"I know how hard you are." Bai Yinting patted Huang Yubo on the shoulder and his face was still not good-looking.

"I saw that Qulu sent her. Have you met just now?" Huang Yubo worried and asked.
Bai Yinting sneered and narrowed his eyes. "He is too idle. I think I should find something for him to do. Some people can do whatever they want without giving him a lesson!"
Don’t see him after Chapter 90
When Xia Zhu woke up, Bai Yinting sat in front of her bed. She could smell faint flowers in her nose. When she turned her head slightly, she could see a big bouquet of roses in the vase at the bedside.
"Wake up" Bai Yinting is still gentle.
He put his mobile phone near Xia Zhu, then grabbed her hand and touched her cheek with the other hand. Xia Zhu’s face was not good-looking.
"Yin Ting" Xia Zhu wants to explain that "I didn’t go to school today because …"
"I know it’s just a coincidence that you stopped talking." Bai Yinting would rather believe that everything was an accident.
Xia Zhu looked at the bouquet of roses, and Bai Yinting must have known that the former lilies were sent by Qulu, so she would give herself a big bouquet of roses every day to forget the white youth.
I don’t know what to say at the moment. Xia Zhu’s mood is very complicated. He just stared at Bai Yinting. He looked haggard and seemed to be in a bad state.
"Don’t see him again after you promise me," Bai Yinting demanded.
Xia Zhu hesitated for a moment and said nothing. She felt that this deliberate avoidance was not the best way to solve the problem.
"Xia Zhu didn’t help you because I was selfish. You should know that every decision I made was for you," said Bai Yinting.
"This time it was an accident, you don’t need to be too nervous." Xia Zhu Bai Yinting saw panic in her eyes.
Bai yinting was just about to say anything when a nurse came in and asked him to go to Huang yubo’s office to find him. It was urgent.
"I’ll be right back." Bai Yinting got up and looked at Xia Zhucai without rest assured and went out.
Xia Zhu looked at his back with some heartache. She never helped Bai Yinting, but she became his trouble again and again. He was the kind of person who hated others to get her into trouble, but it happened that he was such a physique.
Hey, Xia Zhu sighs, I don’t know if I should go from
Then I heard the vibration of the mobile phone. It was Bai Yinting’s mobile phone. He forgot to take it when he went out just now.
Xia Zhu struggled to bring the mobile phone to me and saw that Ruidanni called and hesitated for a while or answered it.
"Yin ting elder brother your hospital?" Ruidanni sound gushing chanting up "sister-in-law body? There should be no big problem, right? I really didn’t mean to. If it wasn’t for Qu Lu, I wouldn’t have hit my sister-in-law. If she woke up, you must help me apologize to her. "
Xia Zhu squinted. Rui Danni, did you blame all the mistakes on Qu Lu?
"Hey, Brother Yin Ting, can you hear me?" It’s a little strange that Rui Danni saw no response.
Xia Zhu opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say. Facing Rui Danni, she was already afraid.
"The elder brother of the three-dimensional court I know you must blame me for not protecting my sister-in-law, but I sent you a video. Did you see it? Everything is really a plot. I am also a victim. Please forgive me … "Rui Danni continued to soliloquize.
Qu Lu conspiracy? Rui Danni also sent a video to Bai Yinting? Xia Zhu is even weirder. What’s going on?
She didn’t want to listen to Rui Danni anymore, so she hung up. Curiosity drove her to peek at Bai Yinting’s mobile phone for the first time, opened his WeChat, and then found Rui Danni to send him a video and forwarded it to her mobile phone, and quickly deleted the record and put it back as if nothing had happened.
In fact, when she forwarded the video, she also saw the photos sent by Rui Danni to Bai Yinting. In the photos, the status of her and Qu Lu was really ambiguous, so it was easy for anyone to dream.
This may also be the reason why Bai Yinting asked her not to meet Qu Lu from now on.
Xia Zhu can understand that Bai Yin-ting is really a very insecure person, and he will collapse because of these doubts and speculations.
She shouldn’t have peeked at his mobile phone, but that’s why Xia Zhucai really understood his concern.
There began to be fine sweat on her forehead. Xia Zhu took a few deep breaths and was so nervous. She was really afraid that Bai Yinting would suddenly come in and see her explaining with his mobile phone.
She doesn’t want to see Qu Lu again, but she doesn’t want to believe that all this is Qu Lu’s conspiracy. He is not such a sinister person. If Bai Yinting believes Rui Danni, Qu Lu will be out of luck.
Xia Zhu doesn’t want anyone to be implicated because of her. She must explain clearly.
It wasn’t long before Bai Yinting came back. When he came in, his expression was serious. After seeing Xia Zhu, he gradually recovered his gentleness.
"What’s the matter?" Xia Zhu knew something must have happened.
"Lin Hao went abroad to repair the scar. Huang Yubo recommended him a hospital, but he didn’t seem satisfied. Forget it." Bai Yinting didn’t have much energy to worry about these things.
Lin Hao is also an adult. He should know to be responsible for himself. After all, he also likes his face.
"What is his face now? Can you return to the past? " Xia Zhuwen
"I’m afraid it will take several operations to repair the final effect. No one can say," said Bai Yinting, caressing Xia Zhu’s face again. "Just don’t worry about others and keep your body well. This has just made me happy and deprived."
Xia Zhu blushed and said with guilt, "I’m sorry, it’s all my fault."
"It’s not your fault, but I hope you’ll seriously consider not seeing Qulu again after a while. Really?" Bai yinting didn’t want to order Xia Zhu, but he really wanted to hear her affirmative answer.
"I haven’t seen him for a long time." Xia Zhu actually agreed happily.
Bai yinting was surprised that his eyes were wide open and he was flashing with that kind of happy light. for him, Xia Zhu’s promise was to say goodbye to the past, and she was really free from Qu Lu.
"really?" Bai yinting corners of the mouth and eyebrows are smiling.
Xia Zhu nodded and felt that Bai Yinting was like a lovely child at the moment, which made her feel distressed.
"Three-dimensional court I think …" Xia Zhu gently coughed and thought about how to tell him that she had just answered the phone, but Bai Yin court’s cell phone rang again.
"Wait a minute" Bai Yinting picked up the phone and his face became ugly.

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