But those who don’t return to the Sword Sect are depressed, sullen and sighing.

The most promising Gu Shan stopped at this time to refine the sword school of Sendai without returning. How can it be a pity that they are so precious?
Especially Hu Chun.
At this time, he looked somber like water, and his eyes swept from Muhong and Yang Chen’s body. There seemed to be a trace of murder, which could not be suppressed.
"Two old men cheated me!"
Hu Chun has this idea in his heart.
There are two swordsmen in Wuxing Sect and Taiyin Sect, and only one Gu Shan Hu Chun hates Yang Chen and Mu Hong as much as the sea.
"Now I can expect the little Taiyin Sect to win the first place, and I won’t return to the Sword Sect to hope for refining Sendai …"
Hu Chun’s eyes flickered and stared at the two figures on the sapphire step surface.
At this time, he is expecting in his heart that it is best for Xia Qi to win the first place, so that the Five Elements Sect is bound to take advantage of Xia Qi’s killing in the Immortal Taiwan just now to make things difficult for Taiyin Sect.
If we take this opportunity to get involved with the Sword Sect, it’s very important for nàme to overthrow this competition directly, so that the Sword Sect, which does not return, can still seize the refining Sendai.
Of course, all this needs Xia Qi to win the first place.
If the real sun wins the first place, then everything will be said.
The Five Elements Sect is so strong that it can be justified to win the first place. Even if it is not returned, the Sword Sect and the Taiyin Sect will not be able to take back the refining Sendai.
All eyes were on Xia Qi.
It is very difficult for Xia Qi and Lieyang to climb. F m: ngfó will be sent away from Sendai at any time under great pressure.
However, it happened that each step was more difficult than the others, but each step was steady and slowly.
Shyiji ā n y ǐ j and ng passed five hours.
At night, y ǐ j Ι ng dispersed a red sun hanging from the sun and fell on the Blood Moon Mountains.
This is about the first time that the vegetation in the Blood Moon Mountains has been exposed to sunlight.
The former blood moon mountains are covered by a blood moon day and night.
The sun shines brightly, and the yin and qi in the blood moon mountains seem to have dispersed, and many vegetation seems to be swaying with the wind.
However, people pay attention to this scene.
Almost all the monks’ eyes are on Xia Qi and Lieyang.
At this time, Xia Qi’s twisted pain ratio
He G m: Njiao to Zi j ǐ Yuan Shen was almost torn apart under great pressure, and Yuan Shen’s power consumption was huge, which made him weak at the moment.
He y ǐ j ǐ ng m: njiao to zìjǐ j ǐ is about to reach the limit.
In the summer of more than 600 steps, Né ngò ug ò njiao went to refining Sendai, and the majestic pressure rolled in.
This pressure, like a stubborn iron, has been tempered and become purer and stronger.
But at the same time, Xia Qi also g m: njiao into this majestic pressure, the more you go to the surface, the more it contains a destructive coercion, which makes people feel terrible.
Xia Qi has a hunch that if Z? j ǐ forcibly climbs nàme, it is very K ě ng who instigates this destructive coercion to directly destroy all his gods.
"This seems to be the climbing limit of my current Yuanshen intensity. If I continue to climb, I must ascend to the realm."
Xia Qi has some enlightenment in his heart. What’s the problem?
Although the realm of refining immortals in Taichung is to see the Yuan God, and the pressure of sapphire ladder is to intimidate the Yuan God according to their different realms, the Yuan God in Xia Qixiu is too weak, although it is very strong, but it has reached its limit.
Next, if you want to move on, you need to repair the realm and continue to rise, so that the Yuan God can become stronger after being refined in the realm.
"It’s a pity that … I’m afraid I hope to win the first lunar Sect for refining Sendai …"
It’s a pity that míngbái wants to come to Xiaqi, and méiyǒu has the opportunity to seize the refining Sendai.
But Xia Qi soon figured it out.
Even if he won the first prize and the Five Elements Sect and the Sword Sect did let Taiyin Sect take the refining Sendai, then he may not have a chance to enter the refining stage.
Calm down. Xia Qi stopped moving on six hundred and fifty steps.
He sat cross-legged and understood the Yuan God.
White mist fills the air like a fairyland.
These white fogs surround the Yuan God Xia Qi Q and Ngh ǔ g M: Njiao to zìjǐ j ǐ Yuan God draws all kinds of strange energy from the white fog to make him stronger.
"This is definitely the science of uniting the yuan god treasure! The longer I insist on it, the greater the benefits will be! "

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