Inadvertently, he found that every wound on his body had been carefully wrapped with a layer of fine white gauze, and every wound felt warm and itchy, which showed that the wound had been coated with magic medicine and was healing rapidly.
Where am I? Who saved me?
Rick thought hard, but he had a headache and didn’t know what happened after he fell off a cliff. How did he get to this place?
Turning his neck with difficulty, he saw his position clearly.
This is a thatched cottage with several simple but exquisite tables and chairs.
The owner seems to be very clean and often cleans the house. Even the headboard made of rough wood is spotless and polished very smoothly. The wooden headboard reveals the yellow background and the fine fiber lines.
Lying in bed, Rick has ups and downs.
This is really a disaster, and I don’t know what will happen to me.
Rick played a joke with a wry smile.
Anyway, he finally came back to life.
Being alive is the greatest victory, that is, punishing the demon race. If you want to live forever, he will fight. In time, more demon races will lie down with blood on his knife and die in horror.
He expressed his tyrannical pleasure at the thought of seeing the expressions of horror on the faces of those demon families in the massacre made by himself.
You will also know that you will be afraid of a human being. Haha, if you want me to live, you will be afraid to go on. You will wait.
Recalling the moment when the blood became a river, Rick’s heart burned like a crazy fire, which made his chest hot and his blood boil. Now if a demon race is in front of him, he will look at it and tear it into thousands of pieces.
The sound of the door broke a room and the silence also shocked Rick lying in bed.
Chapter 43 Bai Ge old man
Looking at the door with difficulty, an old man entered.
A white robe, three long beards, a clear face, and eyes like a fairy in a painting.
His eyes were as clear as a spring, and seemed to glow faintly.
It’s the black pupil of ordinary human beings, which makes Rick feel at ease to know that this person is definitely not the demon race, at least it is the demon race and it’s not the ones he is familiar with.
You’re awake.
The old man came with a steaming bowl of soup and looked at him with a smile and said
And you are?
Rick had asked.
Don’t say anything, you’ll know. Come and drink this bowl of soup first, which will help you get better quickly.
The old man sat on the bed with a smile and gently caressed his head.
I didn’t expect your physique to be stronger than that of the demon race, which surprised me.
The old man in white looked at Rick and drank a bowl of liquid medicine, praising him sincerely.
Did you save me?
Rick asked softly.
The old man in white is so kind, but he feels so kind. Rick suddenly sees his parents and feels this long-lost feeling of affection, which makes him suddenly feel sour. The most vulnerable part of his heart is instantly hit, and the cold hard core in the slaughterhouse softens for a while.
Hehe, of course, I saved you. You are so heavy that my old bones is falling apart.
White old man ha ha a smile and said
I will never forget your kindness. I would rather be a cow and a horse to repay you.
Rick struggled to get up and bow down to the old man.
No need, no need, I just happened to meet you. I’m afraid God will punish me when I see you unwilling to surrender in the face of thousands of demon soldiers without even blinking an eye.
The old man in white laughed, and his black eyes were touched by his respect for the hero.
It’s not that I’m talking about any human being who is pushed to that point and will make the same choice because of his dignity.
At this point, Rick suddenly remembered the gladiator Hart who was willing to give his own blood. He was an equally outstanding human gladiator, a gladiator with more courage than him.
Hart, I’m sorry I didn’t kill the lion king.
Rick suddenly choked with grief.
The past is over. Let’s shake it up a little, because you are still alive.

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