"No, the princess is a little eccentric sometimes, but not cruel, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network. Is this Taoist cheating? "

Como said that he was thinking about his face, but he looked surprised. He sat on the lotus platform and patted his thigh and said, "Good! Good! I didn’t expect the witch to be so vicious and strange that she hacked at me without saying hello. Fortunately, the poor monk reacted quickly enough to avoid it. If ordinary people hadn’t been chopped off by her directly, they would have died. "
Li Chunfeng corners of the mouth twitched slightly, and I felt, "How can ordinary people hold a cloud hovering in the sky? This Guang Zhi monk is a little crazy, but his way is not weak. That Aoqing beheaded the demon sword should kill him! If we can block a sword when he pulls the key, Teacher Yuan will have a chance to capture the dragon lady. "
Como said that this state is a long-term plan. When these two men hunt Aoqing here, there must be another story. But if you want to ask, you can’t get the truth. So Como simply doesn’t ask, anyway, he doesn’t want to cause more trouble. Since Li Chunfeng is not anxious, he is willing to hang around in front of him. This small white face is also happy to pretend that Aoqing is fighting for some running time.
He was posing as a monk, but his auricle suddenly moved and he heard Li Chunfeng and Yuan Ke discussing one thing.
Kang Mo’s dharma practice is good, but it’s not as good as Daomen Taiyi’s scattered fairy practice. In the eyes of these two people, it’s also good. How can you think that the crazy monk is a monster of Yuan God level? The two of them chatted passionately, but they never imagined that all their own words had fallen into others’ ears!
Yuan Keshi’s tone is impatient. "Brother, we have three instruments to lock this baby. Wan Li, the dragon lady, can’t run away. Do you want to talk to this crazy monk more? Let’s hurry to catch Aoqing! "
Li Chunfeng said, "Don’t panic and you can’t run away from the dragon lady! It was the demon sword that she chopped in her hand that was really fierce. On that day, she fought the sword and injured more than a dozen mages, which killed the lives of granduncles. If you and I want to take him, we are still not fully sure. It is better to call this monk and rely on my three-Chen instrument, and your hand is right. This matter will be very promising! "
Kang Moyan sat in the lotus with a look of soy sauce on his face, but he was surprised. "Aoqing’s classmates really ran into a disaster and were chased here!" But what kind of person did she kill? Even Princess Jinghe couldn’t cover such a title. Can’t li mountain’s mother protect an apprentice like this? These two guys are really anxious to talk, except for two treasures, but none of them have a guess! ?”
Kang Mo put his thoughts out to cover this area and eavesdropped for a long time, but he heard that the two men had an argument and finally reached a consensus that Yu Aoqing had killed someone, but they didn’t understand what the origin was.
Li Chunfeng said to Como with a straight face after the sound, "This demon girl is bound to harm more people. Is Master Guang Zhi merciful and willing to go with the world to eliminate this harm?"
Yuan Keshi said coldly, "Master is also a practitioner. How can you swallow your sword? This evil spirit can’t be afraid of further difficulties in the future! "
Kang Moyan’s face changed greatly, and he reached out and pointed to Yuan Keshi Avenue. "When this statement is different, I have always advocated that whoever goes to hell will go to hell! If she cuts my sword, I will give her a hand to show mercy? Come and be kind? The so-called hard-edged young people who are just easy to fold are often too murderous … "
"You die? !”
Yuan Keshi’s face turned cold, and the seven-symbol light shone brightly. This young Taoist has already buckled his hand to entertain the monk in front of him, and then he will say hello to him!
Li Chunfeng’s face is also very bad. What Kang Mo said seems to mean something. At this time, he also has some doubts about whether the monk is really crazy or has other plans
Kang Mo-yan didn’t seem to see the two men’s faces suddenly bursting with brilliant Buddha’s light. Lotus stands came out from his palm and danced around the body. This little white face was sitting like a Buddha who saw through the world. When he looked at Li Chunfeng and Yuan Ke-shi, he gave them a feeling of being looked at and broken.
"But then again, it’s a Buddhist brother’s job. How can a poor monk walk with two Taoist priests once?"
Como suddenly said lightly
The meandering Yellow River array has been broken by Kang Mo’s firm but gentle words. A pool of lake water is completely exposed. When three roads in the sky escape light, the water suddenly makes a circle of ripples and slowly reveals a small head.
"Master has been closed for more than 40 years, and I don’t know what spells I have cultivated. When I came out, I broke my own nine-song Yellow River array!"
Hands and fingers gently take care of a little messy hair, and Mei Niang stares at three dodgy faces with a puzzled look.
As early as Kang Mo Yan cast a firm but gentle voice, Mei Niang was already aware of it, but she didn’t wait for her reaction. The master who jumped out of the array had already fought a sword between heaven and man. This fox woman has always been smart at this time, and she didn’t rush to think that her master’s sword light would be cut and she would turn around, but she didn’t expect that two road flyovers came later. I don’t know what she said in the sky, but Kang Mo Yan turned into a monk.
"His old man didn’t check his brother’s way first. Where are you going to wander?"
Mei Niang was meditating when suddenly a rude voice muffled thunder exploded behind her. "Hey? What achievement method have you cultivated, little fox? In just a hundred years, I actually produced Dan! "
One, two, one, Yuan Tiangang is another example.
One, two, one, Yuan Tiangang is another example.
Three red flames rushed out from the surface of the water, and there were dozens of feet high in the middle. The head roared and gave birth to three dragons and snakes with jagged horns, but the tail end of the head was buried deep in the lake. I don’t know how much mana accumulated.
Mei Niang is staring at the front hand with a look of awe at the three flame heads. Seven fire spells are brewing in her hand, and dazzling tiny flames are flying around her fingertips and skirts.
In the place where her fire power meets the water surface, large tracts of white smoke are coming out before, and soon it will be filled with a blur and a little hazy.
However, through the layers of hazy white smoke, Mei Niang can clearly see a disgraceful Han who is as black as charcoal. Although she met her once more than a hundred years ago, she was very impressed. At that time, she was just a fox, and she had almost no resistance in the face of such an earth monster. Even the resistance will was born by law.
Now, she is a thousand times better than a hundred years ago, but in front of this Han, she still feels like an ant and can’t stand the other person’s finger pressing.
But she still released her magic! This is what she can do now!
"Xiong Bi blame! Where have you come? "
Mei Niang tried her best to control her emotions, but she also heard that there seemed to be some trembling in her voice.
The bear monster is dressed in black armor like a mountain, and a pike is inserted straight in the beach beside him, giving people a feeling of shaking.
"What are you nervous about this fox? My bear is looking for the little white face, but he seems to be out. Hehe, please give him a message. If you still want something of your own, come to me! "
Xiong Yi monster stretched out two fingers and gently twisted it, then took out a black cherry gun and held it in his hand. He murmured in his mouth, "Just now, when the two Taoist priests saw it, it was not an ordinary Taoist temple. Just look at their costumes and you will know that there is a lot. What does the gigolo want to do? It’s just that I’d better return the things to him as soon as possible. It’s not good to be too afraid of being involved with this guy! "
In chanting, the bear monster rolled up a thick black gasification wind and left.
Mei Niang felt a sense of strength when she collected her magic. She looked up at the bear monster’s limelight and turned to look in the direction of Kang Moyan’s disappearance, full of worries.
"Two long poor monk asked! I wonder where you two are from? What do you do for a living? These pieces of paper are really wonderful. How are they refined? "
Thousands of miles away, due to the slow speed of the lotus platform, Yuan Ke was talking with Chi Kangmo, saying that one build was what did not build.
I don’t know how many crazy words the new monk said all the way. At this time, I saw him asking about Yuan Keshi’s convulsive mouth, but Li Chunfeng still walked over. "My other disciples came from Chang ‘an to become a monk in a famous Taoist temple. Because they saw the witch who killed people in Chang ‘an, they wanted to kill her. I didn’t want her to be very cunning and escape. My brothers chased her out, but I didn’t expect to meet the master …"
"This guy can talk nonsense than me!"

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