In fact, he is very lucky to be able to enter this wonderful state. People have described this state in some ways. It is said that in the previous days, spiritual consciousness was associated with heaven and earth to lead the forces of heaven and earth into the body, which was called "entering me". At the same time, some people were able to disperse their spiritual consciousness into heaven and earth when they were then or Yuan Ying. The difference is that people who can "enter me" are simply rare.

The seventy-fourth volume Yong Town People Chapter seven hundred and thirty-seven Free and unfettered people [finale]
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This is a fictional era.
Earth humans created several texts, but they personally destroyed them.
However, after all, human beings are all things, and they are extremely resilient, energetic and wise. Every time, they break first and then argue about how bad the environment is. They can always make the new literature they create brilliant.
With the change of time, the crustal plate movement, in addition to the vast ocean, reshaped the new Tianlong continent, the Asian-American continent, the Russian continent, the Black Sun continent, the Antarctic ice sheet and countless islands.
In the east of Tianlong continent, there is an ancient Tianlong Federation, which has a history of more than 5,000 years and is composed of multi-ethnic autonomous territories. They are the main ethnic leaders of the Federation. It is said in ancient times that the Zhonglong people were a dragon that stung Yu Yuan Oriental.
In addition to the Tianlong Federation, there are Nyala Island of Dongyang Empire, the Principality of South Vietnam, the Kingdom of India, the Principality of Kistan, and the Kingdom of Asiana.
The largest country in the Asian-American continent is the Asian-American Empire, which is a super hegemonic empire with the strongest scientific, technological and military strength on earth at present.
There are many countries in the European continent, among which the Kingdom of Viyingna, the Principality of Delfa, the Germanic Empire, the Kingdom of Soucasse and the Principality of Italy are relatively strong.
In 216 BC, after several high-tech experiences, human beings on earth degenerated to the level of science, technology and military affairs in the 21st century.
Ames Empire made full use of its cutting-edge biotechnology to develop a powerful war machine by genetically altering human beings, and constantly interfered with other countries’ politics and wantonly plundered some valuable resources of small countries rich in oil and energy.
Dongyang Empire is the most loyal ally of Ames Empire, and it also has a very long history. They are composed of ninja and kendo warriors, and their troops also have strong combat effectiveness.
At present, because of the rampant hegemonism of Ames Empire and Dongyang Empire, the whole international situation is tense, conventional wars are constantly going on, terrorist activities are prevalent, and toxic desires are rampant.
Light and darkness may be the contradiction deliberately created by the creator. In the light world, there is evil and ugliness, and in the dark field, there is also justice and goodness.
Night belongs to the world of all living beings in the dark realm, and only at this time can their strength be brought into full play and displayed.
In the southwest of Tianlong mainland, there is a bustling commercial city named Yuehua City. In the center of Yuehua City, there is a skyscraper with the largest building scale and the highest 60 floors. This is the Black Sun Building, the headquarters of a very famous underworld organization in Tianlong Federation.
In the dead of night, everything is silent.
On the top floor of the Black Sun Building, the Tiantai Zongming looked up at the center of the rooftop at random at the full moon in the night, and the aura of heaven and earth gathered from the whole body’s hair hole from the outside at the fastest speed. A powerful horse of dark energy poured into his body like a tide, and the circulation kept surging against each of his meridians and the whole body’s big "holes". He didn’t feel the swelling and cracking of the meridians at all, but enjoyed it very much. Every time he ran, his meridians would be expanded more smoothly. The more solid "acupoints" become deeper and more obscure, and they can move and change their positions at will. The energy at the back of a week is like a torrent flowing back to Sichuan, rushing towards the meeting of Yuan Shen at the eyebrows, and this sitting posture is like a black hole. No matter how much energy there is, it can be fully absorbed.
"All of us in this world have inexhaustible huge energy. When you take practice as a pleasure, you can feel the darkness, and the comparable power you bring contains poor fun."
Since last year, Zong Ming broke through the "monty spirit" to the third place in the monty realm, and smashed the magic Dan into a yuan god, he thoroughly realized the profound meaning in the last sentence that the master said to him before the Tao soared.
A feeling that everything in heaven and earth can be played in the palm of your hand arises spontaneously. Now his practice is not limited to the original closed meditation form, and any posture he wants can make him absorb the darkness. After trying his best to refine the Yuan God, it seems that he has become an energy black hole in his body, and at the same time, it has become his exhausted source of strength.
Like flowing moonlight, Zong Ming’s face is absolutely different, smooth and white. He is as deep as two seas, as cold as ice, and as dreamy as a dream. Mengxingmu’s two knife-shaped eyebrows are thick and slightly connected, such as a straight nose and a straight nose, and his lips and corners of his mouth are slightly drooping to form a micro-arc. An elegant black shoulder-length hair hangs freely on his shoulders. A real handsome man, if he can "show" a little less cold light in the pupil, and show more "fascination", ridicule and teasing, and hang his mouth slightly to make people laugh, then he must give people a harmonious and amiable impression.
His age gives people a rather vague feeling. At first glance, he looks like a young man in his early twenties, but when he looks closely, he reveals a mature, sophisticated and cold middle-aged man in his early thirties. He is 1.5 meters tall, with wide shoulders, broad back, bee waist and thick "buttocks", weighing ten kilograms and full of explosive power.
A black "color" modified military helicopter is parked about 50 meters from his left. Four meters behind Zong Ming are two big men in black "color" four-button suits with Soucasse lineage, while there are ten big men in black suits with the same style who are all over 1.9 meters tall around the top floor.
A pleasant mobile phone ringing broke the tranquility of the rooftop.
On the left, the Soucasse man took out a video phone with palm brain function from his pocket and said in fluent Chinese, "I’m Alevsky. Please speak!"
The liquid crystal screen of the mobile phone shows a middle-aged man with a square face like a knife and a long flat head. The man said in a low and clear voice, "Bao Xiong, it’s Boss Yan Chen. Is there?"
Alevsky walked half a meter behind Zongming and respectfully said, "Will you take the message from Boss Yan Chen?"
Zong Ming slowly turned around and said indifferently, "Bring it here."
Alevsky quickly handed Zongming the video phone with both hands.
"Yan Chen, is that a little eye-catching?" Zong Ming said in a flat tone after taking the phone
"Eldest brother, you guessed it well. You confessed the day before yesterday that I had checked that the Sun Flag was set up in Longgang branch and people were behind it."
Zong Ming’s left hand "rubbed" and "rubbed" his cheek with some sighs and said, "I knew it was Dongyang Imperial people who were behind the scenes. The underworld peers in mainland China are becoming more and more abrasive and ignorant of the rules. I have already spoken, and it is absolutely forbidden to trade drugs in my site. There are still some people who collude with Dongyang people to sell drugs in our field. Is it too calm recently that those spineless organizations recognize that our black sun group has become a vegetarian and a Buddhist? Or does it mean that something else is going to happen that we didn’t notice? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Boss, in the past two years, our main energy has been focused on the black sun mainland. Our black sun group covers 32 cities, and our other counterparts get along well. They respect us, and we will not interfere in their business too much. However, recently, the Sun Flag forces have moved to our site, seepage velocity, very quickly. It is very likely that they are planning to start a fight with our group."
"Dongyang people are really not afraid to fight. It may be that the sun flag was too small to suffer in our hands a few years ago. Although they may be furious this time, I believe that the Black Sun League still has absolute power to drive all people or organizations that regard us as dignified out of our site. Please inform the action team to conduct a face-to-face cleaning. Anyone who does not do business according to our rules in our site or the organization department will be removed!"
"Boss, I guess this operation may be bigger. Would you like to say hello to the boss first?"
"well! Say "hello" to the leader is not natural. Since the Sun Flag Dongyang people tried to extend their black hands to the major cities of Tianlong Federation, we have never stopped fighting with them in the dark. The officials of the Federal National Security Bureau have always turned a blind eye to us to deal with the Sun Flag. Just do your job well and I will arrange these things in officialdom. "
"Is the boss! I know what to do. Do you have any other orders? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"There is nothing else. Do your own thing and remember to keep an eye on everything."
"yes, boss"
Zong Ming hangs up the phone and hands it to Alevsky behind him.
Alevsky took the mobile phone in his hands and put it in his arms. Then he asked in a low voice, "Is the boss going to fight with Dongyang people in Sun Flag again?"
Zong Ming nodded slightly and said, "It’s Alevsky. You also know that Tianlong Federation has always been a peace-loving country. Now it is busy with economic construction and development, and the scientific and technological productivity has changed with each passing day. Now Tianlong Federation’s international status and influence are getting bigger and bigger, but once a sheep grows too fat, it will inevitably cause wolves and tigers to covet Dongyang Empire. It has never stopped invading and plundering Tianlong Federation. Now they have formed an alliance with Ames Empire, and their military and economic strength is still the same. There is a tendency to become the second largest power in the world. The underworld forces of Dongyang people have deep-rooted territory in all countries in the world. Only in Tianlong mainland, they have been suppressed by us. Since they want to challenge us, we have no reason not to punish them with a heavy blow. I want them to know that underworld organizations are truly large-scale and have special "color" mafia groups. "
Alevsky proudly said with a thick chest, "Boss Alevsky deeply agrees with what you said. Under your British leadership, the Black Sun League is now a mafia organization with great scale and strength. A retired soldier, I absolutely believe in the group’s weapons and equipment and the strength of its members. We have an independent research and military enterprise. We manufacture both conventional light and heavy weapons, tanks and planes, which are the most advanced bosses in the world at present. You still have super powers more terrible than the devil, and you are mercenaries in the Black Sun mainland. It is composed of our first tassel Kass Kingdom and the retired special war soldiers of the Germanic Empire, and your brother is personally teaching it, which can be said to be the most powerful mercenary force in the world today. Most of you in the Ministry of State are retired special soldiers of Tianlong Federation, and they have been trained by you personally. Each of them has too much terrible power beyond ordinary people. Although we are underworld organizations, our real combat effectiveness is definitely not worse than that of the regular army of the country. Sun Flag Dongyang people fight with us, which is really the birthday boy! "
Hearing Alevsky’s last sentence, Zong Ming smiled indifferently and said, "Alevsky, you have learned Chinese well in the past two years, and you can even speak our next language."
Alevsky said, "Except for my motherland, the Kingdom of Soucasse, Tianlong Federation is the country I most yearn for and admire. The Dahan nationality is a great and mysterious nation with a broad and profound culture, which is definitely worthy of serious study and research by every other nation."
Zong Ming nodded his approval, but said with a sigh, "It is our Han nationality that is indeed the greatest nation in the world. I have always been sincerely proud of being a Han nationality, but now my motherland is not strong enough. It is often bullied by others, not to mention the Ames Empire, Dongyang Empire and Viyingna Kingdom. Even small countries like Nyala and South Vietnam dare to take a bite from time to time." Sometimes I’m really angry with our federal government for its misfortune! "
At this moment, the Soucasse man next to Alevsky took over and said, "Boss, I know the military equipment of the Tianlong Federation Army now, and there is still a gap in their military technology. But I don’t understand that the military technical data you have now can be said to be the most advanced military technology in Ames Empire, Dongyang Empire, Germanic Empire, Soucasse Kingdom, Delfa Principality and Vienna Kingdom. Don’t you give it to your country?"
"Boss Kusyev said that it is also true. I’ve been meaning to ask you if you can tell us this?" Wrong novel network don’t jump word Alevsky beside also doubt "confused" asked.
"Because I still don’t believe those politicians in the federal parliament, their bureaucratic style and corruption make me afraid to touch on its side." Zong Ming said slowly with wisdom in his eyes. "When I am not eager for our country to become strong, I don’t want to severely punish those countries that dare to regard our dignity as a dragon. A strong country must strengthen its army. This is also the reason why I personally went to those countries you mentioned over the years to steal those military technical materials by hook or by crook. You also know that I have a little ability beyond ordinary people. Although the Ministry of National Defense is impregnable and well-guarded, it seems to me that it is really worth worrying to think of playing those elite agents who are called superpowers in the palm of my hand. I once determined to devote my power to serving the country faithfully. In your eyes, it may seem to be the most cutting-edge military force, but they are not enough in the field I know! I’m accumulating and waiting for the Oriental Dragon to fly into the sky sooner or later to reappear. Those who violated China’s prestige in those days, though far away, will kill the Great Man Tianwei! When that day comes, I will be the most elite and colorful pawn, Depth Charge, and I will revive the national prestige and do my best to die! "
"Alevsky (Kusev) is willing to swear to follow the boss!" Two Sue cass big fellow said with.
Zong Ming’s eyes flashed a sly look, and he nodded his approval with satisfaction, but what he really thought was not known to the two big men of Sukkas Kingdom.
Tianlong mainland is a mysterious continent full of strange colors. There are many strange people in this continent who are not known by ordinary people. They have mythical powers and magical powers, but these worldly experts rarely set foot in the mundane world and mostly hide in the mountains. osawa pursues an ordinary human law to understand and accept the cultivation of truth and fairy tales
Zong Ming grew up with his master, the patriarch of the Monty Sect, "the magic statue". According to Tian Ming, he was born as a natural anode in the underworld for a thousand years, and a kind of nine-cloudy pulse was born. It can be said that people with this constitution are rare in ten thousand years. It is only in the ancient books of Monty Sect that this kind of memory can be carried forward only in the hands of this natural magic wizard
Zong Ming was an old man, and it took nearly a thousand years to find the best demon inheritor. Whenever there was a cloudy year, the old man would search all the hospitals in Tianlong mainland with his powerful spiritual magic. Everything comes to him who waits. Finally, the old man found the newborn Zong Ming in a private hospital in Yuehua City twenty years ago. Because the old man was so excited and excited, he always did whatever he wanted. His magic stole a baby three days older than Zong Ming from another hospital. I bought a civet cat, and when he quietly took Zong Ming away from the hospital at that time, I didn’t pay attention to Zong Ming’s life experience, and I didn’t care about the painful feelings of those parents and adults after learning that their own children were inexplicably missing.
Monty Sect is rarely known in the field of repair, because Monty Sect stresses that it is from magic to Taoism and then rises. Monty Sect acts in a secretive way, and it is also extremely insidious and cunning. The orthodox repair Sect in Tianlong mainland can be said to be the sworn enemy, and it has always been regarded as a magic sect by other repair sects in Tianlong mainland. However, Monty Sect’s strict style never harms "chaos" people. Monty Sect’s younger brothers have never joined the WTO to practice, but they all have a very high way to practice. Monty Sect and other repair sects have also fought several times throughout the ages, but they have never inherited it

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