Now he finally has to face this move. His body reaction is much faster than his mind. The circle of destiny has not been completed. He has saved himself from the water and carried thousands of splashes. One arm is like a pike splashing like the sound of hunting flags. His fist pulled out a wavy white line in the air. This white line was directly stabbed to the center of destiny by the split gas.

"Bai Hong Guan Ri"
It’s a sword. It’s a stab from the ape’s sword.
Mr. Jin Yong once had a "sword of the yue maiden", which was about the fencing of Yue Nv A Qing, an ape public religion. Later, Fan Li broke into Yue Jia with a single sword. As a result, 3,000 people lost to her with a bamboo sword, and Xi Shi was stabbed in the heart and fell into heartache.
It can be seen that this sword of the yue maiden threat has changed another kind of taste in Qu Yong’s palm, just like the fish intestines stabbing the prince.
His own arms, swords, guns and sleeves are like flags, and the mighty heroes and spears break the sun and swear that the mountains, rivers and the world will sink together.
This move is not Qu Yong’s move, but behind him, Confucianism and Taoism are in the sword, and it is he who realizes the Tao and other Tao is fighting.
Chapter four hundred and fourteen Bai Hongguan day
Destiny suddenly closed his eyes, and he seemed to see Qu Yong’s cry. At that moment, the great scholar seemed to be revived in Qu Yong’s body in the long river of history, and his soul condensed into him. Together, he shouldered the cold fire of Confucianism and Taoism! Chinese
This is also the first step for Qu Yong to break away from his destiny. He pointed his sword at his famous teacher, Uncle Shi’s destiny.
Destiny heart suddenly pounding a.
At the same time, QuYong’s heart also "thumped" for one or two times, just like one could hardly hear the difference.
Qu Yong’s white rainbow pierced his heart, and his destiny jumped like a drum, and a few pearls of red blood seeped from his fingertips.
That’s his painstaking effort.
It’s the sudden movement of the heart that sends all the blood to the palm of your hand, and then surges like a big wave and seeps out from the violent strength of the pores of your fingertips.
Since he set foot on Ridao, he has never been forced to win every battle. On the one hand, it is also because Qu Yong has made great efforts, but on the other hand, it is because he accidentally stepped into the unity of heaven and man and integrated his Confucianism, Taoism and swordsmanship almost perfectly. His destiny is not only a young master of great efforts, but also a great scholar in China for thousands of years.
The blood pearl infiltrated the destiny, and a pair of huge hands were red like a shura fiend. He actually drew a circle with his left hand and two circles in one direction, which happened to be placed on Quyong’s wrist. His hands were twisted one by one and his arms were twisted one by one. It seems that the ancient giant wrapped Quyong’s "Bai Hongguan" around him and pulled him back.
His circle is not only Tai Chi, but also an external square, which is like a knife and a mountain of fire. If Qu Yong’s arm is pulled back and leaned in, he may be broken.
At this time, I have to send even if Qu Yong is a disciple of destiny, I can’t accept the strength at this time. If he can’t hold this arm, he will never be able to keep it.
But Qu Yonggen didn’t expect to yell at him back, just like a thunder on the ground, and his arms are like fierce blood, and the spears can’t break Loulan. He still doesn’t know whether destiny wants to break his arm or die hard. It seems that he wants to break this arm together and punch the other side’s heart.
die for the sake of the cause
He is giving alms, and the artistic conception of heaven and earth is indescribably overbearing and tragic.
Destiny twisted his arms around him, and his clothes swelled like the wind, and his feet and the earth seemed to be shaking and shaking.
This is not an illusion, but a real trembling.
The earth vibrates at its feet, which is equal power
When I heard "Kaka", something seemed to break, and then Qu Yong’s fist went straight into the body, and the cement slab cracked and went straight to the heart of destiny
This punch really hit the heart of destiny.
Destiny closed his eyes, and blood beads kept seeping out and slipping to his face, as if he didn’t believe this scene.
"Uncle Shi"
Qu Yong didn’t expect to see destiny wring his right wrist just like a black wristband. It was a rare day, and it was extremely hard and heavy. Even ordinary bullets could never be penetrated. I didn’t expect to be twisted by the pure circle of destiny, which also made Qu Yong get this crack and punch him in his heart.
I’m afraid Qu Yong never thought there would be such a moment when he gave it to him that day.
Just now, since the destiny can grind the wrist guard, it can also grind Quyong’s arm conveniently, but he finally left a three-component force to stop, but Quyong didn’t stop. He pushed him behind his back and hit the most regrettable but also the most crucial step in his life.
He punched in the heart of destiny.
"Uncle Shi"
"Ah!" Destiny shook Qu Yong with a chest-lifting anti-seismic force, and then laughed at the sky. "Ha ha ha ou …" Destiny’s devilish arms seemed to be frustrated, and he was instantly beaten back to the prototype mortal from the giant Optimus Prime and fell into the quagmire.
Bites of blood poured out and vomited more than 20 mouthfuls of scarlet blood, which was simply to spit it out in the blood department.
"ShiShu … you …"
Destiny released and laughed at the top of his lungs. "Ha ha ha ha ha."
Qu Yong feels guilty. Of course, it’s his destiny. He left his hand. Unfortunately, he was too determined to stop. "Uncle …"
"Don’t call me Martial Uncle. I said I don’t want to teach you at all. If it weren’t for God’s will, how could I … haha?" Destiny seemed to spit out all the blood while laughing.
Qu Yong was frightened. He knew that his fist was actually a spent force. The symbolic meaning of this fist was greater than the actual meaning, but now it seems that the destiny has collapsed.
"Uncle, what’s wrong with you? Are your qi and blood out of control again?"
Destiny waved and said, "I’m fine. I’m fine. I’ve taught a good apprentice. What am I afraid of?"
QuYong wanted to help him, saying, "Uncle Shi, I’ll take you away. Let’s get out of here first."
Destiny pushed Qu Yong, but he stumbled. "I can go, but you can’t."
Qu Yong’s heart was so sour that he was even unstable at this time. He said with relief, "Uncle, stop talking. I’ll listen to you. Let’s find a safe place to recuperate your qi and blood."
Destiny backhand grabbed QuYong wrist panting way "you remember now my responsibility is over, the rest is you have to bear"
Qu Yong felt that his fingers were iron and he still had such strength. His heart was slightly relieved and said, "I am responsible for my back."
Destiny stared at him maliciously until he saw Qu Yong’s heart. He hated that "the decisive battle the day after tomorrow is your business."
Qu Yong exclaimed, "I will fight."
Destiny said, "remember that our pulse is not broken in my hand at last, and it must not be broken in your hand."
Qu Yong said, "I … Uncle, don’t talk yet. I’ll take you away …"
Destiny does its best to "promise me to fight the day after tomorrow"
Qu Yong had to promise, "OK, I promise you."
"Good" destiny heard his promise, the middle of the back was wide and the whole person could no longer support the softness and lay down in QuYong’s semi-coma
It turns out that the reversal of destiny and qi and blood has reached the point where it can hardly be suppressed, and Qu Yong will completely break out of his old illness after the first world war, and then he will be unable to control his qi and blood.
A new day will come. What happened yesterday, the sun will always rise.
Nature is the most affectionate thing to say. It will not silence the sun because one person is sad, nor will it make the sun rise earlier because one person is happy. All it has to do is to follow the rules of heaven and earth, orderly make people level the earth.
Today is yesterday, and today will become yesterday.
Today has come.
Just yesterday, Qu Yong sat in the square for a long time. Today, there was a man sitting in the square. He was about ten years old, with wrinkles carved on his face and a white beard. He was honest and honest. He even put tomatoes and scrambled eggs in front of him, but not twelve, but at least one hundred and twenty.
He also has a purple affairs box, but it is much bigger than QuYongLai.
He has been sitting for a long time, and there are many onlookers, but no one goes to say hello and ask questions.
Finally, before the first person, he was timid, hunched and rubbed his hands. At first glance, he was the kind of ground mouse. He was obviously pushed out by the people behind the scenes to test the water. He saw his eyes rolling nervously and went far away to stop and bow and stammer. "Hello, my name is Gu Masataro."

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