The explosion lights up continuously, and these pieces that could have penetrated the micro shield are now blown up. Without exception, they are blocked by the edge of the shield, and at the same time they are moved around the giant base by the micro shield.

Together with several small bases around them, they light up and shoot out from their surfaces with a ray of light, which flies through the micro shield to the battleship that is releasing broken gel in the distance
Glowing gel biological warships number dissipation … Almost.
Lynn saw a gel warship, which was one kilometer in size and came alive in the explosion.
It doesn’t release the powder attack as usual, but the whole body flies in the direction of the giant base at high speed.
The giant base noticed it, and the light flashed continuously, and it took this gel warship to the target.
The explosion sounded again in Lin’s mind, but they were all around the gel battleship, a rock, some debris and something else. They were all objects around the gel battleship, and they exploded one after another, but the gel battleship was safe and sound.
Is the giant base inaccurate? Precisely … Gel battleships have some way to make them miss their aim.
This warship flies very fast, and it doesn’t take long for the distance of 10 thousand kilometers. The giant base and its micro-corps appear in front of the gel warship
A ray of light is emitted from the giant base again, and the gel warship is also 1% of its overall size … The’ meat’ is separated from the warship body, and the emitted light collides together, and a violent explosion light is also lit up.
Its explosion was so strong that it affected the micro shields around the giant base, and several micro-machines were swallowed up by the explosion.
But the gel battleship didn’t
It was close to the explosion, but it flew out after the explosion. It flew straight ahead and crashed into a shield composed of micromechanics.
Even though a part of the shield was cut off, it didn’t disappear completely. Several micromechanical groups immediately rushed to the gel warship, and they surrounded the gel warship like dense swarms.
But … it didn’t affect its speed. The gel battleship flew at high speed in the shield and crashed straight into the giant base of the protected center.
The explosion light lit up again, and a small base blocked the giant base. The gel warship hit it and caused a fierce roar, but the explosion did not reach the giant base.
And the gel battleship didn’t move on …
Although it avoided several explosions, this time it may have been caused by a direct impact. Its body was almost blown up, and the rest was surrounded by several micromechanics and became smaller and smaller …
But what it did was not because there was a ball covered with fluff behind the gel battleship and it flew in the direction of the giant base.
Lin can note all the details of this gel warship mainly because she let a pompom follow it from Lin. After all, the floating rocks around the giant base are either destroyed or transformed. Lin doesn’t have any’ eyes’ to observe here, but a pompom that follows the gel can.
The pompon flies with the battleship to avoid the explosion, making all kinds of movements exactly like this gel warship, and it goes around it after falling.
The fluffy ball target … like the gel battleship, this fluffy ball is more than 60 meters in diameter, which is not very big, but it is equipped with some special weapons.
The fluffy ball body flashed a flash of light and fell on the surface of the base. All the fluff of the fluffy ball body immediately moved into the base shell.
"This thing is really too unguarded. We have to … destroy it!"
Through the fluff ball, the tiny light mass moves into the huge base full of fear energy.
This feeling is a bit like a carnivorous bacterium drilling into the milli, in case the small nuclear protectors in the flesh and blood will devour all the fears inside.
Chapter one thousand and nine Cooperation
"Hurry up and make this thing guardian!"
Small balls of light are full of fear, moving around them, and all the fears everywhere are quickly … dying.
Lynn is watching all this progress outside.
The pompoms are still lying on the surface of the giant base, but this pompoms are not attacked. Even though the pompoms are surrounded by almost a few micro-machines, they all float like a daze.
The same is true of the giant base, which has not moved or emitted light. It has been completely paralyzed.

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