Knowing that her mother didn’t want her 6-year-old brother to know too much, Ji Shu gave Ji Chang 50 cents to "go out and turn left to buy some food."

Jichang eyes turned a little hesitant or took the money and left.
Cai-Juan Liu began to tell the story, stroking Ji Tian’s sleeping hair.
It turns out that the family has been quarreling for days, but Liu Caijuan never said to Ji Shu.
The letter written by Ji Shu to her family, which Liu Caijuan could not bear to burn, was hidden in the seam of her pillow, but it was discovered by Ji Yaomei.
Ji Yaomei sees that Liu Caijuan is always secretly reading letters in the fields these days, and people are getting more and more radiant and suspicious.
Last month, she went into Liu Caijuan’s room under the pretext of helping to dry the quilt, rummaging through it and found the letter.
Only then did I know that Ji Shu was going to take Liu Caijuan to the city to have a good life, and I also knew that Ji Shu bought a 6-square-meter building and actually had more than 10 thousand yuan left.
On the spot, she swore and showed the letter to Mrs. Ji and also to Ji Sanfu, and then denounced Ji Shu.
"Girl wild heart this is to want to break up this home! I said that I took Liu Caijuan’s sister-in-law and Ji Tian, but I didn’t take my third brother, and I didn’t take my grandmother to enjoy it. Isn’t this trying to break up my family? "
Ji Shu came to know that buying a house would not be guaranteed, but she didn’t expect her money to be exposed, but she knew that her mother was reluctant to throw away the letters because she was happy and didn’t blame Liu Caijuan.
Old lady Ji was so angry when she read the letter that she blew her nose and stared at him. "There are still so many fields to be planted at home to pay agricultural land!" Took Sanfu’s daughter-in-law away. Who cultivated the land? Do you want me to be a girl? Let tiejun plant it? We are brave enough to go to the city to find a job! "
The so-called public grain payment is the kind of agricultural tax. It is not until five years that farmers do not need to pay public grain twice a year.
Mrs. Ji scolded again, "I have more than 10 thousand pieces in my hand but I don’t honor my family with a dollar?" How did this money come from? Is it unclean? Did a demon hoof do something ugly? "
In the eyes of Mrs. Ji, a woman is incapable of earning money. She was born to marry and manage the family, except her own daughter, of course.
When I heard that my granddaughter had earned money, her first reaction turned out to be that the money was not clean and proper. It was ridiculous that she had to torture her about "unclean" money.
Jishu listened to his mother’s story, and there was a rush of evil spirit.
"Over the years, almost all the families are mothers who are siming, and their uncles are barely honest, but it’s not a day or two for my aunt to be lazy. My dad and Yong Yong say that going out to work is actually not to be lazy. My dad only gets a few dollars a month in the brick factory. It is better to come back to farm! "
Liu Caijuan knows that her daughter is telling the truth, but she has been unwilling to face the facts all these years.
She is gentle in nature and has some ostrich mentality. She always suffers by herself and is unwilling to find problems.
"Even if let them know what can you do to me? But who hit you? I will never let go! "
Ji Shu is no longer her former self. She has been baptized by the Internet and seen through the eat woman quality of some rural families.
Ji Shu guessed that it was grandma or aunt who made his own slag. Although Ji Sanfu was lazy to do it, he was not a violent person. The main reason was that he was too lazy to lie down. Everything depended on his mother. Why did he do it?
But Cai-Juan Liu went on to tell Ji Shu to draw a gasp.
It turns out that hitting people is not Ji family.
After discovering the letter, Mrs. Ji and Ms. Ji had a big fight, but because the Chinese New Year is approaching, they always want to pretend to be harmonious in front of other relatives and want to wait until the New Year to "solve" Ji Shu.
Ji Yaomei wants to take the opportunity to let Ji Shu give up the second factory worker.
Mrs. Ji, on the other hand, always looks at the money and the opportunity to provide for the aged in the city.
Make trouble or control things at home. Mrs. Ji doesn’t want to be known by other relatives.
Unexpectedly, just last night, a group of people came to Jijia, claiming to be Ji Sanfu’s workmates in the brick factory in the town.
This group of people pushed open the door and shouted that Ji Sanfu owed them no more, no less, and it was exactly 12 thousand yuan, which was the money Ji Shu wrote in his letter.
"How did this happen?" Ji Shu asked questions without patience.
"We were all confused, and it happened that your father should have come home to kill pigs for the New Year that day, but he didn’t come back!"
Liu Caijuan went on to say that the group of people were fierce and didn’t look like brick factory workers at all. They said that they had IOUs in their hands, but their signatures and fingerprints were Liu Caijuan.
"What is this?" Jishu frown puzzled.
"I just remembered that one night after New Year’s Day, your father suddenly told me that the village asked the super-children to register their parents’ information, otherwise it would not be given to the primary school. Because Sweetness is a super-life place after family planning, I didn’t think much about it. Just after your father gave me a blank sheet of paper, I signed it and pressed my handprint. Who knows that I was cheated by your father and made that blank sheet of paper into an iou!"
"Then what?" Jishu asked anxiously.
"I was anxious and angry! I went to grab the iou and the gang pulled it up. It was not serious to be caught a few times. The gang rummaged through the house and found that your father had smashed several bowls and left, saying that he would come again. "
Liu Caijuan’s facial scar is not serious, but Ji Shu is still very distressed.
She quickly held her mother’s hand. "Mom, we’ll go back to Jijia Village. I’ll call the police. I have to put these people in jail for me!"
Cai-juan liu shook her head "now still have to find your father to ask things clearly! We went to look for it again this morning, but your father didn’t find it and reported it to the police. The police comrades said that adults are missing and generally don’t look for it unless there is evidence that something is wrong. But where do we have any evidence? The gang also broke several bowls. What can they do? I still don’t solve the problem for a few days at most! "
She sighed again. "That debt is written in my name. Your grandmother actually told me to go back to my mother’s house, or in case the group of people come to ask for debts again during the Chinese New Year!"
Ji Shu sneered, "It’s really funny. When you work, mom, you became a family member when something happened to the Ji family."
"I don’t know what to do. I wanted to give you a message first, but I didn’t know what to say. No one answered your grandmother and scolded me at home. I brought your brother and sister to you when I was impatient-"
Ji Shu thought about the uncle in the duty room in the factory near the New Year, and estimated that he missed the words.
Liu Caijuan said that her eyes were red again but she didn’t cry. Ji Shu saw that her mother was trying to restrain herself.
Ji Tian, like a lazy cat, sleeps in a ball in Ji Shu’s dormitory bed and smacks his lips as if he were eating something good in his dream.
Mom and sister can’t be woken up when they talk such intense things, which is her talent and the quality of sleep is extremely high.
Just then, the door rang with the crisp sound of Ji Chang "Mom-Sister-"
Ji Shu opened the door and Ji Chang came in with a big colorful thing in his hand.
It turned out to be sticky candy!
Born again, Ji Shu was too old to eat snacks, but his younger brother was robbed of his soul by food. He bought exactly 10 cents for a sticky candy.
This kind of candy is made into toothpicks, one by one with red, yellow and green plastic films wrapped in a row. You can eat one every time you tear the plastic film. You can eat one for a dime a day.
Ji Chang bought 50 cents sticky candy at one time. Isn’t it a lot in his hand?
When he came in, he handed a large part of it to Liu Caijuan. "This is mom."

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