"Master, what the hell is this?" Meng Qi climbed at the feet of the old man Cheng and looked at the old man Cheng with the egg tossed and turned, but there was no response for half a day. Meng Qi didn’t care much.

But I’m afraid it’s really a bit of a doormat to make the old man study things carefully for so long, but the old man still ignored Meng Qi’s carefully looking at the eggs that Meng Qi brought.
After a long time, I sighed deeply and said, "You are really lucky. That little guy doesn’t know what to do. This is a ghost egg."
"ah? Spirit beast egg is this baa? " Obviously, Meng Qi has been in cramming education for so long, but the effect is not very good.
Cheng old man heard Meng Qi ask so is slap fan in the past "not told you last year? I forgot! "
Cheng old man such a scold Meng Qi carefully wanted to think seems to have a little impression "spirit beast egg spirit beast egg" Meng Qi muttered suddenly Meng Qi shouted like chicken blood "spirit beast egg? Is this a ghost egg? !”
Then look forward to looking at the old man Cheng. See Meng Qi, the old man Cheng. There are also some smiles and nods.
I-I really mean pig’s feet in Chinese erotic novels? Get this answer Meng Qi a face of giggle thinking.
However, when Meng Qi was happy, Old Man Cheng said another thing, "But the soul of the beast in this beast egg has dispersed, leaving a shell that can be said to have been lost."
Ah! Meng Qi laughed at this and froze in his face. The bitter face was exposed again, crying and laughing, and he couldn’t say anything funny.
Meng Qi felt that the ups and downs of life were really too fast and exciting. * * Wave after wave Meng Qi said that he wanted to cry …
"But ….." See Meng Qi sample cheng old man seems to be very cool and said slowly.
"But but but your sister! How many times do you say that you are sick? ! ! !” Of course, Meng Qi vented his words in his heart, even if he lent him a fat courage, he dared not.
"You don’t have that guy? It’s a godsend." The old man looked at Meng Qi with a sigh of relief. To tell the truth, Meng Qi’s bad taste for this old guy is really more than melancholy
However, after listening to the old man Cheng’s words, Meng Qi has come, and a feeling of happiness has suddenly arrived. This time, Meng Qijian believes that he is the pig’s foot of the erotic novel.
"Depend! The old man nothing but this time. "Meng Qi suddenly looked at the old man Cheng warily for fear that he would come up with something but nothing.
Seeing that the old man nodded, Meng Qi laughed and laughed … very * *
It is said that he is temporarily possessed by a little yellow dog (that is, the dragon remembers Meng Qiqiang’s trip to get it for him) and is enjoying his life. Suddenly, he sneezes. The goods think that MD must be Meng Qi’s smelly little dog trying to get old again.
Chapter 47 The so-called cultivation of immortals
"This is the body you found for me?" Floating life (he named it himself), that is, dog leftovers, that is, dragon remnants, stared at Meng Qi’s ghost egg and left and right.
Meng Qi nodded and his face was full of expression, but he was quite nervous. "This is a hamster egg with a seal on it, but the hamster inside is already past, but the flesh is still intact because of this egg. It’s just right for you."
The floating life looked at Meng Qi and always felt that something was wrong, but Meng Qi should not dare to harm him, but he decided to look at it first to be careful.
The floating life entered the spirit beast egg and felt this body. Speaking of it, the body of the gopher is really good, which is better than that of Jiao Teng. I don’t know how much. Overall, the floating life is quite satisfied with this body.
Therefore, he retired from the egg of the spirit beast and said to Meng Qi, "This body is not bad. I will use the method of taking possession of my house, but can you break the seal of this egg?"
Meng Qi’s heart was tense after he entered the spirit beast egg. Although the spirit beast egg only appeared for hundreds of years, the dragon Dan was in the hands of the old man Cheng for nearly a hundred years. From time to time, he should not know about the spirit beast egg.
But if this guy finds something, it’s not a plan. Meng Qi still has some concerns, but after seeing the floating life, Meng Qi is finally relieved.
"Don’t worry, once you succeed in taking possession, I will unlock the seal." Meng Qi said lightly with a sigh of relief.
The floating life once again entered the spirit beast egg to launch the solution of taking possession of the house. Because this physical body has no soul, he successfully took possession of it.
Meng Qi smiled slowly after feeling that the floating life had completely completed the possession. "The small sample can’t kill you." Meng Qi smiled insidiously at the sight of the beast egg.
Fu Sheng waited for Meng Qi to unlock the seal after he succeeded in taking possession of the house, but it was a contract. This is about what it means. I (Meng Qi) would like to unlock the seal in exchange for your (Fu Sheng) friendship. If I disagree, I will sign a master-servant contract for a hundred years.
I froze as soon as I was alive. What is this? ! What the hell is this? What nonsense master-servant contract?
"Meng Qi I grass your sister! Are you cheating on me? !” Floating in the spirit beast egg roar loud.
Meng Qi outside tao tao nostril dug out a lump of objects slowly said, "oh? What did I do to you? You have to pay for what you say, okay? Be careful that I sue you for slander, and what if I cheat you? You bit me? Wow, ha ha ha ha, "said Meng Qi finally couldn’t help laughing.
These words can’t directly tell the story that one Buddha was born and the other Buddha ascended to heaven. It took a long time to say, "I, I, you, your sister!" "
Meng Qi, of course, directly ignored this sentence and laughed. "Hey, do you want to sign it or not? Anyway, I have already completed the contract with you and you will definitely be very safe in it. I promise that if you don’t sign it, your generation will stay in it. Hahahahaha."
Then Meng Qi didn’t say much, turned around and left. He knew that this guy wouldn’t agree immediately, but if he calmed down, this guy would still sign a master-servant contract with him.
They came with a symbiotic contract, and it was impossible for Meng Qi to harm him. When they came, they had a mutual help contract. There was no other harm except that they were restricted by some Meng Qi, but it was only a hundred years. This guy just couldn’t figure it out.
Meng Qi placed this beast egg in the old man Cheng’s abode of fairies and immortals, while he went to Jiao Teng’s place.
After seeing Jiao Teng, Meng Qi didn’t talk nonsense and said directly, "I don’t say much about Jiao Shaoshi’s nonsense. That egg really told me something. I came here to pay Jiao Shaoshi."
After that, I put a bag on my body and continued, "Brother Jiao, see if you are satisfied?"

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