Tess will make a sudden move, which is really unexpected. He has already planned to let this Japanese dwarf swing his right hand and break his hand, which is tantamount to changing direction and saving the Japanese life.

Daisy won’t let the Japanese dirty hands touch her body. When her right hand is twisted and spun, it suddenly turns into a snake, and the Asahi is too entangled in her wrist!
Day short didn’t expect Daisy’s variants to be so strange, so strange. An oversight was cut by Daisy on her right wrist and her right hand suddenly fell down.
Daisy said coldly, "It’s cruel to want to kill people when you make moves! You Japanese deserve to destroy the country! "
Day short left hand holding the right, ruthlessly staring at Daisy but didn’t say anything.
At this time, the name of the second seat on the right in front looks a bit like that of middle-aged Japanese in Gao Cangjian. The Japanese turned to the name and said coldly, "Jiro Yoshimura, you bastard! You’ve lost everyone! Ma _ this lady and that Chinese gentleman apologize! "
Jiro Yoshimura heard that Ma bowed his head to the middle-aged Japanese, and then reluctantly lowered his low point to Daisy. I turned around and sat down without apologizing to Zong Mingyi.
It is reasonable to say that this storm can be temporarily calmed down for people who have changed their minds.
But who let the village times ` who provoked the single-handedly concocted the Japanese subjugation of the country and the ghost of the big fiend!
Zong Mingxian is easily deformed and looks like an ordinary person who can disappear when a horse is thrown into a crowd.
He knocked on the back of Jiro Yoshimura’s head and jokingly shouted, "You look down on China"? Your company has asked you to apologize to the old man, but you fucking disobeyed the old man and taught you a lesson for your company first! ’
Zong Ming knows the Japanese people in Mishima today. He knows that these people are probably not Japanese, but Japanese immigrants from southern Africa.
Zong Ming was so provocative that Daisy was taken aback.
At this time, the bus has just arrived at the parking lot of Sandaoshan Summer Resort Hotel.
Jiro Yoshimura didn’t get so angry as before. He stared at Zongming in a murderous way for less than a minute, then pointed to the parking lot in the window, and then took a posture of wiping his neck and left first.
The middle-aged Japanese was not in a hurry to join Jiro Yoshimura. He turned his head and stared at Zongming coldly and said, "Gezhen, can you China people bully in a place in the world now?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Zong Ming stepped out of his seat and walked slowly to the front of Bu Mingri and said with a smile, "Don’t be afraid to say it, but if you want to suppress your marriage, we China people can eat you no matter where on earth!"
If you don’t "interrupt", you won’t do it. Now she has decided that Mr. Bo is humorous, even if he is not an agent in China, he is not an ordinary idle person. She has no intention of sitting in her seat with her elbows in the mind of watching the drama.
Middle-aged Japanese people looked at Zong and laughed and said, "It seems that your sense of superiority in China is getting stronger and stronger now, but I hope you can have enough strength today to support your superior divination."
"It won’t bother you to" fuck "your heart. By the way, Xiaori, are you from Africa? Wrong novel network many words to do in Vietnam? Are you engaged in some illegal activities that you are best at stealing chickens and "touching" dogs? " Zong Ming seems to have made up his mind not to let these few days get away easily, and he will drive the other side to a dead end step by step
Is the face "color" of middle-aged people? "
"You fucking idiot! Of course you are Chinese!" Zong Ming went further to arouse the other side’s anger. From the moment you guys left the African continent, you were always under our effective monitoring.
Middle-aged face "color" _:: Change again and again _ Are you a China agent? "
"Say you’re a fucking idiot. You’re really a little retarded. When did you hear of a China agent to supervise your marriage? To tell you the truth, China people all over the world are staring at you sangguquan! " God Zong Ming Ya is full of contempt. "Monitor and crack down on you." Don’t you know that every China person should be generous and righteous? ’
Middle-aged Japanese couldn’t hold his breath any longer. He struck out with a straight fist.
Xiao Ri even let Zong Ming destroy the highest-level celestial god. This little day, the fugitive soldier and Zong Ming started straight, and the mouse wanted to have sex with the cat-fuck!
Zong Ming is right if he doesn’t dodge.
At the moment when Tai’s head was less than a centimeter away from the bridge of the nose, he waved his cow and statue first, and it was really the right armpit of this small day.
Zong Ming’s punching speed can’t be measured by ordinary people’s physiological functions. _ Daisy stared her beautiful blue eyes round as if she didn’t believe that this world was like punching speed!
The middle-aged Japanese’s right shoulder joint should be broken, which is Zong Ming’s intention to catch the thief and capture the king. He is too lazy to torture "force" the spirit to invade this guy’s bag and read all the memories Zong Ming recognized.
In Daisy’s eyes, Zong Ming stared at each other with her forehand pinched the Japanese throat.
Zong Ming soon learned that a Japanese man’s head comes first, and a large number of Japanese men are coming to Mishima Mountain in Vietnam. Their goal is an ancient tomb in the mountains of Mishima Mountain. Unexpectedly, these Japanese men actually followed Daisy, an archaeological treasure hunter.
"What a coincidence!" Why didn’t you win the lottery so accurately? "Zongming heart straight joy because intuition told him that some Japanese people are looking for the ancient tomb, and it is very likely that Mo Tian is searching for dark people.
After reading the data almost, turn up the mental force field a little bit and shake the inside of this Japanese head into a dry paste.
Turning a person into an idiot is no more cruel than killing him directly _ and you don’t have to worry about being wanted by the police for murder.
Looking at this Japanese man sitting in the car seat with drooling eyes like an idiot, Daisy Mabel must have done something to him.

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