His mother scolded the king savagely, and then went on to say, after you left me the gold, I quietly asked someone to exchange it for cash, but I didn’t know where it was. The omission was known by several people. Fortunately, we lived here in a secret place, which hid most people. But today, that knife found here somehow, and I knocked down my brothers’ department as soon as I started, that is, one of them was unable to resist. Then they tied me up and tortured me until now, asking where the gold bars were hidden by me.

Seeing Wang Ming’s scarred body left a deep feeling in his heart, he knew that this handsome and short appearance had kept his promise and had not revealed the hidden treasure because of torture. This forbearing character left him to admire him from the bottom of his heart
I don’t know the origin of that Dao Fan, but the name of the king doesn’t know that he came to his successor from Dao Fan. It seems that they didn’t want to find the gold bars, but they were also entrusted by the people behind the scenes, but they didn’t show up this time.
We talked a few more words. Look at the room full of people. At this time, they are all depressed, especially Wang Ming’s injury is more serious. His heart is sorrowful, so he quickly greeted everyone and simply picked it up and left this place in a hurry.
When I walked outside the courtyard, I found that the body that he kicked to the courtyard door had disappeared. It seems that it was taken away by Dao Fan and others who left here.
Without thinking much about the rest, he divided the people into several groups, and when he told them to leave separately according to different routes, he held the king’s name first
In a corner across the lane, in the shadow, Dao Fan looked sullenly and quickly left the king’s name behind him. Just now, one of the three big men in black was still there, but the other two didn’t know where to go. The big man bowed down and asked the boss, Is it so easy to let them go?
Chapter 26 Escape
The treatment was soon completed, and the rest got a general understanding of Wang Ming in the observation. He was secretly happy because Wang Ming said everywhere that this stocky man had a loyal character in his bones.
The rest went to give Jiang Haimei a message, and then went back to the basement to find the king’s name, which had been bandaged like a mummy, and hurriedly moved to another place.
In order to avoid the mafia middleman, the two men dare not dawdle over the king’s name. Although they are in pain now, they can bite their teeth and insist that they should finish the things before leaving as soon as possible.
Everything went smoothly, and there were no other accidents all the way when the two of them sneaked into the VIP entrance of the train.
Jiang Haimei waited anxiously at the entrance bar. She didn’t know what happened to the last one, but from what he called in a hurry just now, the situation was not good. She arrived at Chehua early according to the instructions of the last one and bought three berth tickets from the ticket seller at a high price.
I saw Jiang Haimei’s anxious figure walking around from afar. He dragged the king’s name straight to the past and now it seems so urgent. The three of them also nodded slightly and didn’t come to make an introduction.
When Wang Ming saw Jiang Haimei, he made a sudden gesture. He didn’t expect that such a simple and honest young man could be such a companion of this gorgeous photo, but now is not the time to make him suspicious. The three men rushed into the entrance with a few big bags.
Their haste is not consistent with the fact that the surrounding tourists are serene and calm, and they are not hiding in the dark, paying special attention to them.
I don’t know what’s left. In fact, the gangsters who searched for them at this time just adjusted their personnel to investigate the name of the king after learning that Dao Fan had given up. However, all factions were guarding against each other during the action, and the speed of action was not affected to some extent. This gave the three people a period of escape and added the rest. They decided to assign Jiang Haimei to buy a ticket in the shortest time, and they only took a thrilling step at this critical moment.
All the way was calm and stable. Although the three men were always vigilant, there was no accident until they finally arrived in the remaining city. They took a long sigh of relief and let go of the heart that had been hanging for a long time.
I didn’t dare to stop to look for Li Gang in the middle of this long journey. Although he is curious about this mysterious master, it is better to put this curiosity aside for the time being at this moment of life and solve the immediate troubles first.
Back to Jiang Haimei’s home near the school, all three of them seemed to have fallen asleep, feeling like a lifetime ago, and only then did they rest peacefully. All three of them collapsed on the sofa and didn’t want to talk.
For a long time, I finally feel a little recovered, and I’m still trying to hold myself up and stare at the house layout. Wang Mingdao, when will your brothers arrive? Don’t be leaked by them. We will arrive at our destination this time.
Wang Ming shook his head and touched a mobile phone from his pocket, saying that they would call me as soon as they arrived, so you can rest assured that my brothers are all risking their lives together. They are loyal. You don’t have to suspect that if you want to sell us, I’m afraid you would have sent the news to those who want to arrest us in Xining, so how can you wait until this time to do that pig and dog thing?
Jiang Haimei watched with concern that she was very white, and now the development momentum of this matter can no longer be calmed down by personal strength, leaving such a group of people to make such a big hole before they came to do anything, which made her not worry.
But now, it is not the most important thing at present, but the placement of these people has become a big problem in front of us. Although there are many gold bars, judging from what happened in Xining, even if he came back here, he dare not look around and change the money. The amount is too much. If he is careless, he will inevitably attract the attention of others. Once he is stared at by greedy people again, he can’t guarantee that he can escape this time.
Jiang Haimei has listened to the rest of the king’s name on the way back. She briefly told the story before and after the incident. She saw that it was lost in thought. Of course, she also knew what was bothering him. Jiang Haimei tried to ask the rest. I’m afraid it’s not difficult for you to change those gold bars into cash. Do you want me to try and see if I can help my friends to change some of them first, and then slowly find a way? Now the biggest headache is the money problem. When more than 40 people come in, they have to eat, drink, pull and scatter trifles, and they have to spend a lot of money
Jiang Haimei smiled and got up and grabbed the words and dialed several numbers. Maybe the other party picked up the words. After she signed up for a house, she bluntly told the microphone that she wanted to exchange a batch of gold bars. I watched nervously as Jiang Haimei’s face changed, hoping to see if it could go smoothly.
There seems to be a good time. After a few words, Jiang Haimei reported a number and then said a few words. Only then did Shi Shiran put down the receiver and looked at the rest with a smile. You can take a third of the quantity now and I will ask my friend to cash it for you according to the current exchange rate of the country.
I didn’t expect the teacher’s miraculous powers to be able to solve such a difficult task in such a short time. Wang Ming also stared at the boasted face with disbelief. Hai Jiang flattered him, but he knew how much economic strength his successor had to have to exchange such a large number of gold bars. In the end, it is impossible for a rich man to bring a large amount of cash with him this time. From this aspect, I am afraid that Hai Jiang mei’s friend’s net worth is not low.
Chapter 27 Solve doubts
This time, the exchange went smoothly. Jiang Haimei’s friend bought a black Buick and went directly to the three-person hiding building. After giving Jiang Haimei a word, he went downstairs with a big suitcase.
With the king’s name left, Jiang Haimei hid in another room early, as if she didn’t want their friends to meet. The two men reluctantly left at her behest.
Soon after, Jiang Haimei proudly carried the box in. When the box was opened, Wang Mingdu was left. They were startled by the huge amount of paper money in front of them. They had never seen so much money before, and now suddenly they have so much wealth in their hands that they can’t help feeling dizzy.
Wang Ming’s brothers came to the city one after another in the next few days. Their actions were very secretive and did not attract the attention of others. The remaining Wang Ming rented a factory not far from the school early before their arrival to temporarily shelter these people.
According to Jiang Haimei’s meaning, this factory will also be their first career starting point. After renovation, it will be converted into a medium-sized disco, and its target owners will certainly not stop people from entering.
During this period in the decoration industry, there are many trivial and complicated things, but the progress of Jiang Haimei’s careful management of Wang Ming’s overall planning has been carried out frequently
Before the project started, after considering it for a long time, I still went to Ma Yanxia Ma Lu once. His purpose was to find out from Ma Lu whether it was her or another person who mailed the poison, and then I wanted to trouble Ma Yanxia to introduce some friends who were engaged in decoration to design the factory.
Ma Lu received the rest with a look of air. From her calm face, she couldn’t find the slightest trace of guilt. She felt that he pretended to be calm. After receiving the documents, Ma Lu received the remuneration due for this express delivery, and then she warmly invited the two sisters to a cold drink shop to cool off.
Ma Yanxia wasn’t in Malu Company. After making an appointment with the location after talking, Ma Lu left the company and went to the appointment place in front of the small building.
Before leaving the company, I saw the two girls who cheated him again in the hall, but in this short period of time, I experienced a lot of things. At that time, his experience of being cheated has long since been ignored by him. It was after the two girls smiled lightly and defiantly that they left without even thinking about revenge.
At the end of the road, he casually asked Ma Lu about the background of the two people who were in charge of the reception at the front desk in the company. He felt strange that since Ma Lu was a company, after they treated her so badly, why Ma Lu could bear it without sweeping them out?
Ma Lu listened to the question about the faces of the two girls, and the horse was gloomy. She hated the tunnel. It was an important person in the company’s competent department who arranged to come in to work. They would not do anything in the day. I had long been willing to remove them, but because of the level department’s face, I have been so patient.
After listening to her words silently, he realized something about the government departments. He secretly paid attention to all kinds of problems he would encounter when he was in the disco in the future. Although these things are still not completely understood, he gradually got some ideas.
Ma Lu, who was left in the soda fountain, talked easily. He once again casually asked who entrusted the courier to deliver the letter. Ma Lu recalled that he had turned over a small address book from his bag and looked through it for a while before pointing to his face. It was a strange name. This Deli Sun guest stopped asking about the postal knot after sending this email. I just gave him a message and it showed that it was the other party’s number.
With a sigh of relief, he leaned back in the chair. Now he finally believes Ma Lu’s words and knows that this time she is not trying to frame herself.
Ma Lu didn’t ask what was left of this customer’s interest. For her, she is currently a courier. If she can work for her, there will be no other problems.
Ma Yanxia then came in a hurry, leaving a lot of affection for this pure girl. He quickly got up enthusiastically and pulled a chair for Ma Yanxia to sit on, then ordered another ice cream and the two chatted at the same time.
This time when Ma Lu met, he didn’t get anything except the express payment. However, Ma Yanxia became interested after hearing that there were friends left who wanted to find someone to design the disco. They discussed the layout design style of the disco for a long time and finally decided to let Ma Yanxia, his teacher, be responsible for the body design and her colleagues as assistants this time.
Ma Lu, who was left hanging on the side, was uninteresting about her sister’s conversation, but she felt a little strange about her friend who had such strong economic strength. Her economic mind really found the business opportunity she needed immediately from this conversation, so she put in a word at the end and said, does your friend need to take care of personnel? I used to work in the disco lobby for a long time, but now the benefits of our express delivery company are not very good. I want to leave.
With a smile left, he is noncommittal about Ma Lu’s discussion. Now he really lacks a person who can hold up the scene. It is more appropriate for Wang Ming’s nursing home when it is necessary. It is impossible to do those welcoming and sending to work in Hai Jiang with his violent temper. It is even more impossible that her identity is there. If she goes there again, it will have a great impact on the school.
But Ma Lu left a bad impression. The embarrassing experience of meeting for the first time still left a fresh memory. He didn’t want to find such a merciful person to work for himself. He has not been polluted by this big dye vat in his bones, and Ma Lu’s personality is still unacceptable.

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