Sun Hao said flatly, "I have made up my mind and I really want to see what my fate will be?"

Satsuma closed his eyes again as if he were thinking for a moment, then he opened his eyes and swept Sun Hao deeply. "There is one more thing I have to tell you, agarwood. Once you decide to challenge your destiny, not only you, but all the monks involved today will step into the path of destiny and enter their established destination. Are you sure you want to do this?"
Sun Hao threw his eyes into the void and suddenly laughed. "Does the elder mean that the ten Mahayana monks just now will really hang on to this void and never live again?"
Satsuma said stupidly, "It is true that their fate will fall into your hands one by one in the future, but if you insist on challenging their fate at this time, their fate will come forward and they will never live again."
Sun Hao held his head high and burst out laughing. "Well, I dare to ask these guys to really never go out again, so the imaginary world has finally been able to be stable for many years. I have come to challenge a fate and it is unbelievable that we Mahayana monks will fully agree."
Behind Corleone, the God Monty shouted, "What is fate? We never believe that our Mahayana monk’s fate is finally in our own hands. Don’t be a witch. "
Satsuma showed a solemn expression and said slowly, "Those who challenge fate will be ravaged by fate once they fail. Are you really ready?"
Sun Hao, the monty, shouted behind him, "Come on, come on, my pike is already hungry, so come boldly."
Monty’s repeated ritual collision finally aroused Samoyed’s anger. Sun Hao challenged Samoyed’s fate and made Samoyed’s heart fidgety. At this time, he finally became angry and dismissed lightly. "In that case, you will finally be fated …"
Satsuma’s eyes flashed white light and covered Monty.
Almost at the same time, Monty cried, "What’s going on? Go away by the dead transvestite. Go away …"
The divine voice also flashed out. "I want to go far, too, but don’t you think we are generating a strong attraction that makes us inseparable?"
Sun Hao was horrified to find that the two gods and monty approached quickly after being photographed by white light. They started screaming and pushing each other, but it didn’t help. In the end, the two men faced each other and then overlapped and synthesized into one.
See this strange than phenomenon Corleone is not frightened in my heart.
Samoyed’s voice came over. "You two are destined to be like twin star fields. You will finally meet and integrate the chaotic ghost body, and then collapse together with the twin domain and shrink into cosmic dust. However, what you are challenging your destiny for now will not become dust for the time being, but will become a chaotic stone ball."
The words sound just fell, and the gods and monties joined together, and the body suddenly fell to the front of Satsuma with a loud bang, and suddenly it became a big round stone.
Sun Hao’s earnest perception is that he failed to perceive the breath of the gods and monty from this stone ball.
The two of them seem to have disappeared completely.
But the stone ball made Sun Hao feel the breath of chaos and ghosts. I think this is really the final outcome of the gods and ghosts.
Satsuma looked at Sun Hao’s side and Poseidon said leisurely, "Little girl, there will be grandchildren in your destiny, but it’s a pity that you decided to challenge your destiny, and the consequences are very serious. Your grandchildren have been excluded from your destiny, and you will eventually become a little maid. I will bring tea and water …"
Talking white light illuminates Poseidon’s face and changes dramatically. A small flower sticks its head in a white clothes, and its eyes flash across behind Satsuma, confused but very clever.
Sun Hao felt a sea god, and he was very sorry to find that he no longer had the breath of the sea god. It was a completely different little maid.
Haoshenqi destiny boulevard
Sun Hao couldn’t help sighing that the head of the 3,000 Avenue really deserved its name.
Satsuma looked at Sun Hao with bright eyes and said slowly, "It is your decision to challenge fate, but it is all of you who are finally punished by fate. You see, this is the final outcome of the two of them …"
Satsuma paws a virtual grasp appeared a picture.
Xuanyuan Xiaolong and Xiang Daewoo turned into two mountains, guarding the burial day market like the old days, and experiencing the wind and rain day after day and year after year.
Is their ultimate fate to guard the burial site?
Sun Hao’s slight sigh in his heart is also an imaginary world. If he wants to live, Mahayana monks must personally come to guard his own destiny.
Satsuma grabbed his mouth again and said, "And he will eventually melt the stone carving and bury it underground forever …"
Sun Hao saw a stone statue of Hao Anyi in Ren Huang, and Ren Huang sword was placed on his knees. He sat silently in the ground and saw no interest.
Chapter DiErJiuSan Half Step True Fairy (2)
Is this all a given fate? Then what will be your given fate?
However, Sun Hao’s face still showed a faint smile and said slowly and firmly, "Destiny Avenue claims to rank first, but when I practice, reincarnation and causal avenue rank absolutely in the top ten, and I really don’t know if these three powerful and great roads are all in dzogchen."
Satsuma still laughs. "Aquilaria sinensis is confident that you can practice to such an extent that it is beyond my imagination. You have not only cultivated the top ten avenues of time, reincarnation and sequencing, but also cultivated the Yin and Yang avenues and the Five Elements avenues. It is really beyond my expectation that you have practiced more than five avenues."
Sun Hao smiled and said nothing, but he was full of confidence.
The top ten avenues have learned so much, can’t they fight fate? I can reverse the cycle when I cut myself, and the cause and effect can be divided into yin and yang, knowing the five elements and forcibly changing my destiny.
As if knowing what Sun Hao was thinking, Satsuma shook his head and sighed lightly. "But do you know agarwood? Avenue 3,000 Although you have learned nine kinds of avenues and the roads are perfect, you have learned too little about Avenue 3,000. "
Sun Hao suddenly looked at Satsuma and asked softly, "What do you mean, senior?"
Satsuma said with a smile, "The master of fate is actually the master of the avenue. Let me tell you this: Three Thousand Avenue, you take Nine dzogchen Nine. Then I have mastered all the other state avenues that no one has cultivated in dzogchen. Even the top ten avenues, you have mastered five and the other five. As far as I’m concerned, if you can’t escape the shackles of fate, Sun Haosun Chenxiang, since you have chosen to challenge your destiny, you need to be punished by your fate. You will soon belong to your destiny. Ah, it’s hard to come here again. You can still live happily for many years,
As Satsuma lamented that Sun Hao suddenly found that his body seemed to be out of control, and then there seemed to be many pieces around him, one after another, which turned his body into pieces and made his roots unable to move.
Sun Hao has an incredible feeling that Sun Hao is still a whole or a human figure, but Sun Hao can always command part of the body, not only the body but also the soul.
Layers of screen-like fragments completely divide themselves so that they can’t be connected at all.
Samonai sighed in my ear, "Aquilaria sinensis, your final fate is to accompany me like this half-step old fairy tree to turn lonely monuments around, waiting for the virtual world to be finally judged, waiting for us to turn a point and then burst the virtual world."
Your destiny is to finally turn into a monument like that half-step fairy tree. Is this waiting for the final verdict?
Sun Hao couldn’t help asking in his heart, is this really the case? Is your real destiny really like this?
Samoyed reached the depths of Sun Hao’s heart faintly. "Yes, your final fate will appear shortly before the virtual world completely collapses. Before that, you became a high emperor in the virtual world for a long time, but you finally chose to challenge your fate. The result is that you must stay here from now on and enjoy the loneliness and witness the last moment of the virtual world with me."
Sun Hao was silent for a long time and leisurely called "I want to tell you something, senior" from the bottom of his heart.
Samoyed responded directly, "Go ahead, but it’s already happened. I can’t help you much."
Sun Hao said faintly, "I didn’t want you to help me in this state. I really don’t know how long I can be trapped. Sooner or later, I will break free from the shackles of fate and come back to you. What I want to tell you now is another matter."

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