The night is dark.

Xiao Jing’s eyes lit up in the corner to see him come out and cringe before thinking, laughing carefully.
"Manager Jiang, I … I’m not comfortable with you … can you take me to see a doctor?"
At night, he smiled with tears in his eyes.
Jiang Yuanhua frowned impatiently and said, "Are you sick and looking for me?"
Diao’s family is so big that no one can accompany Nan Mifeng to the hospital? Or is he not a child and can’t be independent?
After knowing his love, Jiang Yuanhua changed for him.
Xiao Jing’s eyes were lonely and choked with a low explanation, "I’m really in pain …"
"Oh" Jiang Yuanhua turned and shouted a sentence "Diao Ji, your brother doesn’t want you to come out and see"
Then he lifted his feet and left.
Behind him is a series of shouting and cursing.
Obviously, Diao’s mother was angry, and she was beaten, scolded and cried from time to time.
Jiang Yuanhua feels noisy.
Looking back a little, I vaguely regret it.
What did he cry of pain that day? Teenagers are dull, but if they don’t lie
Looking at his mumude side face, I can’t see a trace of emotion in my eyes, which makes my heart sink.
Jiang Yuanhua felt a little uncomfortable when his throat tightened. "Can he recover?"
Ye Changqing sighed, "He can’t be stimulated any more."
Jiang Yuanhua opened his mouth and stared at his friend and said, "Diao Ji … will be back soon."
After Diao Ji went abroad, the two stopped connecting.
A few days ago, a childhood playmate told him that Diao Ji had made great achievements and would soon return to China.
Jiang Yuanhua was ecstatic, and every minute and second in the waiting was torture.
And he has a burden.
Xiao Jing, after all, is a hypocrite, and the Lord is coming back. He … shouldn’t be here.
A few years have passed without letting Jiang Yuanhua have a look.
It’s rare for Jiang Yuanhua to be silent when he thinks of the contract in the drawer.
The boy was crazy about him and accompanied him for several years.
Jiang Yuanhua sighed.
Just let Diao Ji accept it slowly before he comes back.
Jiang Yuanhua gave a hand "You go first"
Ye Changqing was surprised and asked, "Did you throw it after you finished?"
"Don’t talk nonsense" Jiang Yuanhua left him alone with a black line.
Ye Changqing stared at his mouth muttering as he walked back frequently.
"Huh?" Jiang Yuanhua has a sharp head and sharp eyes.
Ye Changqing suddenly unintelligent raised his hands and said softly, "Okay, okay, I know."
It’s impossible to go. Most of the rooms in this villa are available to him at will. In the middle of the night, something goes wrong and he has to be sent.
Xiao Jing, a soft big bed, seems to sleep but not to sleep, revealing a pair of eyes in the quilt.
Jiang Yuanhua watched for a long time, slowly approached in silence, walked by the bed and stared at his face quietly.
He is nineteen years old. It seems that he has grown taller again. When his soft, weak and weak face was opened, his eyebrows were exquisite and beautiful.
Even when he is asleep, his eyebrows are tightly knit. Is he upset?
Is it really so sad to cancel the contract and let him go home?
Jiang Yuanhua is utterly confused.
"The host protagonist has been watching you." Tong Nai is too calm.
Xiao Jing closed his eyes and was half tired. He had the strength to say, "So what? I’m tired as a dog and want to be quiet."
This night, he was not only hurt, but also sad and scared.
Empathy makes his acting perfect, and he is too involved to get out of his original mood.
He wants to sleep at this moment.
The body relaxes and breathes far away, and Xiao Jing gradually falls into a deep sleep.
This sleep is not practical.
Playing the square at six o’clock in the morning is better than a wave, which makes him fidgety.
Suddenly sat up, Xiao Jingli pulled her hair and asked irritably, "Are you messing with me?"

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