Chapter 531 insult others

The information release area, which was noisy before, is now quiet one after another, and there is an indescribable dignified atmosphere floating in the whole area.
As calm as before the storm arrival.
Then this calm was broken by a furious anger. "How dare you chop off an old hand, King Egg!"
His face was twisted with rage, and he stretched out his hand from behind his waist and pulled out a long crimson knife. The blood color of the knife flashed, and his hand turned around. He corrected his grip from the upside down, raised his arm, raised the knife, and the stars were bursting.
Caught him in one hand
I was so angry that the veins stood out on my forehead. Without looking, I cried, "Who dares to stop me?"
Then I saw a little old man wearing dusty clothes and no armor.
He has long eyebrows, a goatee and a blue face, and he is dying.
You can see that the old man’s iron momentum has dropped to be passive. Nuo Nuo tunnel "How can you be young and old? You are not …"
The old man, who was called’ Qinglao’, gave him a faint look. "I’m dead if I don’t come, Tiezhen. What did I tell you? Don’t provoke you casually."
Tie Zhen suddenly looked at Tianyang and said angrily, "Isn’t it just a kid …"
The little old man flapped his palm a lot higher than him, but it was like slapping an invisible man in the face, and a red palm print gradually appeared on the other side.
The young man raised his hands and looked gloomy. "You can’t even see how people draw their swords clearly. What qualifications do you have to provoke people?"
"But …"
"Although there is something wrong with me, it’s too angry for my little friend to cut off his arm at every turn."
Tianyang, a silent old man, felt a kind of pressure and slowly turned around and said, "Anger? No, I’m just teach a lesson to those who overreach themselves. "
"I don’t need to be stupid yet."
The blue veins stood out again. "Who are you calling stupid?"
Green old dry cough "hurry to pick up your hand and go back to see if you can pick it up"
Iron is really terrified. The old man didn’t dare to look at Tianyang angrily. He trotted over and picked up the brokeback and left the release area in despair.
The young old man said slowly, "Qingtianbao really has a lot of talents. No wonder it makes sense to win in the fortress war."
"It’s rare for Xiaoyou to have this kind of mind and ability at a young age. Well, I won’t care about it if you come to my side."
"Besides, I can give you double pay, for example?"
Then several companions who came with Tie Zhen looked at the old man in surprise. It seems that they didn’t expect the young old man to recruit the silver-haired boy and pay double the reward.
Tianyang didn’t answer in a hurry, but looked at the old man. "You shouldn’t be from the fortress, which means you can only come here if you accept employment."
"I’m really worried about hiring your family when I’m hired but dare to pay you."
The old man gave a laugh, but not a smile. "Don’t worry, my promise is absolutely effective. The old man and Xie Jiagu are close friends, and my words are his words."
It was Xie Jia!
Hearing Xie Gu’s past, he floated to his heart. The family’s big Billy Xie Gu can be said to be losing the battle. Although it was bigger than the late Xie Gu’s adventure and robbed the White House of a batch of materials, it didn’t quit the big ratio.
But even if Big Billie gains something, it’s far from their losses. No wonder Xie Jia has to attract outsiders to explore the secret land this time.
"Thank you for your kindness, but my boss is not bad and has no intention of changing jobs." Tianyang said and moved in the direction of export.
But he knew that since he refused, the old man would not let him go easily.
The young man is always ready to start work by hiding the moonlight.
Sure enough, Qinglaoyin smiled sideways. "No, I’ve been hurt by the old lady again. I’m like a crowd."
Behind the old man’s back, his hands are floating with green brilliance.
Tianyang also kept walking, but his thumb gently pushed the "moonlight" sword out of its sheath by an inch.
Just two people will cover their hands with an aura of bullying, and they will be left behind in a targeted manner.
Then Yunfeng sounded, "I want to see who dares to ask my Yun family to leave something!" "
Hearing the word "cloud home", the young man shrugged his eyebrows and started to work miserably. Green Guanghua gradually converged and slowly turned around.
Stand in front of Yunfeng, outside the exit of the release area, and look down at the young and old.
The young man’s eyes were so proud that he didn’t look at him after the ceremony.
However, the other party is a young genius of Yunjia, who dare not show his anger and easily say, "It turned out to be Master Yunfeng, but is it really good that even Qingtian Yunshi is so partial?"
Yunfeng proudly said, "If you don’t maintain your own jokes, who will work hard with you? If they are really wrong, Yunjia will clean the door and it’s not for outsiders to tell you what to do."
He looked at the sun again. "Who started just now?"
Tianyang smiled and asked, "Do I look like the kind of person who likes to make trouble?"
Yunfeng immediately said, "That’s what they did first. You’re doing fairly well, but you’re still a little short of disrespectful to our cloud family. You should take off his hands and kill him if you dare to speak disrespectfully. You just don’t talk to him."
"Otherwise, others will tell me that Yunjia’s huge inheritance depends on one mouth."
His eyes are sharp as a sword, and he stabs at the young and old!
The old man listened straight to vomiting blood, and Yang’s beheading of Tiezhen had made him very angry. On this trip, he joined Xie Jia with an elite and wanted to make a name for himself in the exploration of the secret land. As a result, Yang’s hand suffered a big loss when he arrived at the forward base.
If you want to find the theoretical result of Yunjia again, you will encounter a more unreasonable Yunfeng, because the elderly can’t send it.
It was so uncomfortable that he almost left.
Yunfeng sneered and waved, "Let’s go. What are you doing here? We have something important to do. Don’t call it a wave of things."
Tianyang shrugged his shoulders and winked at Suian. The two men walked out of the door after passing by Qinglao.
Yunfeng turned around and patted his forehead toward the old man. "That what will you do is come to our Yunjia rest area and get some money back to give you that hand to cure and save people from saying that we Yunjia are arrogant and domineering."
Green old finally couldn’t help coughing, stretched out his hand and gently put a bite of old blood into his hands.
He is really mad!
You hurt people, and you paid me money to humiliate me. When you’re done, you want to say that you’re not arrogant or arrogant. This is really cruel!
"Let’s go back!"
Young old almost squeezed out this sentence through his teeth.
Yunjia camp
Back to the rest area, Yun Fengling called several captains and called an interim meeting in the main account of Tianyang.
On one side, the virtual shield floats, and half the screen is the information area of Tianyang. I saw the map, but in more detail, I drew many areas, most of which were marked by fortress families.
Yunfeng didn’t say anything to the point, "I just got back from the base headquarters. At present, the situation of this shakotan coast is like this. Besides our five families like Xie Gu, they can get regional defense."
"Just now, the ghost tide was an accidental phenomenon. More often, ghosts will wander in the scarlet forest. Getting the defense is to ensure that the number of ghosts in the area will maintain a certain number to avoid causing a large number of ghost attack bases."
"It’s not our job to defend the main force of the fortress and our teams. We are pushing into the depths of scarlet, exploring places that have not been set foot and finally reaching that famous city."
It is worth noting that the black area of that famous city was protected by an unknown force. Once a fortress elite approached the area and tried to break through, but in the end the team never came back.
"We know nothing about that force, but for us, this problem will not be considered for the time being."
"There are still many unexplored areas in the scarlet forest, which may contain some secrets of this secret realm."
"We will rest in the camp for 2 hours and then set off. I will send the road map to several of you."
Speaking of this, Yunfeng paused and said, "But after entering Scarlet, we have to do one thing first, and then we will push forward the exploration according to the road map given by the fortress."
Except Tianyang, its three captains exchanged glances, and then the cold rain asked, "Master Yunfeng doesn’t know what it is?"
Yunfeng nostril hum a way "Xie Gu also don’t know where to attract a group of eccentric guy just information release area that I had a little conflict with them"
"If there is an accident, these guys will definitely harass us during the exploration."
"So I have to wait for the opportunity to kill them when I enter the jungle!"
Hearing Yunfeng’s words, Tianyang has some unexpected facts. After he has decided to enter the forest, he will turn into another identity to find trouble with those young people.

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