if they don’t know all about your arrangement."
Before seeing efreet, they knew that someone nearby saw Hu Yingxue appearing on the opposite side. It was not surprising at all, because Hu Yingxue had eaten Lianxi Dan before, and he didn’t feel her breath. He didn’t particularly know the natural treasure. He didn’t recognize that Hu Yingxue could recover from a mortal to a saint in such a short time.
Even in the weak period, the magic method of worms and ghosts is also a saint. He denies that he can’t even beat a god-order person and sneers, "You have a lot of courage to break into the holy one alone."
Hu Yingxue was almost amused. "No wonder you feel stupid when you choose people one by one. It’s all because you are a master with a bad brain that you can think that I can’t come alone."
Magic method of insect ghost heart thumped a "can make easy wind emperor condescending to drop your holy face is big enough"
Hu Yingxue sneered, "It seems that you know very well that you don’t have the big face to let my father do it himself. You are not too nervous that your father didn’t come to Mubo and Uncle Wei Chi didn’t come."
When I heard about the evil spirits, I breathed a sigh of relief. "Are both Mu Yanrui and Wei Chi Changtian here?"
Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihan Yu tore off the invisibility symbol together, and others followed them when they saw it. A row of people looked at it by their appearance, and then looked at the past. A total of only two dozen people had seen Xu Rui’s back portrait, and all of them could sit in pairs.
Although Qingyang’s family has a certain influence in the whole holy heaven, this Digongye is low-key and likes to run around, not to mention that outsiders are family branches, and they don’t know much about this Gongye and people around him. Seeing Mo Liyu and others’ magic methods and ghosts is Hu Yingxue brought out from that universe.
There was a burst of laughter, and the demon raised his hand and touched it. There were no tears in his eyes. "Little Emperor Ji, you won’t bring such a little helper, will you?"
"Of course not." Hu Yingxue will pick a lot of bluegrass again, and all the monsters will be moved out of the secret mansion of Gankun. "And them."
Magic method of insect ghost eyes flashing light "little emperor ji let you all come out"
Hu Yingxue put her arms to both sides. "It’s all out. That’s all. I need these."
The magic method, the worm and the ghost are full of cruel eyes. "The holy Buddha didn’t have you when he was vertical and horizontal."
Hu Yingxue corners of the mouth slightly hook "temple know also know that you show up like a mouse, everyone shout dozen don’t show up, you don’t know which corner to hide in, rub and think about other people’s things".
Magic method of worm ghost jie jie strange laugh a few times "little emperor ji if it is your father yi feng emperor said the same thing in front of the holy Buddha at this time, the holy Buddha may give him a few minutes you are not him".
Hu Yingxue smell speech to the magic method of insect ghost laughed "temple don’t think so to deal with your root don’t need a father"
The magic method of worms and ghosts raised the bar. "The holy one is a million troops. Even if you can all be one enemy, it is impossible to retreat after their siege."
Hu Yingxue blinked. "If you say it’s those zerg and soul beasts, open your eyes and have a good look before you say the words to the temple."

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