Previously, some small moves were aimed at some ordinary officials in the court. These ordinary officials attached to Chu Yi could not be resisted even if they were taken away, but now Gu Da stared at several old positions in the cabinet.

Today, Chao Tang Gu shit is a formal expression of his attitude by rejecting Ge’s suggestion.
Looking at Gu Da’s departure figure, Jiao Fang, Wang Shouren and Yang Yiqing couldn’t help but frown.
In the past, the civil and military affairs in the court were not so divided, but with the big position in the court, it gradually became divided.
Among those officials who were originally attached to Chu Yimen, some wavering officials prostrated themselves at the Valley Gate, and some officials who were hostile to Chu Yi also hit it off with Gu Da. In a short time, they formed a force that could almost compete with the force left by Chu Yi.
Except for a few neutrals, the minister attached to Chu Yiwen-wu said that the number of people dropped sharply, but it was the backbone of the court who said that those officials were not weak compared with those gathered by Gu Da Institute.
More than a dozen officials looked at Gu Da with a somewhat defiant color and gathered around Jiao Fang, Wang Shouren and Yang Yiqing.
Listen to an assistant minister to JiaoFang way "records of adults Gu Dashi is too puffed up, and then tried to target us, and now even the cabinet suggestions should be opposed. If you don’t try again, you are afraid that the Valley Congress will be even more puffed up."
More than a dozen officials all show approval. Everyone can see that Gu Da is coming for them. Who let them be branded by Chu Yi? It is naturally impossible for Chu Yi’s die-hard followers to change their families. What they can do is to fight against Gu Da.
But they are much worse than Gu Da, so they can place their hopes on Jiao Fang, Wang Shouren and others.
An official sighed lightly, "I don’t know what the governor thinks and how he suddenly resigned. If the governor returns the words, how could he get the boss to tell me what to do here?"
"Yes, if the temple is still big, I will never be so proud."
"If you don’t, let’s go to Wu Wangfu to inquire for the temple again. I hope the temple can meet us this time."
When a group of officials were whispering, they heard Jiao Fang gently cough a look at a group of people and said, "Your temple eyes are closed, even if you go there, you can’t see the temple."
The assistant minister couldn’t help worrying. "The temple can’t be closed, and there are waves everywhere in the Chaotang Valley. Now he is eyeing us up and afraid that when he takes a step away from us, he will be on the temple hand …"
A light cough Jiao Fang said slowly, "You don’t have to worry about waiting for me. If you don’t have a handle, Gu Da can’t be proud of us."
"It’s hard to say that the position is more important to Gu Da than the letter. When the time comes, Gu Da will enter the slanderous words and hold it twice at a time …"
Some officials show a worried look. Although the general trend of the valley has not reached its peak compared with Liu Jin and Chu Yi, according to this trend, it will be like Liu Jin and Chu Yi that the people in power and government will be able to compete one day.
Jiao Fang appeased all the people and watched them leave to stay. Wang Shouren smoothed her beard and turned to Jiao Fangdao. "What on earth did Jiao Ge Old Temple think? It’s not like he always had the wind."
Wang Shouren seems that Chu Yi’s sexual words, even if they want to get out of the way, are unlikely to leave Gu Da such a disaster for the people, and even sit back and watch Gu Da’s appointment as the manager of Sili Prison.
Is Chu Yi willing to watch his painstaking efforts be so cursed by Gu Da?
Jiao Fang shook his head with a wry smile. "I don’t know what the temple is thinking."
There has been no talk at the moment. Yang Yiqing’s eyes flashed a fine mans way. "It seems that we must go to inquire for the temple. If we talk about it, we must ask the temple to come out of the mountain. Otherwise, people can make the valley big. If we let the valley big toss again, we will have to pay for it."
The former servants of Wu Wangfu were listless. Compared with the people in front of his official residence, Chu Yi’s Wu Wangfu was more deserted, especially after Chu Yi declared that he had closed his practice. The last time an official came to inquire for it was almost a month ago.
A few sedan chairs appeared in the line of sight, and the servants glanced at them and continued to be listless. Anyway, no one came to inquire for their report, and their report may not meet with them.
Suddenly, a servant was surprised to see that a few sedan chairs actually stopped at the entrance of the house and several figures came out of it.
"Jiao Ge Lao Yang Shang, An Guogong …"
Several servants immediately opened their mouths and their faces were full of consternation, and they were conscious of Jianli towards several people.
Jiao Fang waved his hand and ignored the rudeness of several servants. "I don’t know about the temple!"
Several people shook their heads at each other. They are just people. How can we know if Chu Yi is out?
At this moment, a figure came along. Several people in Jiao Fang and Wang Shouren saw it, and they couldn’t help but see that the bearer was not others but had been following Chu Yilinping.
Lin Ping came over and saluted several people. "Please welcome several adult halls!"
Jiao Fang, Wang Shouren several people glances face somewhat delighted.
Chu Yi, who came to them, was closed. They came with hope, but they were disappointed. This time, they didn’t expect Chu Yi to invite them in.
Chu Yi has rarely gone out since he resigned. It can be said that he closed his practice at 99% of the time, especially during this month, Chu Yi even stopped to teach the little emperor in the palace.
A few people came without any hope, and the surprise was so casual.
Soon after entering the palace, Lin Ping led several people to see a figure. At the moment, a big tree is enjoying leisurely tea reading, which is not Chu Yi but also a person.
Chu Yi, dressed in a blue suit, looks like a student. If he doesn’t know Chu Yi’s identity, he will be regarded as a scholar with outstanding temperament.
"Big manager!"
A few people before to ChuYi Jianli ChuYi with a smile "a few not toward the auxiliary positions is running to ChuMou this house is really shouldn’t …"
Obviously ChuYi this is joking ChuYi hello several people sit down this just look at ChuYi.
Wang Shouren eyed Chu Yi primly. "The main manager is finally out of you. If you don’t speak out, you don’t know what this big court will be like."
Chapter five hundred and forty People can make this Lao!
Chu Yi picked up the teapot and poured tea for several people. He heard Chu Yi say, "A few people might as well drink this tea!"
Seeing that Chu Yi looks like a light wind and a light cloud, Jiao Fang can’t help but smile, "Temple, even if you have any calculations, you should give us a hint. Otherwise, our hearts are bottomless."
Jiao Fang seems that Chu Yi must have some calculation, but even if there is any calculation, it is better to let them know fairly well. Otherwise, they are not only unsure, but also don’t know how to cooperate with Chu Yi.
Chu Yi let go of the teapot and smiled and shook his head. "Now that Chu has resigned, he will not intervene in the court affairs."
A few people can’t help but look at each other slightly. Chu Yi obviously can’t deceive them in such a way. Since Chu Yi said it, that is to say, Chu Yi really doesn’t have any plans and nothing to calculate on the cause. This can’t help but make Jiao Fang panic. "Temple, isn’t this a big valley? This person is more disastrous than Liu Jin in the past. If she is not bound, she will be afraid of becoming a big disaster."
Chu Yi chuckled and shook his head. "A few people are overrated. He can’t be a day or a disaster."
See if Chu Yi is so sure that Jiao Fang, Wang Shouren and Yang Yiqing are all puzzled. Who doesn’t know that unless Chu Yi is out of the mountain, who can make the valley big?

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