This uncomfortable feeling didn’t last long. When the white fog covered the whole pile of almost two tons of itchy grass, it seemed that there was a suction coming out of the ground. No one reacted, and the pile of itchy grass with white fog on its surface disappeared.

It’s probably because I’ve been quiet since I took a sip of tea, and the ground is shaking again and again. It didn’t take long for me to shake and the shaking intensity is getting higher and higher. When I saw Hu Yingxue, Ma Zhenyuan added a layer of shield to himself, "Everybody back off."
When I heard Hu Yingxue wake up, the farthest distance from the mouth of the cave was not more than 100 meters. All the horses retreated and didn’t miss it. When Hu Yingxue retreated, he also added a layer to himself. When he followed or stopped, he added another layer to himself.
Finally, it was good to stop. Suddenly, there was a pause in the outward jet at the mouth of the deep hole, and then a large area of itchy grass was sprayed out. The ground was covered with a layer within 100 meters near the mouth of the hole. If those people did not retreat, they would have to be covered with those itchy grass.
Fortunately, at the same time, everyone turned to Hu Yingxue and said that an experimental result appeared. Most people thought that she should be able to say something to everyone.
If you don’t observe Mu Tianxuan carefully, you can see that Hu Yingxue’s eyes are slightly widened at this time. Although it is slightly stared, it also represents that Hu Yingxue’s heart is very shocked now. He noticed that many people have set their eyes on Hu Yingxue and he asked, "What have you found?"
Hu Yingxue pulled the corner of her mouth "trematode"
The trematode is a kind of insect that only exists in the divine world. Generally, adult trematodes have three or two-year-old children who use their fists to suck up the fog of spiritual plants and devour other monsters or spiritual insects. Many insects that threaten the growth of spiritual plants can be removed. There are many species of spiritual plants, and people in the divine world deliberately keep this kind of insect in the courtyard.
When preying, the trematode will hide deep in the bottom to form a method to spy out the hole at the bottom. When the demon or spirit worm moves to the hole or the condensed spirit fog of the spirit plant just falls to the hole, it will be sucked into the stomach by the trematode hidden deep in the hole bottom.
To tell the truth, although Hu Yingxue decided to do an experiment because the pit opposite felt familiar, she didn’t think it would really flash in her head. Not only did the discovery of trematode in that hole look like it was magnified n times, but the response was the same when it was tested, and then people were surprised by the speculation in their brains.
The trematode is very famous in the divine world because it is not only a good helper to prevent pests and diseases when planting spiritual plants, but also because the hard shell on their bodies is a high-grade refining material. If a certain amount of trematode shell is added when refining weapons, the weapon conductivity can be increased by nearly half. Unfortunately, it is a lot, and few people can patiently collect it.
Mu Tianxuan not only knows about trematodes, but also a few people who have received a large number of trematodes. At that time, he agreed that Yi Feng Shen Zun and some other people in the Taoist temple would refine the treasure of tracing the light. His condition was that he could enter Yi Feng Shen Zun Ling Plant Garden to capture a certain amount of trematodes.
Because I have personally captured Mu Tianxuan, I know more about the trematode. First, the trematode will appear in the celestial world. Second, the size of the hole is really different. The trematode wants to hear Hu Yingxue’s comparison one by one, and I am immediately shocked by the speculation in my mind.
In addition to getting rid of the shock of almost turning his head white, Mu Tianxuan also slightly stared up his eyes. "If it is really a ghost beast that swallowed the trematode, it would be a rather bad discovery."
Mu Tianxuan’s voice just fell and something like a few tentacles stuck out from the mouth of the cave. Seeing those tentacles, Hu Yingxue and he couldn’t find a reason to deny that they had guessed something wrong before, and they still thought it was probably because their imagination was too good. Now Ji has definitely been like that.
A question has an answer, and immediately another question is added. The trematode hangs a worm, but it is a monster beast. Although it is too small, it does not prevent the soul beast from devouring them. Perhaps it is because they are too small and like to hide in the ground. No soul beast has devoured them before. How can they appear here?
The answer to the new question is also very simple. It is convenient for you to make contributions here, and because of certain needs, Xu Rui has poured a lot of spiritual plants from the surface.
One of them is a unique spiritual plant in the divine world. Liu Yaoxin was forced to enter the Mahayana period because it was different from other spiritual plants. When Xu Rui found that there was a trematode in it, just as a spirit beast wandered nearby, he threw it to the spirit beast.
At first, Xu Rui didn’t care about the hand in charge of collecting the monster beast and devouring it by the soul beast. He didn’t come to report for a few days and called to check it out. He went there himself. He was lucky. Then there happened to be a hapless guy who became one of those soul beast rations, and a tall elephant was directly sucked into a deep hole in the ground.
When the size is two or three years old, the trematode will be a small monster and a spiritual worm. When the size changes by a thousand times, they will change their size and become adults or monsters with larger size.
Next, you can imagine what would happen if the monty army got a group of ghosts and beasts that swallowed the trematodes and let them dig wormholes in pieces when the two armies confronted each other.
It is because Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan imagined that scene that they were so surprised, because both of them felt that if they mistakenly entered such a trap, the possibility of escaping safely should be negligible.
Fortunately, trematodes have a small appetite and take a long time to digest once, so it is impossible to let them rest and suck everyone close to them into their stomachs.
Of course, it’s not that there is no way to make the trap continue to work. It’s only necessary to change the beast that supports the soul regularly and then change the beast that hasn’t eaten yet, but it’s just a matter of lip service and simple practice.
If the trematode can’t move after eating, it means to be disturbed. However, the trematode will enter the runaway mode, and whoever comes near will be swallowed until the belly is burst, let alone whether the whole team can be saved.
Hu Yingxue’s eyes flashed "I have an idea"
Mu Tianxuan also thought of an idea. It is estimated that Hu Yingxue should also think so. He said, "Bring out the ghost beast of the earth, find a way to feed it first, and then throw it into the zerg army outside the city. Do you think so?"
"Yes," said Hu Yingxue, and her mouth reminded her that "trematodes that entered the runaway state should be able to inherit this even if they swallow zerg, which will not prevent them from swallowing and exploding."
Mu Tianxuan also laughed. "If this plan is feasible, I hope that guy can have a bigger appetite."
Just as the two men were having these conversations, the beards had been shaking at the mouth of the cave and shrank back. After a while, the beards came out again. This time, they didn’t shrink back, but they continued to expose themselves. Seeing that the roots of the tentacles had been exposed, the guys inside did not move.
Hu Yingxue informed Ji Wei and Qingyang of the information sound of trematode, and they explained it to others, and they took those people back again. She walked in the direction of the cave accompanied by Mu Tianxuan, Wei Chihanyu and Jiu You.
Although the trematode has eyes and ears, it has no vision and hearing. When eating, it relies on the body to capture the aura fluctuations and determine the location of its prey. Therefore, Hu Yingxue suppressed the aura fluctuations around him and went to a place seven meters away from the spirit beast without being found.
To tell the truth, Hu Yingxue doesn’t want to take such a risk. You can refer to what they know about trematodes. If you don’t go to this point, your gods will be blocked by a layer of defensive enchantment, so you can’t observe what it is like to devour trematodes.
I really don’t know if I was shocked at first sight. Hu Yingxue’s impression is that the trematode body is roughly the same as the centipede except for the head, and it is thin and long, but there are not so many legs.
But she was wrapped up by her gods, and this soul beast that was transformed into trematode by swallowing and assimilation gave people the first impression that it was fat, and then it was so big that it was comparable to a train that extended two carriages or trains.
The spirit beast was very alert. When Hu Yingxue sent it to the gods to retreat, he accidentally shook his beards and rubbed them for a moment. He saw that the beards stood up and the tail brushes looked like places, and when they were stretched, they were very straight. The beards looked particularly like satellite dishes.
Knowing that the spirit beast was looking for her position, Hu Yingxue took out a water bottle filled with diluted secret mansion Lingtan, and she was going to throw it to a piece of land opposite, but was stopped by Mu Tianxuan.
Mu Tianxuan took out a symbol and gave it to Hu Yingxue. "Let’s try this symbol just made by Senior Six."
Hearing this, Hu Yingxue Bai Mutianxuan put the bottle in his hand on the ground, and after retreating for a certain distance with Mutianxuan and Weichi Hanyu, he lost the bottle that Mutianxuan gave her.
Inspired by Mu Tianxuan, Xia Qing worked out this time. The sending ofuda was triggered by vibration. When the ofuda hit the bottle, a piece of white light broke out. When the ofuda was touched, the aura around it must have changed, so the horse saw it and stood upright. A few beards tilted over there.
One of them, a long beard, shook and refused to show up. The spirit beast suddenly jumped up from the hole at the bottom of the invisible cave, and all of them were ready to pounce on Hu Yingxue and Fan Pingzhi. There was a crunchy sound in a certain direction behind it. Although it was impossible to hear the body, it froze.
When Hu Yingxue put the bottle, she attached a genuine symbol to the surface. After sending the bottle to the selected location, she shattered the bottle with the genuine symbol. Naturally, the spirit fluid inside was immediately spilled all over the floor.
Even after dilution, the aura content of that bottle of spirit liquid is very high, and a piece of white fog rises there, which is atomized aura, which makes the aura concentration there very uneven, and the aura fluctuation has changed significantly.
The fluctuation of reiki over there is stronger. After putting into the role-playing state of trematode, the soul beast immediately turned its head to that side and found that there was a strong reiki body over there and should not be interested in reiki. The soul beast immediately ran over with joy.
This is the sorrow of the soul beast. They can make themselves have many forms by swallowing, but after such a defect, the advantage is that they can make the corresponding forms magical, and the disadvantage is that they will be affected by the habits of the corresponding forms.
The trematode likes pure aura best and is so persistent that it can be said that it is crazy that it must rush even if it knows that it will die in the past. This habit affects the spirit beast to rush to the place where the liquid has flowed all over the floor, and its mouth is wide open and its head is lowered. There is a big pit there, and it has swallowed up the soil there.
Hu Yingxue remembered one thing at this time: "Pure aura seems to directly bring a lot of harm to Zerg and Soul Beast. Isn’t this equal to chronic suicide?"
Chapter 419 It’s not too late to make mistakes.
Don’t say that others listened to Hu Yingxue’s words and reacted. She just said that her head felt a hand and wiped her forehead and palms. She turned to look at Mu Tianxuan. Although he didn’t sweat, his face was a little black compared with before.
When Hu Yingxue looked at Mu Tianxuan, Mu Tianxuan also turned to look at her. Both of them were kind of glad that they had made a mistake before thinking that the ghost beast had swallowed the trematode, so they directly took the habit of trematode as a reference, but forgot to change it into a trematode. Is it a ghost beast or a ghost beast?
Don’t forget that Tianjue City is surrounded by the Zerg army, but there are quite a few soul beasts and soul beasts, just like the Zerg, which can devour the fast-rising power of the same family. If they don’t want to feed the soul beast and throw it into the Zerg army now surrounded by the wall, they will probably create a super difficult enemy themselves.
It’s hard to say whether the spirit beast will attack the Zerg because of the influence of the habit of the trematode. It’s hard to say that if the spirit beast is natural, they will never betray the Zerg. But if the trematode nature enters the runaway mode, it’s hard to say that no matter which one is going to be attacked, which situation will prevail.
The two of them are glad that they are thinking about the nature of trematode and didn’t directly take the spirit beast out of the city, otherwise, if that guy stares at the spirit beast in the Zerg army, it will become more and more powerful, which will inevitably bring a lot of casualties.
It’s not a good phenomenon if there are not many outsiders beside Hu Yingxue who will knock hard on his head when the wind goes well. Fortunately, it’s not too late to find this problem and surprise himself in a cold sweat at this time.
Although some people are angry with themselves, the trematode-like spirit beast is also a good vent object. The best way to vent is to rush directly to fight, but Hu Yingxue is not going to do so. If it is a real trematode, it can be solved with a sword, but it is not a good idea to rush directly to fight without telling how many times this volume has been enlarged.
If you can’t fight directly, then look at the spirit beast according to the previous plan. After swallowing the bottle of spirit fluid, Hu Yingxue twisted his body into various exaggerated angles and took out a bottle. No, she said that Mu Tianxuan next to him took out a same ofuda as before. She threw the bottle out and Mu Tianxuan then threw it in the past.

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