Five minutes later, the head of Qi, who was stripped of his rank, stepped into the room and looked up at Qin Yu. "Hello, Mr. Qin!"

"I’ve always been fine." Qin Yu looked at the sand table without looking up. "What do you want with me?"
"Are you really going to fight?" Colonel Qi said thoughtfully, "Is it necessary for the Sichuan government to get to this point just after autonomy?"
"It’s not that I want to do it," Qin Yu replied lightly. "It’s that you have been stabbing me with a knife! You thank yourself for wearing the Seventh District Army. If you want to change your mother into Pu Yan, you have been killed now! "
"It’s that our regiment can’t compete with your Sichuan Army," said Colonel Qi after a pause. "But can the Sichuan Army compete with the two field divisions in the seventh district?"
Qin Yu turned to look at him. "Hehe, what are you trying to say?"
"HQ has called us many times, and our teachers want to talk to you." The head of Qi said flatly.
Qin Yu paused and shouted, "Bring the military words to Qi Tuanchang."
Two minutes later, I put through Qi Tuanchang and handed the microphone to Qin Yu. "You answer it!"
"Hello, I’m Qin Yu!"
"I won’t talk nonsense with you either." The other teacher went straight to the point. "How about you release the two regiments from Iojima and we cancel Gao Qiao and Garava?"
Qin Yu paused. "Do you think this is possible?"
"Qin Yu, if you don’t take into account the overall situation, do you think you can just forget about the retaliatory slaughter of our military personnel in the EU area and the attack on our garrison units in Fuhai area?" The other teacher shouted fiercely, "You would have been wiped out a long time ago!"
"You fucking brag to me less b" Qin Yuwen also JiYan "Sichuan army or a few years ago you have more than two thousand people that HunChengLv ah who caught who stepped on one foot? Don’t talk about your two regiments. If you don’t drag your division down to Chuanfu, let’s give it a try! His mama also you consider the overall situation, if I don’t Gu instructed, I will eat you two regiments? Old directly hit your hq! I’m telling you, take a message to that Xu Hancheng. Don’t scare me with two divisions outside! If I don’t buy this set, you can try it in Chuanfu! "
Say that finish Qin Yu hang up words directly thrown to the officer to continue looking at the sand table.
Qi colonel was startled to see Qin Yu’s heart suddenly realized that yes, this HunChengLv was not a small unit that was difficult to get some supplies, but a military administration with Sichuan government autonomy!
It now has more than 20,000 logistics units and has been increasing its troops!
If it develops for a few years, what scale will Qinchuan Army be? Who can say?
Shen Wanzhou personally joined the commander of the Song Dynasty in the Seventh District of World War II and bluntly said, "Old Song, we are unstable at this time and there is no way to make a definite statement."
Chapter 167 Ann landing
Chen Zhongren guessed very accurately that Shen, the military and political headquarters of the ninth district, didn’t help the World War II area here, just like he didn’t know anything about the military changes in the seventh district
Actually, there is nothing we can do about it. Because the ninth district is going to move, Gu will definitely get involved, but now it is impossible to make the situation too tense. Then in the end, everyone will be in a bad situation and it will not help the current situation.
late night
The northwest advance army has just moved here, and Chen Zhongren has just received a message from the general logistics department of the seven-district army headquarters. It is the secret chief who personally said that the chief logistics officer wants to invite Commander Chen to have tea.
Command Chen Zhongren stood up and said, "The second time they want to transfer South Shanghai No.1 to the sea, the chief logistics officer didn’t show up, so this is the room to forget it and talk about it."
"It is estimated that Odbo and Lao Xu will also go there." The deputy commander got up and walked over and said, "Alas, it seems that your old car really has no fate with me."
"Ha-ha" Chen Zhongren laughed. "Forget BMW with heroes. I have no feeling about cars."
"That’s fake. I’ll ask the guard to give it to you later." Chen Zhongren said behind his back. "Come on, let’s go to the military general logistics department."
Voice down two people leave with guards.
Fuhai area
Qin Yuzheng, the temporary HQ of the Independent First Division, was busy responding to Xu Corps’ reaction when he suddenly received Jun Chen dialect.
"Hey, big brother!"
"Why?" Chen Jun asked
"What can I do to pack up my family and get ready to run away?" Qin Yu said wryly. "Otherwise, Xu Gan may not skin me."
"Haha, don’t talk nonsense to me." Jun Chen laughed and asked, "Did you get scolded by Mr. Yang in your words?"
"Is that Mr. Yang who is stationed in the third regiment?"
"Yeah, didn’t you two talk?"
"I scolded him," Qin Yu nodded and admitted, "This king egg treats me like a patient with a cerebral infarction. After playing, he still pretends to be a B with me. He said that he would let me release these two regiments and give them a Gao Qiao. If he doesn’t want to split the whole thing with me, it’s really no problem. To be honest, I don’t want to fight this battle, I can’t get any oil and water, and it’s really meaningless to consume it. But now that everything has fallen to the ground, he still wants to share it with me. I’ll share it with him.
"Ha ha, Lao Yang is also a veteran of World War II. How much do you leave him some noodles? It’s too incompetent to call names," Jun Chen quipped.
"Eldest brother, I want to have quality. Can it be your brother?" Qin Yu mouth loss back to 1.
"You get out"
"Ha ha" Qin Yu also smiled.
"The general logistics department of the military department has asked my master for tea. It is estimated that he will say it for you if you want to talk." Jun Chen bluntly said, "You control these two garrison regiments for a while, and when I finish my tea, it will almost be over. When the time comes, it will be temporarily over as soon as you withdraw."
"Can Xu Hancheng Lao Song be willing to suffer this loss?" Qin yuwen

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