There are also seven miles in the short. After each section of the wall is refined, Qing Ye will sacrifice to the front.

Join one
Each section of these walls is joined together by Qing Ye’s secret method as if it were the same.
Three days later, a wall of nearly a thousand miles surrounded the mountain of Warcraft.
From a distance, it looks like a dragon with no end.
For three days, everyone witnessed this miracle.
Three days later, everyone looked at Qing Ye’s eyes and changed again. Even the dragon nine deep and remote eyes were crazy.
Looking at Qing Ye carefully, I just need to call Brother Qing Ye.
Qing Ye was crazy about everyone, but his eyes didn’t say anything. If it was before, don’t say this thousand
The small city wall is hundreds of thousands of miles of violet palace, which is just a guide.
In this three-day Qing Ye, the high-level beasts and the building walls were cleared, and the lotus mercenary group and the black were also killed.
The members of Tianpei Corps are not idle, but according to the architectural drawings of Qing Ye, they will first divide the kingdom into major ones.
Regional division of labor to make all kinds of marks and clear out the need to build halls and houses
After the wall was built, Qing Ye looked at several pieces of land that had been cleared out, and then put a mountain.
Soon after the body was put into the dry Kun Ding, it was a beautiful three imperial emperors.
Palace Palace conjoined palace appeared in front of everyone. When the palace landed, the factory was embedded in it.
Block nearly one hundred miles of Fiona Fang land.
This palace has nearly 10,000 halls and rooms, all of which are connected by directions … each hall and room.
And with that courtyard and the martial art field, it give people a magnificent and noble visual impact.
In the dull eyes of all, Qing Ye came to the palace gate with his hands in vain.
See a few implied heaven (violet palace words appeared in front of everyone.
For this world has shrunk several times, violet palace leaves can no longer be used.
Then Qing Ye divided a nine-day rest soil of Pangu Star Domain into several powders, which made it powerful.
Scattered around the violet palace, and then some Pangu star domain and some Lingcao were implanted.
Among them, everyone was drunk when they saw the golden ripples of extraordinary fragrance.
However, this Pangu Xingyu Lingcao is in the wishful kit and Qing Ye has to keep it.
Qing Ye, the institute of refining Dan medicine, implanted a little in it, even so, it made
Everyone is like a falling garden.
Qing Ye said to the crowd (after the word temple was named violet palace is grade nine.
In addition to the middle area, both sides of the strong residential area are like the courtyard next to the main hall, so you can choose one.
"Then Qing Ye said sternly (these flowers and plants send out fairy aura to.
Everyone can practice what is beneficial, and you can’t just pick it at random.
When they saw that Qing Ye spoke seriously, they dismissed greed
So violet volume corps and dark mercenary group level 9 master in Qing Ye license.
Have entered the violet palace to choose their own dive room courtyard.
However, violet mercenaries have Barker’s skin and Qing Zhuo, who has just advanced to Grade 9, only meet the requirements.
Plus check dark mercenary group 11 level 9 and dragon 9 floor only a total of 13 people is added Qing Ye.
The two masters, the mother and the mother, are only fifteen people, compared with the violet palace in the courtyard near the temple.
It seems to be swinging.
After refining the Violet Palace, Qing Ye was next to two pieces in front of the Abandoned Lotus Palace, which were nearly 50 Li.
Two palaces were refined roundly.
A dry palace, a dark mercenary group and a mysterious palace for the members of the lotus-abandoning mercenary group.
Qing Ye mochong legion suo
After the refining of the three palaces is completed, Ye asked some jade to arrange a gathering array in them respectively.
However, Qing Ye’s current strength and the jade stone steps can make these three palaces aura.
The richness is four or five times that of other places. Even so, it has benefited everyone.
Everyone is thin in such a high aura, practicing straight line and rising.
It is said that practicing in it for one year is equivalent to practicing in other parts of the Dragon God mainland for nearly five years.
The three palaces cover an area of 200 miles, and Fiona Fang accounts for nearly another big part of the kingdom of Warcraft.
Four-fifths is the post-development place, and Qing Ye is not in a hurry to ignore it
For the color name of the Kingdom of Warcraft, it sounded indecent. Later, Qing Ye directly ordered (Violet City)
At the mouth of the Qianli City Wall, it is nearly ten feet high, seven dogs thick and nearly ten meters thick, and the wall tops Qing Ye.
Carved (three ancient seal fonts in Qinglian City)
Although violet city is a big city, it is too big.
In the main city of violet city

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