Chapter I Retirement

[Are you sure you want to sell your role? 】
Li Xiangkui looked at the brain screen with some stupidity, and one figure after another emerged in his mind, that is, this group of brothers stayed with him in the game and spent his college time.
"Buzz" the vibration of the mobile phone interrupted his memory. He took out his mobile phone from his pocket and pressed the answer key.
"Have you decided to sell your role?" The gentle woman came from the receiver.
"Well, now that we have graduated, we are no longer worried students in the ivory tower. It’s time for us to live hard and sell our roles. Money can support us for a while." Li Xianglian said silently.
"But it contains your years of hard work. Isn’t it a bit too hasty to sell it like this? Tiger, they are reluctant to let you leave. "The girl’s voice became a little anxious.
Eyebrows slightly wrinkled, hands unconsciously clenched fists, eyes showing a struggling tiger, they could not bear to part with him, and he tasted them again.
However, after graduation, he was confused about finding a job and hit a wall everywhere, forcing him to give up his game career and plan his future life with his girlfriend
Li Xiangkun took a deep breath and said, "Mo, I’ve made a decision this time. You know I won’t change my decision again."
Lin Mo’s persuasion works. "Well, I will support you and accompany you no matter what decision you make."
A few simple words touched the softest part of Li Xiangkun’s heart. He felt that the happiest thing in his life was to meet this girl who knew him, understood him and loved him, and their names just matched. Perhaps this is the so-called destiny.
"I will always be with you." Li Xiangkui raised her mouth and her heart was full of happiness.
"Well, I’ve packed all my luggage. Come and pick me up in my dormitory building. I’ll give you ten minutes. Don’t be late!" Lin Mojiao smiled and hung up.
Li Xiangkui looked at hanging up the phone and shook his head. He bit his teeth and moved the mouse to a certain position and pressed it.
[The role of the dust has been successfully sold]
It’s all over. Li Xiangkang slowly exhaled a foul breath until he saw the mobile phone indicating that the bank was credited. The SMS machine picked up his backpack and walked out of the Internet cafe.
At this time, it was in the midsummer, and Li Xiang felt more comfortable than the sunshine. When he raised his hand and looked at his watch, he quickly walked to his girlfriend’s dormitory building.
He doesn’t know that he used to play that game, which is causing an uproar at this time. The first player in China has changed hands and quickly became a major game forum.
People have been talking about whether this brilliant figure will sell his role. Players feel sorry for this. Whether it is positive or negative, comments are overwhelming. The name has instantly caught on the Internet.
And the hero of the incident was smoking in the girl’s dormitory building, waiting for Lin Molou to argue with him without knowing it.
A suitcase friction woke up a daze. Li Xianglian looked at the door of the ladies’ bedroom and saw a handsome white girl with a big suitcase coming towards him. The girl looked up and saw that Li Xianglian didn’t good the spirit. "Idiot didn’t see people carrying such heavy luggage? I don’t know. Come and pick one up. "
Li Xiangkui smiled and hurriedly took the suitcase and touched Lin Mo’s head and said, "Isn’t this to exercise your muscles?" Then he squeezed Lin Mo’s slender arm and shook his head.
"hate it! If the girl has so many muscles, it’s not good-looking. "Lin Mo gently hit Li Xiangyi.
"Ha ha" accompanied by laughter, two people walked out of the school gate.
Li Xiangkun looked back at this familiar and unfamiliar campus gate with some sighs. I vaguely remember that four years ago, he walked into this gate with a vision for the university. In a blink of an eye, four years have passed, and nothing has been achieved and nothing has passed so flatly.
Looking at this scene, Lin Mo was also a little sad. She knew that when she stepped out of this door, it meant that after she officially entered the society, life needed to rely on her own efforts, and there was no more luxury in life.
"Girl, let’s go home." Li Xiangkang stopped a taxi and put the heavy suitcase in the trunk, pulling Lin Mo to sit in.
Soon the taxi arrived at their newly rented apartment building. As soon as they entered the house, Lin Mo threw herself on the sofa and shouted happily, "Finally liberated! ! !”
"Mo first changed his clothes and thought about what we would eat later." Li Xiangkui took the suitcase into the room and rushed to the sofa and said Lin Mo.
This apartment is small but neat. Li Xiangkun bought all the furniture himself. He saved it for life in recent years. Before he came, he had cleaned the whole house several times. The floor was shining with golden light.
While Lin Mo was changing clothes, he opened the balcony window and slowly closed his eyes, feeling the wind blowing in his face. He didn’t feel so comfortable for a long time. Before, he seemed to know that playing games in his bedroom rarely felt nature outside.
"I changed it. Do you think this dress looks good?" Lin Moyin came from the room.
Li Xiangkun turned around and saw a white skirt. Lin Mowei’s wrinkled skirt was slowly swaying by the breeze, and her white skin revealed a little temptation. He felt that he had never carefully observed his girlfriend. It turned out that she was also beautiful.
"Beauty foam is beautiful no matter what you wear," said Li Xiangrui with a smile.
After hearing her boyfriend’s praise, Lin Mo’s face turned a little red, but she couldn’t stop being happy. "Xiang Sui just saw a good restaurant upstairs. Let’s go eat."
Li Xiangkun scraped her nose "so I can listen to you"
Two people came to a small restaurant on the floor, but the store was small, but the hygiene was very good. There were several guests scattered inside, and they chose a window seat.
After ordering the good food, the two began to chat about some trivial things in life.
"Ah, you guys heard? The eternal first player has sold his number. "Sitting next to two people, a young man said to some friends.
"I heard that the internet is very popular now, and people have speculated why he wants to do this. He said it well and sold it." One person said with interest.
"Hey, hey, hey, I know this, too. One of my buddies told me that it was because I owed people money and I had to sell my number." Another person pretended to be profound.
"True or false, I don’t believe that Fengshen can owe money and not pay people back, so don’t listen to others!" It is obvious that the topic is that the fans have begun to maintain their idols.
Lin Mo laughed as soon as she listened to the conversation between several people. She bent her eyes and looked at the opposite Li Xiangrui. He said to her, "Do you think I owe money and don’t pay people back?" Say that finish also looked at her with a face of serious.
Lin Mo laughed more and more, and said, "Don’t you forget that you once owed me a dollar?"
Li Xiangkang scratched his head awkwardly. At that time, two people were playing a game to bet on who lost and who gave each other a dollar. At that time, I let the water go to make her happy. I didn’t expect this girl to have such a good memory and put on a popular expression on the Internet. What do you want me to do? I am also desperate!
Two people continue to eavesdrop on their neighbor’s conversation. I didn’t expect those people to talk from astronomy to geography, from the universe to the origin of mankind for a while. If there is a button, they all want these people to turn around and talk to China.
"By the way, guys, do you know the game Second Life?" The first person once again brought up a new topic.
"I haven’t heard what game this is? The name is quite profound. "One person shook his head and said that he had never heard of it.
"As it happens, I know this game. I heard that this game is based on military training to make virtual reality technology." The third man wanted to show himself. Seeing that the other two people were full of expectations, he looked at himself and said, "Cough Second Life" is just like its name. This game builds a real world similar to the real world through the latest virtual reality technology, and allows players to get the ultimate game experience through the game cabin as if they have a second life.
"It’s the game room again. It must be very expensive to read so many novels. It seems that we should not have a chance to experience this kind of game." A person is full of enthusiasm and instantly cools down.
"No, the official did not give a specific price, but it was revealed that the price was acceptable to most people." The third person comforted several friends.

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