"Ha ha ha!" An old man in ink clothes laughed wildly, dragging a purple bottle in his hand and absorbing the dragon blood on the ground like a whale. "How many heats can Gu Longdan refine with so much dragon blood!" The ink-clothed old man is delighted in his heart.

"Gu Longdan? Nice stuff, but it’s better to make me a cold Long Dan! "
The stabbing rang, and a sword went through his chest and was tyrannical. Zhenyuan instantly destroyed the ink coat in the abdomen. The old man laughed and stopped. When he turned back, he saw the ferocious face of a Golden Sword Sect master and then cut off the breath of a bottle.
"Ha ha!" Jin Jian sent the man to draw a sword and sneer at it and bend down to pick up the bottle.
Did not turn around and suddenly demonstrated the true yuan a lag in the whole body energy instantaneous imprisoned.
A blue sword slowly penetrated his body like a saw in his desperate eyes, and the bone friction rattled like a devil’s note, which made his mind cold.
Looking back, I saw a long and elegant young man with red eyebrows waving in white clothes, slowly harvesting his life with a cold smile.
The Golden Sword sent people to tremble, and the last note, then, was shattered and lost.
6 can cold so smile wind walk move towards an attack dragon.
Dragon draws a sword!
Crossing the sons and daughters of China, the dragon may not be the real ancestor, but that kind of induction is hard to give up. At such a time, 6 Can decided to make a move, and he would never regret it even if he was besieged and killed by the fix-true.
Covered in blood, 6 Can has killed many practitioners. In this crazy feast, practitioners also killed each other. No one noticed that 6 Can was too weak to alert others in the middle of the spin.
6 Can white robe has turned into a red robe, and 6 Can expressions are becoming more and more ferocious. The previous killings were different. The former was defense, and this time it was active killing. With the increase of killings, a kind of unspeakable pleasure slowly rose in 6 Can’s heart.
Kill! 6 can roar in my heart
Wind walk attacks five times!
6 Can long sword shakes and beheads an old man in mysterious clothes.
Stuffy hum sword in the old man’s chest back a few steps, pale and frightened, looking at the appearance of 6 can.
"Not dead! ?” 6 Can frightened from crossing to wind walk, tried and tested, and never missed. This mysterious old man was not killed in the sword! Five times the attack of visual defense failed to shatter him in the old man’s abdomen. A strange thing prevented wind walk from seeing the attack of visual defense!
There’s something that can stop wind walk from attacking 6 Can’s heart. Cold eyes look at this plain old man.
After being repaired by the 6-year-old man in the mysterious clothes, he couldn’t help but get a chill and kill naked. His eyes cut the old man’s body like a knife, and the old man shook his body and shouted, "There is a master in Yuan Babies!"
This cry will focus everyone’s attention on 6 can bodies.
"Damn it!" 6 Can lambaste and stop yourself from becoming the focus of all people. A don, a don, a silent sword, a wave of his hand, the head of the old man in Xuan clothes flies up.
"The one who hurt the dragon can face upwards and roar with a crazy and ferocious face. At this moment, he forgot that he had a mid-term repair and was surrounded by thousands of then monsters; At this moment, there is killing and anger in his heart.
"He’s here to take the dragon. Let’s kill him together!"
"Yuan baby Johnson doesn’t kill us, and we have no way out!"
"Kill him!"
"Let’s do it together!"
A few unique heart sounds sounded in the crowd, including a 6-can acquaintance with Mo Zhenbei, an old friend of Jin Jian School.
Wind walk’s motion disappears instantly.
A blink cowered behind the crowd. Mo Zhenbei was chopped by a sword! !
Blood gushed wildly, but it was not dead!
Then even three misses made 6 Can’s heart angry and silent, harvesting the lives of the people around him.
Twelve seconds around dozens of meters range more than a dozen fix true live.
Kill the rise!
"Zhao Ke Man Hu Ying Wu Gou Frost and Snow"
6 can suddenly burst into song and sing, and the sword is like frost, and the green light flashes, and a Ge master’s head flies up and blood is sprinkled all over the sky.
"The silver saddle shines like a meteor on a white horse."
Silent, ten lives fall into the dust, long sword, blood drop, murder and murder.
"Ten steps to kill one person, a thousand miles away, not a line"
Wind walk’s moving shadow disappeared for more than ten seconds, and then a man’s sword in his chest shattered his soul.
Although there are thousands of people who fix the truth, 6 Can wind walk’s whereabouts are erratic and several magic weapons attack. More people who fix the truth ignore it. It is still in the distance. 6 Can desperately attacks the dragon to collect dragon blood. Since there is a red-browed youth, the baby monster is rare in this Long Dan. It is better to collect more dragon blood and run away.
It is very unwise to offend the old demon in Yuan infant period.
If these practitioners unite and don’t want a hundred golden elixirs, they can slay 6 Can, but some people are terrified of killing 6 Can because of greed.
Thousands of elixirs! 6 can still enter the human territory!
Chapter 25 Heart armor, body repair Lu Can nemesis 【 polarizer 】
"Kill him! He’s not a baby. He can’t kill me. Everyone killed him! " Mo Zhenbei, who was chopped badly, suddenly cried wildly.
Mo Zhenbei’s prestige in the Golden Sword School is extremely high, and then he hears that 6 Can is not a baby. The Golden Sword School cringes behind. The master in 6 Can once again kills people in the sky. Qi Xin pounces on seven swords and stabs 6 Can all over the body.
Most people who slay the late Jin Dan and fix the truth will be in a state where the old strength has gone and the new strength has not been born. The Golden Sword sent everyone to seize the opportunity just right.
However, they misjudged that their opponents’ mouths hung with disdain to laugh. 6 Can’s silence skills moved in the Golden Sword School. Everyone’s energy was imprisoned instantly. If the sword was turned, seven heads would fly up and bring up a bloody rainbow.
Behind Chan, a person who doesn’t know how to fix the truth of the sect released an axe-shaped magic weapon, which was cold and weird in offering an instant to freeze the surrounding air like snowflakes, and the thin ice bloomed in the air with a suffocating cold breath, and the axe-shaped magic weapon was severely chopped at 6 Chan.
Can wind walk move body shake raise LiFeng sword severely split in the axe magic weapon five times attack and triple wave fifteen times power instantaneous bloom.
A crunchy axe-shaped magic weapon turned back and flew back to his master. The fix true person was so frightened that he just wanted to command the imperial tactic, but he saw 6 Can’s left hand shining with a green light and then flashing first.
Fix true person one mouthful blood gushes out seriously! As soon as he had gathered together, he suddenly dispersed and spun an axe-shaped magic weapon directly on his head. His body was broken into several pieces like glass.
6 can LiFeng sword across his chest cold eyes scanning the around 20 fix true person.
Being swept by the dark eyes of 6 can, those who fix the truth are all cold-footed, crazy-minded, and never stand back before the defenders dare.
"Ha ha!" 6 can laugh at these cowards!
6 can just make silence, wind walk and mana burn one after another. Now all three skills are in the cooling-off period. It is the most vulnerable time for 6 can. These people dare to attack.
Ten seconds!
Hands-on confrontation
"Big Brother!"
Outside the circle, a white-clad fix-it-true sorrowfully appeared, and chopped it into the axe-shaped magic weapon and the fix-it-true clothes on the ground.
In an instant, I looked at 6 Can’s red eyes and screamed. I turned out to be 6 Can with my bare hands.
6 can cold hum a silent skill without pity move LiFeng sword to fix true in white.
"Card!" The sound of gold and iron rings. Li Fengjian failed to cut into the white dress and fix the true body, but the gold and iron rings on his chest.
Everyone is one leng. This monster in Yuan’s infancy actually missed. Isn’t this white dress really a magic weapon for protection?
Fixing the truth in white clothes is also a moment of silence when Zhenyuan is imprisoned. When he dies, his body actually defends the sword of a "Yuan Baby" master!

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