Border grazing obsequiously barked, "Boss, you are invincible in the Spring and Autumn Period. How do you need to mend your body? Wang Wang relieved that the boss has forgotten all about border grazing …"

Words didn’t say that finish send out a piece of white light Sun Hao tall body with border grazing disappeared.
From the beginning to the end, no soldier in the whole department saw Sun Hao grow a head image.
Sun Hao in the Hehe Man Department, that is the peerless double-headed fierce man.
In the ancient books and records of Hehe Manbu, the first fierce man rose in the wilderness and disappeared. The origin of ancient Manbu became a mystery, but it created the prosperity of the tribe. Later generations called him the holy king. His fighting spirit was bloody, as well as the barbarian ceremony and the flower dog festival.
Sun Hao felt a little dizzy and reappeared in a magnificent stone city.
Looking at this huge stone city, Sun Hao’s first impression is that the rough construction is very rough, and a huge savage city has been built in the wilderness on the edge of a large boulder.
Rough and tall buildings, spacious but not very flat roads, all kinds of barbarians, big arms, big waists, many bodies, colorful tattoos, brandishing hatchets and shouldering maces …
In a word, two tall barbarian soldiers will fight in the street, and the barbarian soldiers will gather together to yell and scream and get excited.
This is the barbarity and rudeness of ancient barbarian cities, but it is synonymous here, and it is not uncommon to occasionally kill or kill one or two barbarian soldiers.
Sun Hao stepped into the ancient city, and his body suddenly sank and his heart moved slightly.
Ancient barbarian cities had a very strange brute force, and barbarian soldiers lost their ability to soar and could not fly.
Moreover, Sun Hao can also perceive the five attributes of his body, and the ancient barbarian city has stopped running and dormant.
The ancient barbarian city really has magical power like data records. The only thing here is the barbarian’s strong physique and great power.
Sun Hao tried to drive the wild Xingtian.
Sun Hao’s body is the Terran’s present state, but it is caused by Xingtian’s indigestion. I just don’t know if my body will be completely sealed when I get to the ancient barbarian city. If it is sealed, it will be really difficult for me to enter the virtual space through barbarian channels.
The joy is that Sun Hao’s wild Xingtian strength in the ancient barbarian city has a surprisingly good effect, and the pure power is surging with the movement of the achievement method, which makes Sun Hao feel like looking for someone to compete.
Took a deep breath, Sun Hao’s face showed a faint smile, and the wild Xingtian calmed down and his body was quite strong. Sun Hao’s missing body had no sense of strength anymore.
I found Sun Hao, a barbarian guardian soldier stationed in the battle array, and delivered the required resources. After that, Sun Hao, a big barbarian guarding the battle array, glanced at his eyes and muttered, "It’s another brother who came to watch the fun. Don’t go to those militant barbarians to get together. You’d better find a pub to settle down so as to ensure Ji ‘an."
This is a rather enthusiastic barbarian.
Sun Hao smiled brilliantly and casually asked a sentence, "Is there much information in the big brother pub? I don’t want to come to the ancient holy city, but I don’t know anything, so I will go back and blow the bull when the time comes."
The barbarian looked up straight and was taller and stronger than himself. Sun Hao nodded and said, "Well, the pub is the place where information spreads. You have to stay in the pub. All kinds of news are absolutely indispensable. I recommend the Mangli pub, where the blood wine is really exciting."
Sun Hao asked the direction with a smile and strode to the Mangli pub.
Looking at Sun Hao’s direction, the barbarian shook his head and sighed, "This baby’s size is burly, but it’s a pity that its strength is sparse and its strength is weak, but it’s a pity that it’s a good skin."
Corleone heard a clear white smile and said nothing.
Shoulder rattan basket grazing head leaned out curiously around to see Wang Wang shouted.
The barbarian paused and muttered, "It’s rare to be a second ancestor with a pet."
Barbarian soldiers also have riding pets, but that kind of riding pets is huge, which is not suitable for bringing into ancient savage cities. It is really unprecedented to bring small dogs like Sun Hao.
Sun Hao followed the advice of the barbarian and soon found the Mangli pub.
Rough and simple, very adult, many lively pubs.
The grand event of the Millennium has just begun, and many big ministries have not yet arrived, and some sightseeing has not yet come. Sun Hao has arrived early, and Sun Hao has found a pub, and after he found a pub, he found a residence and a relatively fixed wine table.
Of course, also handed over a lot of wild animal resources.
Ancient barbarians circulated like lingshi, but lingshi in the wilderness automatically brought a sense of desolation, and most races were not suitable except barbarian soldiers.
Due to the influence of natural gas, the lingshi level in the wilderness is relatively low, and it is also difficult to generate lingshi. The Liuman of the Ministry of Grain is a relatively large tribe, and Sun Hao only found two lingshi veins, both of which were mined out.
In addition, some wild animal resources, such as ancient wild cities, wild animal skins, wild animal crystals and wild animal horns, can also be circulated. In recent years, Sun Hao has been fully prepared, but he can live until the end of the event ~ ~
Chapter 1667 Need to be foolhardy
Mangli pub management mode also fully embodies the characteristics of barbarians.
Wine tube full
The meat is full
The wine is very strong, but it is made from the blood of wild animals and is as red as blood.
A lot of meat is cut from the body of wild animals, cooked in huge stone pots, and the boss will throw in a few pieces when he catches up with whatever he likes.

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