She didn’t want Gu Lele to repeat the road like willow catkins. After marrying such a man, she was wronged. It must be Gu Lele who lived with such a man. Meng Xin felt that Lele was doomed to be unhappy.

"This matter with him? I said that kind of person, it is not my dish "Gu Lele dissatisfied stare Meng Xin is not white. How can she hook up with Luo Ling now?
"I don’t understand what happened to you before that made you so exclusive to beautiful men?" Meng Xin stared back at Gu Lele. Since she met Gu Lele, she thinks she knows this girl fairly well. However, it is obvious that she still doesn’t know enough about her.
"Anyway, a man who looks as good as him must be unreliable." Gu Lele said firmly. Besides, although she has no money and no power, she won’t go to see other people’s faces. Since his mother hates her so much, she will lick her face to see their faces. She is not full.
She has always been like this in Gu Lele. She respects whoever gives her a foot, and whoever is good to her is sure to be good to each other, just like she and Meng Xin, but if anyone doesn’t like her, she will dislike each other even more, just like she doesn’t like Yan Xiaoxue, and she doesn’t even want to look at her.
She has no affection for Luo Lingyuan, not to mention that he is still Yan Xiaoxue’s son. There are many reasons why she rejects him.
It’s Meng Xin. What makes them think that Luo Ling likes her like this?
Even if Luo Ling asked her that question that day, she felt that Luo Ling would never like her, but because she was probably the only woman in the Luo Ling world who was not so infatuated with him.
When she was in college, she took psychology as an elective course, and she had little knowledge about exploring human psychology. As soon as a man like Luo Ling was sure that she was pretending, she became curious about her when she found out that she really didn’t feel like other women.
I just want to have a good time after catching her, and then I will dump her severely. It is not to satisfy his abnormal wish to be sought after by everyone. She will not satisfy Luo Ling’s abnormal and neurotic wish.
Meng Xin also wants to say something. Li Ziyu arrived at Gu Lele in five minutes, and she was also very depressed. It’s really five minutes to say five minutes.
Liziyu can take Meng Xin and go away.
Gu Lele didn’t go in to find Wu Qiyuan for the first time. If she doesn’t like to talk about Wu Qiyuan, not everyone can be as unwilling as Chen. There are still many people who will make do with each other in this world.
Her parents’ marriage is also going to be a marriage, and several cousins in her family are going to live a dull life, but there are no twists and turns, which is quite good.
As her mother said, she is really old. Anyway, she hasn’t met a tempted person at such a big age. Now she meets Wu Qiyuan with all kinds of conditions, and her parents are happy to know that she has nothing else to pursue.
So that’s it. It’s good to get married and have a baby and then live a dull life
Anyway, it’s just a generation.
Not everyone is as fond of Luo Ling as Meng Xin. She really dislikes Luo Ling more than she likes it. The only thing she likes about is his concentration on patients at work and his extremely responsible attitude towards every patient. This concentration is the same as being responsible for patients’ identity, whether they are poor or rich.
This is the only place where she admires Luo Ling.
There are many places where she doesn’t like Luo Ling. This man deliberately aims at this man’s eccentric personality, some wonderful ideas and him.
It’s always too much. If she wants to write it, she can definitely write a piece of a4 paper.
"Did you see Li Ziyu just now?" Suddenly, a female voice slammed into Lele’s ear. She always knew Li Ziyu’s charm, but this was the first time she heard a woman’s surprise at someone else’s husband.
"Don’t think about it when I see you. People have brought their wives. You must be hopeless." Female voice B is very calm.
Section 126
"But before not to say that don’t get married? How to suddenly get married and have a wife? This is too strange. "The female voice was puzzled.
It makes Gu Lele want to swear. Why is it so strange that people get married when they get married? Besides, it’s strange to have a wife. If Liziyu explodes Hengheng, won’t these people explode?
"Oh, do you remember Li Ziyu five years ago, but he personally said that Jin Feifei had never forgotten his life?" The female voice D spoke loudly.
Probably Li Ziyu left the field with Meng Xin, and it was very quiet here. Gu Lele sat in that chair and was ignored by them. All these women talked about people’s hexagrams, which were unambiguous and unwilling to lower their voices.
"Don’t forget" someone chimed in.
"The sponsor behind today’s charity party is Jin Feifei. I heard that this party was specially arranged by Jin Feifei, but she didn’t show up tonight. Is it because Li Ziyu married his wife and let her know?"
"What did you say Jin Feifei Liziyu arrangement? So this is a romantic concubine’s intention? Wow, I’m looking forward to it. Jin Feifei and Li Ziyu are talented women and world celebrities. "
"Yeah, losing to Jin Feifei will forget it. Where did the local duck named Meng Lai come from?" Some people have a sour tone.
"…" After listening to this, Gu Lele’s lungs are burning with anger. How did Meng Xin become a native duck? In her eyes, these women are simply worse than native women.
I can’t stand these people slandering Meng Xin so much and holding Jin Feifei Gu Lele up, so I’m going to go over and find those bitches. Who knows, just after taking a step, I was held by people from behind.
Gu Lele looked back and wanted to see who was going to stop her from doing good for heaven. She saw Luo Ling’s cold Yamaraja face. Doubt was greater than surprise. Didn’t this man just leave? Why are you still here now?
"When others don’t care too much, it’s too late. I’ll send you back." Luo Ling faintly woke up and pulled her to go outside.
Gu Lele directly shook his hand and refused, "No, my boyfriend Wu Qiyuan will send me back."
Gu Lele especially emphasized the word boyfriend to wake him up. She is a woman with a boyfriend now. She is not so shameless. She has a boyfriend and is involved with him on the other hand.
She really can’t understand that Luo Ling is going to cling to her like this. She is neither beautiful nor capable. It is reasonable to say that a noble person like Luo Ling can’t look at her like a local duck.
Compared with Meng Xin, she is the real native duck.
"I have something to tell you." Luo Ling didn’t care, regardless of pulling her hand again and striding forward.
The disparity between men and women can be particularly obvious at this time. No matter Gu Lele struggled, Luo Ling easily took her away and took her directly to his car.

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