As time goes by, the weather has turned cold in September, and the harvest season is about to come to Yang You to continue the siege and send troops to help the people collect grain. At this time, Li Shentong led a Qingqi all the way around the mountain, crossed Beidi County and entered Jingzhao County. After entering Jingzhao County, Li Shentong did not dare to walk 30 miles a day, fearing that he would be ambushed by Yang You.

In a golden wheat wave, Yang You rode slowly behind him, and Du Ruhui, Yang Dong, Pei Hangyan, Luo Shixin and others followed. Yang You rode on a hill and pointed to the front. "Three miles ahead is to bully Li Jiancheng and station thirty thousand troops."
"The bully is Chang ‘an Gate. If you want to attack Chang ‘an, you must take the bully first." Du Ruhui said.
"Don’t wait until after the autumn harvest to have a decisive battle, otherwise the farmland will be destroyed and the people will be short of food. I still need to transport food from Bashu." Yang You light way.
Yongfengcang still has food, but it is military assets. Luoyang has experienced years of war and everything is in ruins. Henan County can’t make ends meet, and it can’t get enough food. Only Longxi or Bashu has enough food, but transportation is inconvenient, especially Bashu needs to climb mountains and mountains.
So it is better to suspend siege and let the people harvest food first, even if the government wants to relieve the pressure in the future.
Yang You looked around the hills, where people were struggling to harvest food, while Sui Jun cavalry were patrolling the edge of farmland to prevent Tang Jun from attacking. However, Yang You was worried that it didn’t happen that Li Jiancheng was bitten once, twice shy, and Yang You was given enough rope.
At this time, Hedong Li Shimin also grabbed food. He sent troops to block the export of Jiangxian County and sent troops to collect food. There was enough food to fight against Sui Jun and Li Shimin, and the tax rate was raised by 50%. Although the people were dissatisfied, they had to swallow their grievances.
When Hedong and Zhongdu grabbed grain, Li Shentong led 30,000 fighters and finally came to Jingyang, Li Shentong to be stationed. At this time, most of the counties in the middle counties except Jingyang and Yunyang took refuge in Dasui.
Yang You’s refusal to surrender Jingyang also gives Li Shentong a road leading to Chang ‘an.
After Li Shentong Jingyang was stationed, the temporary camp was placed in Jingyang County, and the government never dared to move forward. Instead, it sent troops around to inquire about the military situation and then invaded the scouts near Jingyang County. It was quite lively like the geese coming in and out of the south, and the military situation kept entering Li Shentong’s ears, which worried him.
He never imagined that the situation had developed to this point. Now even the lifeline granary has been lost. Chang ‘an is a big city that needs tens of thousands of food every day. How can we fight this battle without Yongfengcang?
What makes Li Shentong think impassability is that the king of Qin actually returned Hedong instead of Chang ‘an Hedong, which is important, but Chang ‘an is the capital of Datang and the root of Datang! Is it true that the king of Qin has self-reliance? However, this point of self-reliance will aggravate the Tang Dynasty’s consumption of two brothers’ struggle, and those who meet their relatives will be quick to get revenge.
After thinking for a long time, Li Shentong decided to lead his troops to South Chang ‘an, and the Li family’s glory was the first battle. After Li Shentong cleaned up, he brought enough hay and slowly went south.
With the help of Sui soldiers, the speed of harvesting grain in various counties in China has greatly increased, and Yang You has also fulfilled his promise. The people found that they got more grain, which made the people smile. Who cares who will be the emperor?
Li Shimin Chengtou, Hedong City, looked at the wheat that was about to be harvested outside the city with a smile on his face. It was estimated that the counties in Hedong had paid 300,000 mangoku for him to spend the winter. Li Shimin believed that once winter came, Sui Jun would probably quit, and then the counties in the city would return to the arms of Datang.
What happened in Chang ‘an, Li Shimin, was very clear through detailed understanding, while Feng Zhikun and Guang Shen were guarding Longmen Ferry, which enabled him to enter the river smoothly, but the river would freeze when winter came. Li Shimin could enter the river smoothly or support Chang ‘an or pursue Sui Juntian. Who else can stop him?
Just as Li Shimin was thinking, Fang Xuanling hurried up and said, "Princess Qin is here."
It was Weichi Gong who took the princess back! Li Shimin’s heart is happy to look back and see the rear grandson, Sun Zhen, accompanied by guards. Sun Zhen is worried about Li Shimin’s safety. When he sees Li Shimin at first sight, he can rest assured that his husband is thin but his spirit looks good.
Li Shimin walked quickly to ChangSunZhen’s side and looked at his wife. He held out his hand and touched her face and said, "I’m relieved that you can come safely."
ChangSunZhen shook his head and said, "It’s very dangerous for my husband to fight outside, and my husband will be safe when he is ill." Said ChangSunZhen, turning around, he handed the maid the child in her arms to Li Shimin.
The child is already asleep. Li Shimin looks at the child’s pink face and has a complicated mood. He wants to give his wife and children a stable life, but now it seems that it is difficult to achieve it. Of course, Li Shimin will never give up, but it is a long way to deal with the rebellion.
Li Shimin saw his son sleeping soundly and handed him to ChangSunZhen. "Do you work hard all the way or go back to rest early?"
ChangSunZhen face a red dot nodded her husband’s words were somewhat considerate to her, which made her very heart. She took the child and was about to turn around when Li Shimin spoke again.
Li Shimin at this time only to find a little different just now he was happy to forget a person Wei Chijingde! Li Shimin, the only general left in his account, is very dependent on him, but why didn’t you see him?
"Where is General Zhen Weichi?" Li Shimin stopped ChangSunZhen asked.
ChangSunZhen looked at Li Shimin strangely and said, "Husband, didn’t you tell him to do things?"
Li Shimin is even more strange. He didn’t ask him to do things. How can ChangSunZhen say that? Li Shimin’s strange grandson Sun Zhen added, "General Wei Chi sent the male and female servants to Puban, and then he turned back and said that he was ordered by his husband and had something important to do."
Chang Sunzhen simply said that suddenly she rang something and handed the child to the maid. She took out a letter from her arms and handed it to Li Shimin. "Husband, this is for the male and female servants to be handed over to you when General Weichi left."
Li Shimin’s heart thumped and he felt a little short of breath. He quickly took the letter from ChangSunZhen and wrote a few big words that stung Li Shimin’s eyes. He tore off the wax and took out the letter. His face suddenly changed and his fingers fell.
Fang Xuanling was so surprised in his heart that he bent down to pick up the letter and glanced at it. He couldn’t help but freeze the corner and swept Li Shimin. He knew that Weichi Gong’s decision was a great blow to Li Shimin.
Chapter one hundred and ten Loyalty, fame and fortune, future
It’s crisp in autumn and hot in summer, and it’s far away from Xinfeng Chengtou, feeling the coming chill. Yang You’s eyes look to the west. wщ It’s so fast. Although Chang ‘an Chengtou can’t be seen here, Yang You’s ultimate goal is that Chang ‘an will finally recover Chang ‘an without causing too much loss to Chang ‘an.
At this time, the northern part of Chang ‘an, Li Shentong, was occupied by Sui Xiongbing, who was stationed in the east, south and west. It has become a situation that Yang You is waiting for Li Shentong to hook, and Li Jiancheng has been camping in the city since he was scared. Li Shentong also dare not send troops for fear of getting caught.
Yang You stares at the sky. In half a month, the weather will turn cold, the northwest will be bitter and cold, and the weather will be very cold. I’m afraid it will snow in another month. Even then, Yang You will not retreat. With Yongfengcang grain, Yang You does not need to transport food from Luoyang, Bashu and other places for the time being. This is Yang You’s advantage.
Li Jiancheng can’t actually afford not only insufficient food but also insufficient troops. Li Jiancheng has no way to attack Sui Jun, but if you don’t attack, you will probably die. This is like a double-edged sword that makes Li Jiancheng choose.
Yang You guessed that Li Jiancheng also took another note, that is, it would naturally retreat when it was inconvenient for Sui Jun to transport rations in the snow, but Yang You deeply knew that this world war I must recover such a large Sui Dynasty before he could recuperate.
Just when Yang You was thinking about it, Dugu Qianshan came quickly and came to Yang You with a strange smile on his face, and Dugu Qianshan said "pursuit"
"Is there any news from Qian Shan’s master?" Yang You light asked.
"For the time being, it is not known that Li Jiancheng has a very tight control over Chang ‘an, and a curfew will be imposed before it is too late. In cooperation with the offensive, the martial arts division and Fang De unanimously agree that this is not the time," Dugu Qianshan said.
It’s really not time yet. There should still be about 300 mangoku grain in Chang ‘an, and the people also have a lot of grain. The Tang Dynasty is not at the end of its rope. Li Jiancheng is not giving up easily, and Fang De will not only help Yang You attack the city, but will expose the Yang You plan influenced by the Royal Guards.
Yang You nodded and was about to speak when he suddenly found that the expression of Dugu Qianshan was different, which was not strange.
Dugu Qianshan smiled. "There is a person who must be interested."
Yang You asked in a moment, "Is it a person?"
Dugu Qianshan smiled and took two steps back and gave a hand. Soon, several Suibing swarmed. A tied man was escorted to Yang You, who was wearing a cloth but could not hide a murderous look. Look at his eyes carefully.
Yang You couldn’t help laughing. "Wei Chijingde didn’t expect me to see you here again."
Although Wei Chijingde is tied up, he is straight. He looks into Yang You’s eyes and is not afraid of the fact. After the battle in Yongfengcang, Wei Chijingde has figured out that the king of Qin can abandon him once and there will be a second time. This makes Wei Chijingde, who is bent on playing for Datang, so sad, and he believes that he has martial arts. He must not rely on this wave. He decided to take refuge in Da Sui.
Now the situation is very clear, and the unification of the Great Sui Dynasty is unstoppable. Although Wei Chijingde can’t become a minister, he knows that even if the Great Sui Dynasty reunites the north, there will still be Turks in the west, as well as western Turkic and Tubo ministries. There will still be great wars in the future. We must seize the opportunity and still have the opportunity to make achievements.
Wei Chijingde was thinking so much that Li Shimin did the last thing and immediately rushed to Yang You to temporarily station in Dugu Qianshan, Wei Chijingde, Xinfeng County. When he got the news, he naturally dared not neglect and tied Wei Chijingde up.
Wei Chijingde also knew that he was trusted by Sui people at that time, so he was tied up honestly. At this time, he saw Yang You with a smile on his face, took a step back and knelt down. "I have seen Wei Chijingde, a guilty minister."
Yang You helped Wei Chijingde in the previous step and said, "General Wei Chi doesn’t have to bother" and shook his head.
Dugu Qianshan pulled out a horizontal knife and cut Wei Chijingde’s rope and retreated to one side.
Wei Chijingde was entangled in Yang You’s heart. At the beginning, so was the king of Qin. But what happened later? Didn’t you abandon the genus when you clicked? The idea flashed through Wei Chijingde’s mind, and he knew very well that Da Sui Tian was by no means a thin lover.
Yang Shanhui, Yin Shishi, Zhang Jiran, Xue Shixiong and other Sui generals all gave their lives. Except for the bones of others in Yin Shishi, there was a heavy burial in the big Sui days, and Yin Shishi was counted as the big Sui Tianyue father, and he would not be mistreated until Chang ‘an was recovered.
From a point of view, Da Sui Tian is a person who cares about friendship. He is by no means the one who beat his wife and abandoned the department. Li Shimin’s grandson was dirty at the beginning. Wei Chijingde thought it was a great cause of private morality, and Wei Chijingde was more determined to make contributions. But at this time, it seems that private morality is also very important
Since Wei Chijingde decided to take refuge in the Great Sui Dynasty, he had already been psychologically prepared. Wei Chijingde Gongshou said, "Thank you for your forgiveness." Just now, he was called "General Wei Chi", which is very subtle.

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