Boom! ! !’

And the ship shook when the group of people were about to take their crazy companions away.
"What’s the matter with this?"
Grasping the shaking channel, these people immediately thought of the fastest way to answer their doubts … That is the base for joint monitoring of the situation here.
Although the base can’t see some parts of the ship, it can see the specific situation outside the ship, so it can also see …
Ship shaking source
"You suffered an attack! Get out of there quickly! Go to the delivery position! "
After hearing this, the people of Ershi quickly retreated with their crazy companions.
Lin also asked the arms to continue to follow them and also observed the situation outside.
This ghost fleet was attacked by a second expedition … that is, a very militant expedition.
Perhaps because the ghost fleet approached the mother world and was detected by them, Lin now saw … ten hammer warships flying head-on before the ghost fleet.
They are not as numerous as the ghost fleet, but they are quite confident. Violent beams of light shoot from the head of the hammer battleship and slam the first few ships of the ghost fleet.
The ghost fleet didn’t fight back. They were just like what they looked like. They were just a pile of … wreckage.
Fierce attack, the first ghost ship has been blown to pieces and the last one has been printed with more scars.
Lynn, there are those people here. It seems that this ship will be destroyed, too.
But … Lynn thought maybe it would do something.
Because Lin just almost guessed what kind of this third expedition is … Fleet.
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and twenty-nine Ghost influence
The explosion light flashed in the air.
The intense light melted the ghost ship body and disintegrated all the structures in the department.
The warlike expedition hammer fleet moved slowly in the ghost ship group and attacked all the targets around it continuously.
….. All targets include their companions.
It’s been like this since not long ago
The former hammer warships approached while firing at the ghost warships, but when they got closer, they shot at each other.
First, the first hammer warship fired at another warship behind it, and then this warship fought back at the first warship, so … they fought each other.
Now we can see that these belligerent warships are firing at each other.
Occasionally, they attack a nearby ghost warship, but the main thing is to fight with their companions. These hammer ships are very defensive and roar constantly. They are rarely injured. The seemingly fierce light beam can also cause a little crack or pit in the shell of these warships.
So they fought for a long time, and sometimes Lin watched them fight with a ghost ship shell
This ghost ship is the one that Lin first came in. It should have been destroyed … but there was no damage to this ghost ship because hammer warships fought with each other.
Suddenly Lynn found that the warlike expedition hammer battleship … retreated.
A hammer warship suddenly flew to the distance at a very fast speed. After flying for a while, its shape suddenly flashed and disappeared into the void … This started the high-speed engine.
With the first of these hammer ships, they also moved to the distance. They all flew a distance first, and then started the high-speed engine to fly to the distance.
In this way, all nine hammer ships left, leaving one …
This is the one that attacked them the most. It still has a ghost fleet, but it didn’t continue to attack …
To be precise, it didn’t attack the surroundings, but … attacked itself.
This hammer-shaped warship has many muzzles, some of which can be bent and aimed at itself, and it can also shoot some similar missile weapons
Therefore, it can be seen that it is constantly bombarding itself, and all the missiles that fly out will immediately fly back to their shells and cause continuous explosions.
Even some missiles exploded directly without flying out. This bombing did not destroy the warship.
But it makes it like the ghost ships around it. It is full of cracks and craters, and this hammer warship … has joined the ghost fleet.
It sailed with other ghost ships, and from the outside, they really looked like a group.
This situation … seems interesting.
However, in fact, similar situations have happened before, that is, those people in Ershi.
A Kirshnikov suddenly tried to attack his companion, which is very similar to what happened to these warships.
Now that the fighting has stopped, these people have escaped from the ghost ship with their crazy companions and sent them away.
Lin, of course, didn’t leave here … We need to continue to observe.
This’ ghost expedition’ is very different from other expeditions. It seems that it can cause some …
It seems to be a’ spiritual’ influence.

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