An hour …

Two hours …
Four hours …
Outside the thatched cottage for more than five hours, the other party has been so motionless, but it is not a problem to be patient for several hours.
Finally, the cold is moving!
He opened his eyes and put the metal block in his hand in front of him. His hands interweaved very quickly into five colors: gold, cyan, blue, red and yellow, but he could not sense the fluctuation. The strange airflow lingered at his fingertips and finally condensed into a huge deep purple symbol.
Not in the time difference, the seal character is not floating from the fingertip or flying out quickly, but appears directly above the head like a teleport.
Crisp but not loud, the character seal in the faint sound explodes into a purple light rain, which is evenly distributed on the whole body surface and then penetrates, blends and disappears.
What is this thing?
The ice pupil stood on the spot with his mouth wide open, as if there was insufficient oxygen in the water before the rainstorm. The most important thing for Yuan Ying was that she launched a ban so close that she clearly sensed that the ban was not broken at all.
The mysterious five-color airflow and the strange purple symbol are a kind of energy that has never been seen before and is perceived.
But how can Yuan Ying practice when he is sealed? Such as mobilizing the sealed energy?
His truth is exactly the same as that of ordinary practitioners. It is not the five-color energy that you see in front of you, but it is a very common wind attribute. So where is this energy? What kind of energy is it? Does he not only practice two kinds of achievement methods, but also divide the body system of two kinds of energy?
What is this five-color energy that bears the energy tool? Or did he practice Zhenyuan just to hide his eyes and ears?
Yes, that’s it!
She suddenly thought of the first meeting, when she was after a fix true person. She didn’t come to observe it carefully, but she was also a little impressed
This guy was in the same situation at that time, which gave people the feeling that it was the fact of Mahayana’s mid-term state. It was only the illusion caused by the strength of Yuan Shen. His actual state was different from that of Du Jie’s late peak. At that time, he absolutely had no Yuan Ying, and it was impossible to hide it from himself, even if he was a scattered fairy at that time.
"So … what’s his purpose in sneaking into Taiyi Xianmen?"
"Not right!"
She quickly denied her idea, and a scene appeared a few days ago. "It depends on the situation. The palm teacher must know his secret, otherwise he wouldn’t have rescued him. In this way, the palm teacher knows everything about him, even if there is any conspiracy. I don’t need to intervene in this aspect."
However, Chen Han’s magical ability still shocked her mind, which subverted all her cognition.
Suddenly shocked, the ice pupil’s mind swayed and suddenly leaked the breath. In the thatched cottage, she drank it coldly at random, and she was scared to flicker away.
Chapter 332 The truth in trouble
"Oh, my God … what am I doing?"
"Tianxuan Peak is my place. I am the master here. Why should I run away in fear?"
"damn it! I was scared away by that bitch. If I go out … "
"The king’s eggs piss me off!"
Panic and panic fled back to the bedroom, and the ice pupil patted the round and towering chest, and was once again cursed by anger.
It’s a pity that she is a high-ranking person in this Tianxuan Peak, but she is scared to run away by a newcomer’s roar. In normal times, she has a humble personality, even if she finds something, she kills everyone and won’t go out.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Suddenly there was a crisp sound in the bedroom, and all kinds of things were smashed into mud by the angry ice pupil fairy, and she felt so strange herself.
My sister-in-law who is staying outside is afraid to come in, fearing that one careless person will make this character change and suddenly become extremely tyrannical.

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