Ling edge like doubt asked.

"Grandpa and grandnephew said before that there were three waves of people entering the ruins of Qingdan Gate, and these two people were the leaders of those two waves."
Yet a ling edge like suddenly eyes a bright.
If you move your toes, you can think that if a team finds something, it must be put in the leader’s bag.
Because the leader can be numerous and the leader’s strength is the strongest among all people, it will be safer to put the treasure that is difficult to obtain.
Yu fell out because of the problem of treasure distribution, which is later.
There are definitely many treasures in the bag in Lingyuan’s hand, otherwise it won’t make sense.
In fact, as he thought, Ling Youdao immediately said, "There are a lot of minerals, weapons, and various kinds of refining materials in the two-person bag. We guess they should have looted the treasure house of Qingdan Gate."
In the real two-person bag, there are still some elixirs picked at the risk of death, including medulla washing grass, but it was transferred to the previous bag by Ling Youdao.
"Now it’s a family emergency, and a few of us have decided to make a family together."
It stands to reason that Xu Mao, the hundred captains of Sichuan, is Ling Youdao, and the three people who killed the two bags should belong to them.
It’s really hard to say whether to make strangers or not.
The reason why Ling Youdao gave these treasures to the family is that there are indeed many treasures in the bag of Xu Mao, the chief of Sichuan.
Then he saw the bag floating to Lingyuan like being caught by a handful, and he took a deep breath after seeing the treasure inside.
"It’s not the kui that my brothers from Cang Li Ling are so deeply righteous."
Immediately said, "I will collect it to fill the family treasure house."
Ling Youdao smiled, "Everything is arranged by Grandpa Two."
Ling edge like the bag with a sigh.
"Ah, the ruins in recent ancient times are such a good place. I didn’t know that I haven’t had a chance to go in again."
It is a coincidence that several people in Lingdao can enter the ruins of Qingdan Gate. Since it is a coincidence, it is even difficult to get in afterwards.
After all, there are still many treasures in the ruins that have not been brought out.
It can be said that there is a treasure mountain but it is not available!
"Second Grandpa, don’t be sad. The ruins of Qingdanmen are already my back garden."
"oh? How do you say this? "
Ling Yuanxiang looked at Ling Youdao curiously and inexplicably.
"All we can get into the ruins of Qingdan Gate is touched by two other waves of people because they have the key to the ruins of Qingdan Gate."
"The key? Have we got the key? "
Ling Yuanxiang didn’t listen to Ling Youdao’s tone stupidly, so he guessed that he had won the key to the ruins of Qi Qingdan Gate.
"Well, what we want to kill Sichuan Centurion Xu Mao is precisely because we want to get two personal keys."
Said ling Youdao took out a round tracts from his bag.
"The name of this thing is Moyue tracts, and it is the key to Kai Qingdan Gate. Every year at noon on July 15th, the large array of Qingdan Gate remains is the weakest.
At that time, the Moyue jade plate will be urged to receive strong sunlight to illuminate the sea surface where the Qingdanmen ruins are located, so that the ruins can communicate with the large array and open a temporary passage.
I don’t know how long I can manage this channel. "
"Okay, okay."
Ling Yuan is excited, and an old face laughs like a flower.
"So it’s equivalent that I have a secret place for the Ling family to continuously give the family a panacea."
Ling Youdao nodded and said, "Yes, and the ruins of Qingdan Gate have not yet been discovered. Playing is limited to many monster beasts in the ruins. We should be more careful when we stop digging and enter the ruins."
Ling Yuanxiang suddenly said to Goldman Sachs, "There is no way that the old man wants to destroy me because of this relic."
"There is a saying that this ink month must not stay in the family or should stay in the family."
"Grandchildren are white"
And he gave the inkmoon tracts to Ling Yuanxiang.
Then Ling Youdao called the family alchemist to be in charge and handed over the first-order elixir in the bag to the other party, ordering the family alchemist to furnace alchemy immediately.
Of course, six people have not left the Chamber and have been quietly waiting for Ling Jiexin.
Two days later, a light escape flew into the meeting hall, and when the light disappeared, he saw a man standing over his hand to everyone.
They immediately got up and surrendered respectfully and said, "I have seen the three elders."
Chapter two hundred and forty-two Ling Youdao in the middle of the preconditions
Cover your hands and stand up, and suddenly turn around. It’s just that the three elders of Cang Li Ling’s family only have a fake Danxiu Ling Jiexin.
Since Cang Li Ling lifted the ban and regained his own interests, he went to guard Yandao.
It is precisely because of him, the fake monk Dan, who sits in Fufeng Qianshi Yandao, that he dare not play tricks on the interests of Ling’s family.
For so many years, he never stepped out of Yandao. It was when Ling Yuansheng wanted to close an alchemist that Ling Yuansheng went to Ling Jiexin himself.
Now ling jiexin has come back.
If you let Cang Li Ling’s brothers know what great things are bound to happen.
Lingyuan is like a flying sword. It is to let the Buddhist monk Tsukiji inform Ling Jiexin to return. The Buddhist monk Tsukiji rushed to Yandao overnight to ask Ling Jiexin to return to Cangli Island.
Ling Jiexin also came back when something big happened.
He looked at the descendants of six families and asked, "What’s the big deal about calling the old lady back in such a hurry?"
Smell speech Lingyuan elephant will tell Ling Jiexin everything before.
In a short time, the expression of the fake Dan real person changed dramatically several times.
Finally, he said Yuan Ying’s achievement method Tianhe Dafa.
When Ling Jiexin heard that Yuan Ying’s achievement method had been suppressed for a long time, his mood finally could not be suppressed. He said with some gaffes, "Bring that Tianhe solution to me quickly."

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