Chapter four hundred and fifteen Harvest statistics

Mi Jing Deng Deng tong
Miss trial officer is still drawing circles, and Fang has traveled all over the land.
The secret realm is not big enough as a whole, not as big as the secret realm of one’s own salary. It is all kinds of buildings, mountains and platforms, especially the materials. Every brick and stone here is about materials.
Fang was tempted to knock a little, but the trial officer wanted to cut her very much, and he still stopped in his eyes.
No, he’s just checking the secret
It’s reasonable to be a secret administrator to inspect your own management area, isn’t it?
Now he can make ten mountain peaks at will, and at the same time, he can make them limited to people … But he still has to pay for them himself, just as he can’t withdraw the treasures stored in the secret land.
"I heard that the Candeira Empire, in which the super oasis bears land for a single time, consumes a lot …"
Also big!
After all, it is an epic ability to undertake a single mission, and it needs to consume one crystal, 10,000 mysterious crystals, and some miscellaneous accessories. These parts can be added to stew this pot of epic ability.
And the ground also has the ability to make CDs about five times a year.
Fang you is a little disgusted
May be saw his eyes dislike miss trial officer is not willing to "five times a year is not enough? How much is qualified to accept epic and inherit myth! Enough for you! "
Fang you also feel enough.
After all, Chengfeng Mountain consumes a lot of money, but he didn’t prepare too much. His crystal is precious.
However, his skills are even more precious and rare. If the number of learners is small, there is no need for skills to be engraved. Just let those who need to learn go to the secret realm.
It’s inconvenient for Yu Fang …
Fang you glanced at the panel.
[Base module]
[Can be included in the oasis quota of 3/6]
"ding! 」
"The detection shows that the secret realm has been controlled. Will this secret realm be included in the base module? Inclusion will occupy an oasis quota. "
Just think about traveling and choose … to be included!
In the future, the secret place of trial will be a place where firewood is officially used, so the convenience of transportation is very important. After all, members of the organization can’t travel on precious time, but they have to work and practice.
And the secret realm can be moved. If a passage is set up, it is equivalent to a movable shuttle door, which is even better.
In view of the fact that the secret realm of trials far exceeds the training ground specifications and accounts for local tours, I am still wondering if I can make the secret realm a higher training camp for firewood.
At first glance, Miss Trial Officer is very knowledgeable and proficient in many skills. In this case, can you kidnap Miss Trial Officer … Ah, bah, advise her to be an instructor in training camp? After all, being idle is also idle.
Miss Fang, who has a bad eye shot, feels that this matter still needs a long-term view.
If the trial officer always thinks that the young man in front of him may be thinking about something, but she has no evidence.
Like a laid-back employee, she introduced all kinds of facilities in the secret world without any fluctuation in tone.
Suddenly the land trembled slightly.
"There are enemies?"
Miss trial officer suddenly shook her eyes and the light became as sharp as a blade.
Her vision is limited, she can see all the secrets outside the country, and she can see the lighthouse shining.
At this time, the secret land is floating in the void with the anchored relics.
There is no enemy attack.
It was the trial officer who suddenly saw a silver door slowly appearing in the area where the secret land was located in the underground test site.
To the unknown
She opened the management spirit of the Candeira Empire and saw several mysterious wonders, but today she can’t understand them.
What do you want to say "again"?
She was lost in thought.
The tour here is checking the stability of the shakotan coast channel.
no problem
No matter how the secret world drifts, the passage shows no signs of loosening.

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