"Hugh, my father doesn’t want me!"

As soon as Shen Nuo finished the word dad, he cried even more sadly.
The word father should be a solid feeling for everyone, but the word father is really strange to Shen Nuo.
Shen Nuo didn’t hear Shen Qingfa’s voice, but he also had some fantasies about his father’s heart. His father was not good at expressing love, but today Shen Nuo deeply felt what despair was.
Lu Xiusi listened to Shen Nuo’s intermittent description and learned that Shen Qing came to Shen Nuo’s office today to humiliate Shen Nuo.
"Don’t be sad. I’ll pick you up when you come out of the company now!"
Lu Xiusi thinks about the horse at this time and sees this wife, which makes him particularly distressed. He must not be wronged by Shen Nuo.
When Shen Nuolou arrived, Lu Xiusi had got out of the car and waited directly on the first floor.
Shen Nuo saw Lu Xiusi as if he had seen his most trusted harbor and did not hesitate to cry and jump.
Lu Xiusi also hurriedly came over and hugged Shen Nuo lovingly. Looking at his arms, Shen Nuo cried and became a crybaby. Lu Xiusi couldn’t love it.
"Baby, don’t cry. I look distressed!"
Lu Xiusi raised Shen Nuo’s face and wept, and wiped the tears from Shen Nuo’s eyes.
Shen Nuo sat in the car with the help of Lu Xiusi.
Shen Nuo just cried, and Lu Xiusi didn’t say anything. He kept giving Shen Nuo paper towels and watching them get soaked one after another.
Wait until Shen Nuo finally stopped crying, and Lu Xiusi just let it go a little.
"Still uncomfortable?"
Lu Xiusi looked at Shen Nuo already crying swollen eyes is very distressed.
"Much better"
Shen Nuo sobbed and forced Lu Xiusi to squeeze out a smile.
☆, Chapter 73 Playground warmth!
"In fact, I don’t have much meaning for my home …"
Shen Nuo said
Lu Xiusi looked at her and told her past story.
"But I didn’t expect my father to say that. I’m really …"
Shen Nuoli with the wave nose acid eyes red again.
"Then forget it."
Lu Xiusi held Shen Nuo in her arms and listened to Shen Nuo sobbing. She felt unworthy.
"Your family treats you like this, but you are still so kind. It’s not worth it to them. I really care about your family."
Section 5
Lu Xiusi patted Shen Nuo on the back like a child.
It seems that there is a magical power to appease Shen Nuo’s bad mood in Lu Xiusi, which is much better.
"Don’t worry, I’m investigating whether Shen Qing is pregnant or not. If it’s false, I won’t let her go."
"Thank you!"
Shen Nuo in Hugh’s arms like a kitten on Hugh’s arms.
Hugh thought at Shen Nuo Lu couldn’t help kissing Shen Nuo forehead.
"I’ll take you to do something today! Forget the unhappiness just now! "
Lu Hugh thought spoil to see Shen Nuo said
"But I have to work today!" Shen Nuo nu nu zui

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