Su Li saw the appearance of this altar, and there was already a vague shadow around the soles of his feet, but Wei Donglai floated like a ling not bound by the altar, and his whole person seemed to become a road incarnation, and heaven and earth merged into one.

"This is …"
Su Li was shocked.
What is this ability that can unite the avenue and even make the altar effective?
Su Li suddenly thought of Wei Donglai hiding his professional holy mark Taoist priest as himself. Is this what he hides his professional special power?
Su Li, the altar effect, launched the tower that just killed the three blue robe people to suppress the past. Like the altar, Weidong came to suppress it as if he didn’t have a high tower.
Su Li understands that the other party holds the ability and seems to have some similarities in his divine power.
In this state, it’s like the incarnation of this avenue. Attacks all work on him.
Wei Donglai’s special ability "Dao Power" can be used once every minute, which has been strengthened to the limit. "Dao Power" can last for ten seconds. In these ten seconds, his body will be like the avenue media, but it can’t hurt him.
Unless this power can cross the road.
It is similar to the divine power of Suli, but there are still some differences between the two sides, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
Su Li’s "divine power" is inferior to the so-called enemy state, but it is not an absolute enemy. It is extremely rare that some situations may fail, such as involving some deepest soul aspects or some causal laws. Divine power may be absolutely epidemic.
The advantage is that he is in the enemy’s state and can move freely and enter the attack.
The advantage of Wei Donglai’s "Dao Li" is that it is absolutely necessary for the other party not to exceed this avenue of heaven and earth, and it cannot affect him.
The disadvantage is that in this ten-second "Dao force", once the counterattack is carried out, this "Dao force" will be invalid.
The attack on the altar and the tower failed, followed by the stone tool divine attack, which still works.
Su Li immediately turned and rushed away toward the distance.
He has already seen that Wei Donglai is in this epidemic, and all the attack States should be the method of moving. If he pursues himself, this state will work immediately. If he doesn’t pursue himself, he can take the opportunity to escape from the blue-robed man who has the means of "inviting spirits". This Wei Donglai wants to find himself again, which is difficult.
He can capture and sense his position through the third talent, but he can’t perceive himself, and then he will take the initiative to master his own hands.
Seeing that Su Li was swept to a hundred meters away and was in the state of "Dao Li", Wei Donglai also moved to the state of "Dao Li". As soon as he was faster than Su Li, he chased him from the rear and launched the "Holy Mark Field" again to bring Su Li into this field.
Su Li, etc. It is he who pursues this force, and his divine power should be almost the same. He has just exerted it for a minute and should enter this state again.
Looking at the rushing shot to Weidong, Su Li turned slightly, and the stone tool divine light, which combined with the power of the third talent, rushed out and chopped down towards Weidong.
Bright divine light shot Weidong suddenly let out a loud roar, and his face suddenly cracked like a huge eye.
All the cracks in the stone tool’s divine light are sucked in, like mud cows into the sea.
This is Wei Donglai who holds the second kind of talent eye.
Su Li’s mind is slightly twisted and his figure is as fast as a flash around one and a half circles, like a fiend. The sacred mark field suddenly shrinks and suppresses Su Li, although he is not affected, but he suddenly waved the stone tool in his hand and has been entangled in several sacred marks.
Su Li can now burst into 20 million Jin of strength to move the trapped stone tools.
I know that the ancient city is offering again.
"Boom" A Weidong came to control the "sacred mark field" and collapsed again. His shoulder "God cannon" appeared.
Almost at the same time, the towers in the ancient city rose to suppress Weidong.
The speed and reaction of both sides have reached the state of terror.
On the surface of the tower, there are several golden symbols with golden light and white light flashing.
In the earth-shattering noise, the white shells fired by the God cannon hit the suppression tower.
The vibration of the tower is buzzing.
Although the god cannon failed to blow up the tower in Weidong, it approached Su Li with the help of the tower’s instantaneous stagnation.
Wei Dong came to the altar of the gods in Zurich.
Suddenly a crack appeared in the altar and Weidong, just like a sudden opening of eyes.
There is something in that eye that will completely isolate the altar from Weidong.
Everyone’s talent will grow and change with his physical strength and rank. Wei Donglai is already a level 14 destroyer. He holds the second talent, "Eye", and his power has reached an incredible level.
Su Li’s look changed slightly, and the stars on his head shone in the ancient city. This thought field contains almost a small universe, and all the energy is under pressure.
A spectacular and terrible scene appeared, and the stars above their heads seemed to feel the call to fall. It was a magnificent scene like the end of the world
Su Li’s situation is the same as that of Wei Donglai. As he grows stronger, so does his third talent, the field of thoughts.
Forgetting the war situation, he can return to this level. Today, the force explosion can already launch the Fang Xingchen force.
After all, it contains a small cosmic force.
Wei Donglai felt that the terrorist force seemed to crush everything.
He stood in the middle, not afraid, not afraid of the second "eye" hit on his head, then the third, fourth and fifth …
In half a second, there were cracks all around him, and all the cracks seemed to be connected, and there was an incredible awakening, and an ancient smell of the wild was everywhere.
His forehead opened with a vertical eye, which was the mark of his treasure. His eyes were connected, saying that it was the trace left by the fall of the ancient saints.
Every eye seems to be buried with an ancient sage. At this moment, the traces of these sages are awakening and calling for the return of the ancient sages.
The meteor falls from the sky, and the power of the stars falls from the sky, covering all sides in an instant. The meteor hits the square eye and detonates the earth-shattering noise.

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