After being stunned, I couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. "Our opponent is very cunning … knowing that it is not necessary to continue to reinforce the battlefield, he will take the initiative to retreat to minimize the losses … It really is a very difficult opponent …"

As soon as the colonel’s words were finished, the deputy colonel still smelled of blood, so he could not help but ask, "Colonel … the commander gave us to drag the enemy outside Nanjing for two hours, waiting for the infantry to end the battle and re-surround the enemy in the official road … from the point of view, we didn’t finish half of it."
"And our cavalry regiment is very tired after fighting for half an hour in a row, so I won’t say much … The most important thing is that the casualties are so great that we can continue fighting so far, even less than 1,200 people …"
"While our enemy still has seven thousand people who have lost their artillery … but they are equipped with muskets that are almost the same as our cavalry short-barreled muskets … so big that we don’t know how to fight them …"
After the deputy head put the facts in front of him, he clearly saw that many faces showed a gloomy expression.
Chapter nine hundred and thirty In the opposite direction
After listening to the analysis of the deputy head of the regiment, at first, the head of the regiment also recognized that it was impossible for the cavalry regiment to complete the report.
But this gloom did not last long and disappeared completely.
There is no doubt that the colonel has thought of a specific solution.
After taking a deep breath, a face of serious interface said, "The deputy head of the regiment is right. We have more than 1,000 cavalry and 7,000 imperial army to recklessly, and they will definitely not be able to hold off. If they don’t say that there is more than an hour left, they may not even be able to hold on for half an hour …"
When I saw everyone coming, my face became even more gloomy. At this moment, the head of the regiment continued to say, "Since the cavalry is not an opponent of the 7,000 imperial army, then we will subvert the imperial army and infer that the Ministry will give up the war horse. When the infantry army returns to the city, it must build a line of defense to stop them from returning to the city …"
At first, everyone’s face showed an incredible expression after listening to the colonel’s words
They cheer up that once the cavalry loses their fighting capacity, it will be reduced to 50% or even less than 50%
Even the cavalry with strong fighting capacity is no match for the new army of the 7,000 imperial court. What’s worse, 1,000 cavalry who give up their fighting capacity is far better than those who don’t own them.
But after careful consideration, the incredible expressions on their faces have disappeared unconsciously.
Not only that, but also many people shoot two hot eyes directly out of their eyes.
Because at this moment, they all thought that everyone might bring great benefits to themselves after giving up their horses.
When you have a horse, you face the enemy. There is an idea in everyone’s heart that is to attack … because cavalry is born to attack.
But after giving up the war horse, everyone has more ideas.
A temporary infantry can not only attack but also defend their battlefield.
Yeah, that is, when defending their former cavalry, they never thought about defending.
When the imperial army lost artillery, it had to be defensive to become passive and active. The minimum casualties caused the greatest losses to the imperial army and dragged them outside Nanjing …
After some deployment, more than 1,000 cavalry, horses, horses, mortars and shells left in the cavalry regiment rushed to the five-mile position in front of the new imperial army as soon as possible to build a defense line …
Although it was a short time, more than 1000 cavalry built an earth wall more than two feet high before the new army arrived.
Although this earth wall did not reach the standard breast wall height of Tiger and Leopard Army.
However, the two-foot-high earth wall can still block almost half of the cavalry and block a lot of lead bullets fired at them.
In the face of blocking the road wall and the company commanders of the Tiger and Leopard Army’s new army, they don’t want to know that these Tiger and Leopard Army want to block themselves and destroy themselves outside Nanjing when the main force arrives.
If this happened half an hour ago, the company commander of the new army would have a very contemptuous smile on his face.
He cheer up the tiger and leopard army. If you want to own artillery, you can’t destroy your 10 thousand elite without 10 thousand or 20 thousand people.
If the Tiger and Leopard Army really dares to deploy 10,000 or 20,000 people to deal with themselves, his new army around Nanjing is not a vegetarian.
When the time comes, they will pounce here like a hungry wolf, and together with their own elite, they will attack and destroy the tiger and leopard troops who dare to besiege themselves.
But it’s different now …
His hand ten thousand elite at this moment has less than seven thousand people left.
More importantly, I am very dependent on the artillery.
Although twenty red cannons are still being dragged by themselves, there is not much difference between these red cannons and scrap iron when they lose their artillery.
Thought of here, the company commanders face of the new army was directly covered by an unprecedented dignified face.
Especially after hearing that the battlefield behind him is getting weaker and weaker, the dignified face of the company commanders has slowly emerged so gloomy.
He knew that the 5,000 new troops waiting for his rescue were finished.
If you can’t break through the front line of Tiger and Leopard Army and return to Nanjing to destroy the main force of the 5,000 new army Tiger and Leopard Army, you will definitely become a group of hungry wolves and will not hesitate to pounce on yourself and surround yourself here.
"It is necessary to break through the tiger and leopard army line in front of us, that is, the human life pile will be spared …" Glanced at the front of the tiger and leopard army line, and the company commanders of the new army ordered a murderous look without thinking.
"Mr. Wang Qian, you have to rush first. Don’t care about the casualties. Give me a Grenade after approaching the butch army line … there is no artillery fire support in red. A Grenade can destroy the butch army line …"
A thousand new army musketeers rushed to the cavalry line 200 paces away after only a short team formation.
When it comes to the cavalry regiment, the head of the regiment is not hiding or hiding anything.
As soon as the attacking troops of the new army dispatched the cavalry regiment, only a dozen mortars began to shoot flower shells at them.
However, although the power of the flower bomb is great, it has not caused too many casualties in the scattered new army.
When a thousand musketeers rushed to the front of the defense line and began to shoot each other with musketeers in their hands.
One thousand new army musketeers lost less than two hundred men.
"Shoot! Shoot!"
On the battlefield, the officers of the enemy and the enemy reached the shooting order almost at the same time
So the gun exploded like a bean and began to ring on the battlefield. The only difference was that the gun sounded in the position of the Tiger and Leopard Army Cavalry Corps. It was very neat and round after round.
In the imperial court, the new army fired a gun, and there were 700 musketeers left in the new army because of the continuous falling and explosion of flowering bombs. There was no way to organize an effective musketeer array.
Without the musket array, the 700-member imperial army can each fight and ring a very messy gun.
Random guns mean random lead bullets, and the two-foot high earth wall in front of the cavalry regiment blocks most of the lead bullets, and there are only a handful of lead bullets that can really cross the earth wall and hit the target.
However, the tiger and leopard cavalry regiment fired neat lead bullets, which was different. Almost a dozen new army soldiers were shot to the ground every time the gun sounded.
On the surface, there are not many opponents who fall to the ground at one time, but this round of lead bullets can directly come into being because of the effective benefit of the musket array.
The musketeers who attacked a thousand new troops without stopping finally rushed to the front of the defense line and lost one or two hundred people. They have lost four or five hundred people again.
The head of Yu Yu’s cavalry regiment can be sure that before he rushes into the Grenade’s killing range, the lead bullets will continue to hit and lose …
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-one To fry!
The head of the cavalry regiment can see this, and so can the company commanders of the new army.
However, the company commander did not order the troops to withdraw because the attack was to die.
It seems that even if he ordered the remaining troops to retreat, if they didn’t escape from the effective range of muskets, they still couldn’t avoid being killed. Since retreating is dead and continuing to attack is also dead, then what can we do to make some contribution to the subsequent attacking troops before they die …
Without thinking about it, the company commanders with a murderous look followed the command "Zhou Qian always rushed with you … while the brothers in front blocked the lead shot for you, they were as close as possible to the butch army defense line and the Grenade destroyed him …"
Command to two face directly reveals a completely different expression.
Department has left a few Wang Qian always looked at the company commanders with a face of despair and hardly believed his ears.
Because this order directly means that the battlefield itself is still alive, and hundreds of soldiers will face the end of the army.
While Zhou Qian’s total face reveal a heartfelt surprise smile.
Because the company commanders now let themselves attack and send themselves the meritorious military service.
He seems to want to seize the moment by himself. When the Tiger and Leopard Army wiped out hundreds of brothers left in the battlefield, his 1,000 elite troops had already rushed to the position of gathering the Tiger and Leopard Army’s defense line for thirty or forty steps.
When the time comes, it is necessary to persuade the soldiers to throw one or two rounds of grenades at the tiger and leopard lines. Many people in front of the tiger and leopard lines will suffer heavy losses even if they don’t die.
With a thousand elite troops, we can rush the tiger and leopard army’s defense line with minimum casualties, destroy the defense line with the strength advantage, and the tiger and leopard army will take the meritorious military service.
In this way, I have offended General Wang Qian, because I can get the meritorious military service in this instant, and I only got it when I stepped on the body of General Wang Qian, who probably helped 1,000 soldiers.
Even if this order is directed by the company commander Wang Qian, he will put hatred on himself, who has benefited the most.
However, it is too great that this meritorious military service may bring benefits to yourself. If you return to Nanjing, you will be promoted to vice president because of this meritorious military service.

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