In fact, it is not aimed at Ji Ming, but at all Lazio players in the middle and front court.

It’s always such a problem for them to take the ball base.
The only loophole is behind the players.
This is also what Naples deliberately left out. Anyway, it is not allowed to go forward.
Because this is already the outermost part of the 30-meter area of Naples.
For Naples, if Lazio can be stopped outside this line, it will be considered as defending the enemy from the country.
But this time they met Jiming, who was small but not simple.
He made a very hidden quick pick and broke through the Napoli players who had been pestering him.
Then the encirclement collapsed instantly.
Other Neapolitan players have come to attack Ji Ming from four different directions, regardless of other issues, hoping to stop him
Because Ji Ming’s personal assault ability is excellent.
Even the defender in the back line was attracted by Ji Ming’s breakthrough.
So it seems that although Ji Ming broke through a defensive player, he was surrounded by more defensive players, and the situation is still unfavorable to him.
So what will he do next?
When Ji Ming picked up the football, it was necessary for the football to rise and fall again. At this time, other Neapolitan players flocked to squeeze Ji Ming into sandwich biscuits.
The situation is still favorable to Naples.
What should Ji Ming do?
All eyes are fixed on the problem that he is in his heart.
Most people think that Ji Ming has to wait for the football to fall before trying to get rid of it.
But what Ji Ming did once again proved what he was called a "genius"!
What? Among so many excellent China players studying abroad, he is considered as a superstar embryo!
He sprinted past the Napoli player who defended him, and instead of slowing down or waiting in the same place, he jumped high!
He jumped up and jumped high!
It doesn’t mean to stop the football with your chest, but it means a … heading posture!
"Heading! Season header! "
As the commentator exclaimed, Ji Ming directly threw his head in the middle of the game and won the football!
He threw the football in the ribs!
Because Napoli defenders were attracted by him, they didn’t react so quickly to the loopholes around them.
They didn’t react, but Lazio players did.
Cavani dumped the original guard directly after Ji Ming headed the ball, and the Napoli centre-back thrust obliquely into the penalty area and appeared behind the Napoli defence!
"the ball! This is a ball! What an imagination! Cavani … Nice run, not offside! Not offside! "
In the commentator’s excited explanation, cavani stopped the football in the chest for a while and then shot it with his feet!
One foot and a half ling turned and volleyed!
The football drew a small parabola around the Napoli goalkeeper’s fingers and fell into the goal!
“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! ! Cavani! Edinson Cavani?! ! Lazio scored the first goal in the twentieth minute! They lead Naples at home 1! "
"beautiful! Nice goal! Cavani shot the ball brilliantly, but the best part was not that he shot it, but that he performed it before last season! His imagination and excellent ball control skills are fully reflected in his personal play! In the end, taking football from it is even more amazing! "
"oh, my god! The whole of Naples was broken by the genius of Ji! Many people are surrounded by encirclement, which is useless in front of his genius! "
Commentators from all over the world praised Ji Ming at this moment.
Compared with Chen Yingxiong, naturally, no one …
Compared with Ji Ming, Chen Yingxiong is simply a reckless man who can do it himself.
Changsheng celebrated the lead with his colleagues on the sidelines with his arms open.
Genius! Genius!
In his heart, he also praised Ji Ming’s performance.
I’m afraid it’s hard to think of such a way to break the deadlock when a player is deadlocked!
Ji Ming is not a good header, but his foot skills are excellent, so he is not very good at it.
Perhaps this is why everyone ignores the threat from China.
Ji Ming seems to have broken through the defense, but in fact it turned out to create opportunities for the header ferry. He planned it from the beginning.
This score is for yourself.
Give yourself the ball to run for yourself, and then the ball finally broke through the encirclement of Naples
Ji Ming’s mind is unbelievable. He is only twenty years old!
When I was joking for a while, I was a rare genius!
Changsheng now feels lucky.
When he told Ji Leng that "your family had a talent for playing football in the old season", he really didn’t expect this sentence to come true.
Having such an outstanding player, Chang Sheng, finally has the courage to look forward to the future of China football … Will it be normal for our China team to enter the World Cup finals?
When we take part in the World Cup qualifiers again, will it be better than taking part in any play-offs, and we can get tickets for the World Cup finals directly in the race?
Things that used to be very distant and difficult for us China football fans may become simple in the future.
Perhaps our goal and expectation is no longer to qualify for the World Cup finals, but to qualify from the group and become the best 16 teams in the world.
Coach Cannavaro closed his eyes in pain when the football flew into the goal of Naples.
He knew that the game would become more difficult.
If Chen Yingxiong can’t get out of the dead end, then this game is really mysterious.
While Lazio players were celebrating, Cannavaro shouted Chen Yingxiong’s name and kept poking himself in the temple.
He’s keeping Chen Yingxiong calm.
How can Chen Yingxiong calm down at this time?
His good friend Ji Ming performed so well that the whole stadium was cheered by him. How can he live in solitude?
Naturally, we can’t let Ji Ming specialize in beauty.
Chen Yingxiong not only didn’t calm down, but he was more enthusiastic and excited. He wanted to show his strength in the next competition and let Ji Ming have a good look at himself and never lose to him!

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