I haven’t finished yet. Muliu has smilingly taken out a few species and stuffed Xiaolan into his mouth. She was also kind enough to hand me a glass of water to help him forcibly swallow it.

"What do you want to do?" Zi Guan Zhen Jun’s face changed greatly, and if you think about it, you know that these species are definitely not a good thing.
"Nothing is just a few kinds of fruit." Xu Zhihu quickly expressed comfort. "Don’t worry, at most, it will grow into various fruits in your stomach, such as bananas, apples, cantaloupes and maybe durians, but there will definitely be no crashing explosion."
Do you-do you think I’m an idiot?
Purple crown true gentleman’s face was livid, gnashing his teeth and shaking with anger. "You bastard, how dare you treat me like this … I’m wrong. You can let me do anything!"
The guy who said he was willing to pay a high reward for his life has long since given up this kind of thing!
Xu Zhihu is very touchy-feely. She turned to look at it, waiting to watch the scene of bustle. The latter was disappointed and sighed. Finally, she reluctantly threw the purple crown true gentleman aside for questioning.
I don’t know what she said. After a while, Ziguan Zhenjun suddenly looked shocked. "My Lord, do you mean that we should take you to the Double Snake Sect to get a reward?"
"What’s the problem?" Red face combative and pulled out a big bag of seeds.
"No problem!" Purple crown true gentleman immediately nodded desperately and thought for a moment, but did not forget to add, "But one person’s strength is limited. Look at my group of Taoist friends …"
See, what is the bottom line of moral integrity? This is called the bottom line of moral integrity!
Next to a group of gas refiners, they suddenly swore at each other and were ungrateful, but they said nothing. Muliu had an eyebrow and smiled and took out a large bag of seeds and gave it to them enthusiastically. "Come on, let’s have one for each person. These are all my latest excellent fruit seeds. They are harvested three times a year and don’t contain what Zhihu said about genetic modification!"
What can I say? A group of gas refiners still want to resist, but you scream and you break your throat. In the end, you have to eat all the seeds.
Next to Xu Zhihu, I can’t bear to watch. After they all swallowed the seeds in tears, they quickly coughed a few times. "Well, now who can tell me how you usually associate with the Double Snake Sect?"
"We burp, we are a single-line burp couplet." Zi Guanzhen took out a purple jade charm from his arms after eating many kinds of burps. "Usually, after we catch the target of the reward list, we will send someone to come and trade with us when and where the Double Snake Sect receives the news."
"It’s easy" Xu Zhihu smiling touch "since that’s the case, you can go over and tell Shuangshejiao that you have found our foothold with Xu Xian and lady white snake today and successfully caught it after a big war …"
"Me?" Red sister can’t wait to raise her hand with excitement.
"Chi Chi you are worthless …" Xu Zhihu really can’t bear to hit her, but she still has to tell the truth. "Well, you can tell the Double Snake Sect that you caught me and Muliu after a fierce battle, but you escaped with lady white snake with the help of that strange spirit. Well, does that sound reasonable?"
"Yes, it is very reasonable." Ziguan Zhenjun can nod hard and dare not play any tricks at this time. Hold the purple jade precious quickly and put what you think into it.
With his spiritual power injected into the purple jade charm, a faint light immediately appeared, but it soon recovered calm. Red Sister stared at him suspiciously. "Hey, don’t secretly sell information, otherwise …"
How dare you touch your belly with purple crown? It’s sad to look up to heaven, but it’s quiet for a moment at this time, and the purple jade charm suddenly shines faintly again.
"Come? Come? " Purple crown really gentleman breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly held the purple jade charm again. After a while, he suddenly had a strange face after he understood the details of the charm. "This … this … this …"
"What’s the matter? Is the double snake teaching seen through? " Xu Zhihu is thoughtful.
"Also not see through …" Purple crown true gentleman all don’t know what to say eyes flashing speak hesitatingly "but double snake teach there said they need to see the card first for the sake of caution"
"Certificate?" Xu Zhihu and wooden willow they looked at each other red face has beat asked.
"That is, we really captured the Dongshan Group Demon Certificate." Ziguan Zhenjun wiped his face with a cold sweat and became more eccentric. "But the problem is that they want to prove that it is strange, not that you adults carry a magic weapon or a token, but …"
"say it!" Chijie directly touched "just one"
"Is the head! It is the first level! " Purple crown true gentleman was startled and almost blurted out consciously. "They said that they would first see Xu’s adult head and make sure that Xu’s adult had indeed been killed by us before agreeing to meet and trade."
"poof!" Xu Zhihu is drinking milk and thinking about things. When he heard this, his milk was sprayed on Chijie’s face.
"What did you say?" Chijie didn’t care to wipe her face with milky liquid. She was surprised and opened her eyes wide. "Er, you mean those guys want us to cut off Zhihu’s head and send it to them first?"
"No, no, no, send it to the past." Ziguan Zhenjun carefully shrank into a cold sweat and flowed like a rainstorm. "The Double Snake Sect said that when the time comes, after agreeing to trading places, we should get there early and put Xu’s adult’s head in the designated place first. After they distinguish the authenticity, they will naturally teleport to meet each other."
Well, cash on delivery is really a consideration!
Red face and wooden willow they looked at each other at each other and stared at each other for a long time. Suddenly, they were very neat and turned their heads and looked at Xu Zhihu with tangled and complicated eyes.
Don’t look at me. Xu Zhihu can stand up and talk about real snakes. Teach those guys to tease and tease, but it seems that they have become more and more cunning recently, and even this kind of temptation routine can be figured out.
"That is to say …" Chijie thought blankly for a long time and suddenly looked forward to closing her hands. "Zhihu, if you cut your head off, can you grow new ones?"
"I don’t know. Why don’t we try it now?" Xu Zhihu looked at her sincerely.
This question is obviously superfluous!
Don’t say it’s an ordinary person like him. Even if Shu Shan Ship sent a white-browed palm Sect to cut off its head, it would immediately hang up. Of course, maybe you can make illusion create a fake head, but since the Double Snake Sect dares to make such a condition, it is said that they will definitely have a way to tell the truth from the false.
"So we have to give up this plan again?" Chijie thought for a long time and could resist sighing. "Well, it seems that we always encounter accidents since we came to Jiangnan. Is it because …"
"Hey, wait a minute!" Before she finished feeling, Niu Mowang suddenly raised her head and bit her hoof with hesitation. "Ah, ah, I suddenly remembered when I washed the stone some time ago …"
"laundry?" Xu Zhihu, they pay attention to the point, which is obviously wrong. "I wipe the old cow, and you are still responsible for the white bone hole laundry?"
"Cut the crap. I’m happy. Do you care?" Niu Mowang’s face turned red and she was steaming. "That’s not the point. The point is that at that time, Shi Shi chewed a cookie and chatted with me that there was a guy named Shen Gongbao before her …"
"Flying head?" Xu Zhihu suddenly blurted out.
"Yi Lao Xu, do you know Shen Gongbao?" Niu Mowang was taken aback.
"I’ve heard of it." Xu Zhihu had a weird face and coughed a few times. I should have thought of it. I remember that guy Shen Gongbao made a bet with Jiang Ya in "Romance of Gods" and cut his head and threw it back and forth.
"Flying head?" Chijie also reacted at this time and suddenly brightened up at the moment. "That is to say, that Shen Gongbao has a spell that can make his head still be able to leave his body … Er, what are you waiting for? We’ll find Empress Shijie!"
Gonggong people urged Zhong Xu Zhihu to take out the Chinese cabbage mountain god seal from her arms and input aura to connect with the bones hole thousands of miles away.
A moment later, with the faint green light shining continuously, everyone wondered if the empress was not at home, when the Chinese cabbage suddenly clicked, followed by a loud roar.

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