Qu Yong suddenly said, "Now there is no such sentence, which means there was one, right?"

"There was once a time," Tang Sancai stared at Qu Yong word for word. "About the Republic of China, when warlords were in chaos in Guangzhou, a figure in the Jianghu called" Nine Lords "said that he had the ability to test ghosts and gods and might be able to change his life. Unfortunately, he had been missing for many years and did not know whether to live or die."
"Guangzhou? "Nine Ye" QuYong’s first reaction is that he has been missing for a long time. Since that day, JiuYe has never heard from the copper man after the war, and he doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead. For example, QuYong has tried to find him in recent years, but he finally got it.
"Yes" Tang Sancai didn’t finish. He continued, "There is another person besides the Nine Lords. This person can be said to be the first humanitarian Taoist priest in the Jianghu in the past 400 years. He is not only a martial arts master, but also a pedant. He is most likely to" destiny "to change people’s lives."
"Destiny" QuYong finally jumped up and lost his way. "You said that life change was called destiny."
Master Bing Xin replied for Tang Sancai, "I have a vague idea about ancient books, but I really can’t get a glimpse of this skill if I forgive you."
"Isn’t Destiny the name of the teacher’s younger brother?" Qu Yong didn’t seem to hear what Master Bing Xin said. He kept asking himself whether the names "Destiny" and "Breaking Bad" were randomly chosen by Qu Yong’s fair master or had a meaning.
Yu Shishi said, "Then where is this Taoist priest now?"
Master Bing Xin said, "Dead."
"Dead again" Yu Shishi spread his hand and said, "Then there is no way out."
Tang Sancai said, "It’s only 30 years since the Taoist priest died, and we saw in the video that the middle-aged man may be in surgery, but he is at least over 30 years old. In other words, he is likely to have been changed by Taoist priest."
Qu Yong, of course, knows that his teacher died justly only 20 years ago, which means that it is very likely that he will change his life for others, and he estimates that the person whose life has been changed is most likely the "destiny", that is, Qu Yong’s younger martial uncle according to his generation.
According to the story of Tianyi Road, it was said that Tianyi Road fell off a cliff together. Although Tianyi Road was in a split personality at that time, many stories had been changed, but later, after Gong Qing and woke up, the two personalities merged into one. According to Qu Yong, although he could not directly know what happened in that year, he could probably estimate that it might be that Tianyi Road fell off a cliff together.
Qu Yong said in his heart, "Is it true that Uncle Destiny didn’t die after falling off a cliff? Could he be the smiling murderer today? After all, he is the person who is most likely to be changed by the teacher. Besides, the pace and behavior of that person in the video is from our pulse. His two brothers are him except the master, but if it is really him, why should he do it?"
"Hey, what are you thinking? You’re all alone." Yu Shishi suddenly pushed the divine comedy and said.
QuYong return to absolute being, "what"
Yu Shishi said, "I just asked you what you think of this matter."
Qu Yong thought for a while and sighed, "I’m afraid I may know who the smiling murderer is."
"Who is it?"
A surprised all looked at him.
QuYong wry smile way "you don’t look at me like this, I’m not sure I can say this person is likely to be me" He swallowed "is likely to be my uncle"
"Holy shit!" Yu Shishi didn’t say this mantra in Quyong’s dormitory for a long time. She cried, "Why do you still have a martial uncle? Your pulse is so chaotic."
Qu Yong Nai said, "I haven’t actually seen my uncle. To be honest, I have always been dead. If it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t dare to think about it."
"What the hell is going on?" Fat was also dizzy. He asked, "Brother Xiaoyong didn’t even know you had a uncle."
Qu Yong said, "Don’t ask again. To be honest, I’m not familiar with this martial uncle. Besides," he thought of destiny and Tianyi’s past and sighed, "Besides, he may not recognize me as a nephew. He and my master have a little misunderstanding."
It’s inconvenient for outsiders to say too much about poetry, but she shouted, "Since it’s your uncle, it’s your responsibility to clean up your legacy, right?"
"Clean up his legacy" Qu Yong said with a wry smile. "If he doesn’t clean up, I’ll already be Amitabha. Do you know what his martial arts reached more than 20 years ago?"
Yu Shishi said stupidly, "What realm"
Qu Yong said, "In those days, he was at least energetic. I don’t know if I broke through the final realm over the years. It’s not enough to see ten people like me."
As soon as Tang Sancai got up from his chair, he said, "This matter is very important. It seems that I need to call more Wulin colleagues to help me, so I will leave now."
Yu Shishi also paused for a while before he whispered, "Do I want to inform my aunt that a powerful master has appeared in Hangzhou? She seems to have nothing to guard against."
Just when the crowd was about to disperse in a hubbub, suddenly a series of miserable cries came from a distance, one after another, far and near, left and right, and it was terrible, as if it were from hell.
Qu Yong and others didn’t come to work until 5: 30. They have been on the road for more than an hour and stayed in this bamboo house for a long time. With the early spring night coming, it was already dark outside.
This place is located in the outer suburbs of Hangzhou. In the daytime, it is just paddy fields and bogs. Now it is time to transplant rice seedlings. Most people’s fields have been plowed once, and the houses are sparsely populated. The miserable cry is like one after another in paddy fields, which makes people feel creepy.
Everyone’s complexion changed greatly, but when they heard a cold wind blowing through the window, they threw the harsh voice into the bamboo house, and Master Bing Xin flew to the window without thinking and blew the window with a punch, and saw a gust of wind swirling in the darkness of heaven and earth with a miserable cry.
He insisted, "Who?"
In the darkness, there was a song "Evil slaves started barking, Yao and Shun, and all the people sighed and swore to kill all the wolves and jackals with their swords".
This lyric is impassioned, but it is very eerie when sung in that miserable tone. Letting Buddha go is a resentful spirit who died with a grievance, and then through this lyric, he tells his dissatisfaction and wants to retaliate against the wicked.
Yu Shishi is not afraid of her rushing to the window and yelling at the night. "This lyric is a smiling murderer. You have to kill all the wicked people."
Qu Yong felt that his blood was boiling all over. He murmured, "Is it really a little martial uncle?"
Chapter three hundred and fifty-six Chaos realm
"I’m not a person, I’m a ghost who has been dead for many years, and now I’m in a class in hell." In the dark, the voice said the absurd words.
Yu Shishi was in the mood to chat with him about "what class?"
The voice said, "People have dynasties, hell has Yamaraja, and I am the messenger who rewards good and punishes evil in hell."
"Reward good and punish evil. Then you never reward good for killing people."
"Don’t talk nonsense with him." Tang Sancai took the lead in flying and rushed, but when he heard "sou", it seemed that two figures flew past him and grabbed the front.
Then Yu Shishi shouted, "Hey, wait for me, get fat, hurry up, you carry me."
"What do you want me to carry you? You have your own feet. Oh, it hurts." Fat anti-fruit can carry poetry at the back.
The moon and the stars don’t know where the enemy is in the dark night
Mercedes-Benz came out as first-class masters. They didn’t follow the paddy field side road. Everyone flew directly in the mud and went straight for the sound.
It seems that the sound doesn’t care about rushing out of the crowd. He is still able to say in a tone that "some of you are wicked to the extreme, and others will all be retired."

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