The thought that Yi Shaoqian has tasted this taste, Zhou Zichen unexpectedly tied the knot to touch the little woman, which has moved her lips.

When the four lips are stuck together, sparks burst out in an instant, and the language cannot be shaped.
It’s so sweet. It’s so sweet to my heart.
Holding the big hand behind Yanxi’s waist, I can’t stop rubbing it carefully, and the ambiguity index in the room has soared.
Zhou Zichen’s lips, like others, have a cool mint fragrance, which smells good and comfortable, and people will sink into it inadvertently.
Yan Xi never thought that when he was kissed by a man for the first time, he would show a picture of staring at his eyes.
Isn’t it because I was wearing white high heels and gently kicked back at the moment I was kissed?
The misty eyes suddenly brightened, and Yan Xi held Zhou Zichen’s strong chest with his hands. "See who I am, I am not Ji Yuran."
It’s been too long to blame the other party for the lack of women. After all, Zhou Shaoshao went to the hospital to see Ji Yuran once since they got married.
It’s crazy for a woman to think like this. If she catches one, she will kiss it.
Men and women are not experienced, but we should know that Yanxi still knows that after all, a girl in her twenties has never seen a pig run, but she has eaten pork at least.
My thin lips were forced to separate from my red lips. Zhou Zichen’s heart rolled up in an instant and felt lost.
What the hell did he do?
Just because Yi Shaoqian kissed Yanxi, do you want to give her a poison?
"The husband kisses the wife for granted" unconsciously, Yan Xi regarded himself as all such understanding too quickly, which made Zhou Zichen somewhat slow.
"You know us" is in name only.
"The marriage certificate is with Empress Jiang. Do you want to have another look?" He and Yanxi met for the first time at Yan’s home and met for the second time at the Civil Affairs Bureau.
From the beginning to the end, when two strangers realized that marriage was just two times.
What will happen to the heroine in the novel when she encounters a strong kiss? She hangs down beside her and moves her little hand. Yanxi secretly feels that it is usually a slap in the face.
"If you can’t leave, don’t force me to see that you don’t take a shower tonight. Go to bed as soon as you wash." Zhou Zichen’s kiss has been tasted and explored deeply.
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
Yijia villa at noon the next day
"Hey, little ancestor, you are finally willing to come back." Li Lanqiu sat in the living room and leafed through the latest issue of jewelry magazine. After seeing Yi Shaoqian coming into the room, he also didn’t lift lightly chastising.
"Mom, you’re getting worse and worse. You don’t even know who it is." The smoky gray suit didn’t return overnight, and Yi Shaoqian’s clothes were changed.
"I smell that smell of your body so far away. It’s so heavy. Who else can it be if it’s not your little ancestor?" Took a white look at Li Lanqiu’s HuaLiYouHua.
"I’ve taken a shower and changed clothes. How can you smell the powder on your nose?" I sat on the sofa with a smirk and drank the green tea on the coffee table.
"Alas alas alas this tea you want to drink, let the servant make it for you." Li Lanqiu watched the tea in the cup being drunk by Yi Shaoqian.
"You are too stingy to give your son a cup of tea now."
"Yes, where am I? How generous are you? Just shoot a diamond brooch." This finally got to the point.
Li Taihou, I finally let your family out.
Weeks less loofah mom really is going to scold a scold welfare.
Luffa o
How about 35 robbing his wife?
"Mom, don’t break me. It’s better to be a little ancestor than Yi Shao." Touched his handsome nose. Yi Shaoqian knew from Li Lanqiu’s tone that something was coming. Please make an interview.
The news is really fast, but it’s only one night
"I think that isawu is very popular with you, although I know that Yi Shao has always been willing to give up enough for women." Lift up your eyes and look at Yi Jia Villa. Either antiques or famous paintings are casually taken out, which is much more expensive than the colored diamond pansy brooch. Li Lanqiu’s love is not money, but whether his baby is really sincere about the little star.
"I don’t like it very much." I thought if I had known he wouldn’t go home, tearing my shirt and getting Yi Shaoqian.
"What’s going on to please the little star? You are spending a lot of money?" Li Lanqiu, who is scratching his eyes, eats very much in the rich wife circle, so what new hexagrams are known in S city for the first time.
"Mom, I’m not an isa photographer for that brooch." It was his mother who ate him for a long time. Now the woman is jealous and smiles again. Yi Shaoqian approached Li Lanqiu and said, "Just look at the jewelry magazine and see if you have a phone call to have it delivered home immediately."
"Don’t play this diversion trick with me." Li Lanqiu’s hand is a slap on Yi Shaoqian’s head. "I really don’t expect you to buy it for me."
"Mom, although my east entertainment media can’t catch up with the big family business, it’s still enough to earn money to buy you some jewelry." Lazy leaning on the back of the sofa makes Yi Shaoqian lift his slender and powerful legs.
After graduating from college, he didn’t enter the family business, but he left the company by himself. However, that company is an entertainment company and others have a long-term negative reputation, which is naturally regarded as a convenient hidden rule actress.
"Come on, you’d better keep the money to please women." Li Lanqiu is also deeply responsible for Yi Shaoqian with disdain.
She is stronger for half a generation, and Jiang Lan has fought for half a generation.
I used to fight, but now I am fighting.
But Shao Qian, the little ancestor, just doesn’t live up to expectations, so everything is not as good as his Zhou Zichen.
The thought that Jiang Laner has been playing popular in the shopping mall all these years while her son has been chatting with gossip Wu Lanqiu all day long makes her feel that she can’t even show her good face.
"And since that million brooch is not a small star shot," Li Lanqiu held out his hand to Yi Shaoqian and said seriously, "Just give it to mom. I just need a brooch to wear recently."
"Mom, you’re going back on your word too fast. You just said you didn’t expect me to buy you jewelry, and now you’re coming to me for a brooch." Yi Shaoqian muttered in secret that women are really fickle
"The situation is different. Well, you have already smashed out the brooch money." Li Lanqiu thought that this little ancestor was lying to me.
"To tell you the truth, I didn’t give the brooch to Xiaoxing, but it’s not in my own place." isawu became Xiaoxing in Yi Shaoqing’s mouth after calling each other.
"Where is it?"
"Give it to Zhou Zichen’s wife"
"What" Li Lanqiu eyes blink.
"I guessed you would be this kind of reaction." Yi Shaoqian thought that his mother was not the kui is a news anchor. This voice is really loud.
"Tell me again whose wife" Peach Blossom Eyes are very similar to Peach Blossom Eyes Yi Shaoqian and Li Lanqiu, and you will know that they are mothers at first sight.
"Zhou Zichen, your old adversary, that baby pimple" is afraid that Li Lanqiu will not listen to Yi Shaoqian again and simply waste more breath to explain in detail.
"A little star for a while and someone else’s wife for a while." Liu Yemei screwed tightly. Li Lanqiu grabbed each other’s ears and taught "Yi Shaoqian, can you give me less nonsense?"
"Mom said that you are too old to find a serious girl to settle down, but look at you. You are all playboy and have a couple." Every time you say a word, Li Lanqiu’s hand strength can’t control her weight.

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