Yuan Heng looked at violet thoughtfully.

Harmony between heaven and earth, this is a hurdle that every monk who is interested in climbing the peak will face!
If you pass, you will be able to soar, and you will have the qualification to pursue immortality, roam infinite nothingness and read hundreds of millions of worlds.
If you lose, it will be wiped out. No matter the past or the future, it will be wiped out by the incredible source of the vast heaven and earth. All the real names, information and avenues about it will be instantly erased.
But even so, from the beginning of the universe, the vast land has accumulated to its peak until now, and I don’t know how many reincarnation years have been turned over, and its time has been incalculable. How many people are so surprised that they are absolutely brilliant, even if they are stalwart people, I’m afraid there are dozens of them, not to mention those who mix Yuan Luo Jinxian and are supreme?
What is really incredible is that, according to Yuan Heng’s endless years of wandering, hundreds of millions of cosmic time and space were turned over, but even a statue of data avenue was not found!
Now, seeing violet, the true seed who has inherited the Data Avenue, Yuan Heng seems to realize that there is something fishy hidden in it.
"If it weren’t for this statue, I’m afraid the mother of Avenue wouldn’t make this promising violet inherit the data Avenue, would it? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
Yuan Heng seemed to think in his heart, and he realized that the incredible power of the mother of Avenue, even though he had glimpsed a trace of immortality, could step into the realm of immortality at any time, but at the beginning of the heaven, he was able to arrange everything naturally, and this power simply made him admire it.
"Somehow, I already feel that the bust that sent out the universe in those days has made an incredible breakthrough, especially in the mind. This statue can be looming across the endless nothingness. Far perceived bust probably … "
Think at the beginning, this a few woke up from a deep sleep, seems to be able to faintly feel that now I don’t know in which corner of a knot in one’s heart practice bust, but when it really makes Yuan Heng got a fright, hurriedly perceive their own state, want to see if they are a careless, during their sleep to washed up in the immortal position.
Later, after these years, I slowly realized that the spiritual power of my own bust seems to have changed. Instinctively, I want to pull the deity side to produce synchronization along some kind of invisible trajectory. Although I failed due to the obstacle of infinite nothingness, I can also see that the mind over there has crossed into some strange realm of terror.
From this, Yuan Hengcai concluded that seeing the appearance of violet now, it will take a lot of effort to return half-length in the future, and it is not impossible to help violet tailor a set of supreme existence that is comparable to the one that caused the great disaster of the universe-Hong, his terrible supreme transcendental skill "Great Destiny". And Yuan Hengna’s "Eternal Chaos", a level of horror!
The supreme transcendental skill is a terrible skill enough to guide the monk to embark on the transcendental skill. The first thing that the monk gets is the incredible supreme nature. There is hope of proving the truth in the future.
This kind of great skill, Yuan Heng has, Zixiao has, and Silent has. Even Luo Hou, also have, this is the root of their avenue. Everyone who can create this kind of supreme skill must be a great master who opens the way and has the hope of proving the supreme ancestor.
Therefore, I’m afraid that only Yuan Heng, the mother of the Avenue, who has read the endless cycle of the universe for several times, will be able to create a supreme transcendental skill in the mind, which is unprecedented and I’m afraid will never come again!
A great skill of spiritual detachment that others can practice!
Without the help of such supreme transcendental skills, it is a dream to practice the power of the way of data and cross the threshold of uniting the heavens and the earth!
This involves all aspects, and the difficulty of trying to make others practice their own supreme transcendental skills will not be assimilated into a puppet soldier by the source of their own avenue. Don’t exaggerate it.
Thinking of this, Yuan Heng’s mouth corners a little radian instead. "It’s time to test and practice your spiritual achievements, so that Martial Uncle can see how far you are."
In this side, Yuan Heng thought a lot, and I don’t know how many thoughts I turned for a moment. In this side, he saw a little place that he needed to carve.
He didn’t have the past accumulation like Nu Wa, Silent, Sanqing, etc. Everything only depends on his own understanding, and some things still need the baptism of time to make up one by one …
"Yes, Uncle." Violet respectfully replied, "Disciple has roughly chosen several places, which basically meet the requirements of Uncle Shi. We can go over and check them one by one."
Since the meeting, violet’s name for Yuan Heng has been changing, from God Emperor, Senior, Uncle Heng … Then, it has been transferred to ShiShu now, hehe …
Of course, this is because Yuan Heng thinks Uncle Heng is such an ugly name …
"In that case, let’s go."
It is recorded in A Few Stories about Great Daili that after Shang Tang defeated Xia Jie to destroy the Xia Dynasty, he did not exterminate it, but moved some clans of the Xia Dynasty to Qi and established their own tribe, which can be called Qi State.
Of course, however, this remote small country named Qiguo, a remnant of the former dynasty, was naturally suppressed by the big business god, especially after Shang Tang, the emperors of all previous dynasties had little stature like Shang Tang. Therefore, the title of Qiguo was abolished several times.
Thus, the days of Qiguo have been miserable. Oh, no, the title of Qiguo has been abolished for thousands of years, and it can only be called a small tribe …
Qi water source.
On a snowy mountain, the cold wind roared, mixed with the mellow elite of sunflower water and the icy cold wind, which was enough to freeze most monks into ice sculptures.
This is also the case. Although the Qishui Iceberg is not a very famous polar region in the mountains and seas, it can be collected by the Blackwater Protoss, and it is specially reserved for the descendants’ clans. Naturally, it is not simple. It not only belongs to a rare land of water, but also helps the descendants of Blackwater Protoss to awaken their blood, and it also contains a large number of natural treasures!
"Gee, it’s really not simple. It’s true that the Yi people have not been exterminated under the suppression of the Shang Dynasty."
A valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains, next to a spring which is less than half a meter in Fiona Fang, but rich in water resources, Yuan Heng looked at it in amazement, seeing that the spring did not seep some spring water into the iceberg snow water, forming the original water of Qishui River.
After a little research, Yuan Heng understood that this spring is no ordinary thing. Even in the congenital spring, it belongs to the upper-class ranks. He could not help but exclaim, "What abundant water Long Mai is! I’m afraid this is one of the successful men of Blackwater Protoss. There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
Long Mai is unique to the mountains and seas, but there is actually no such thing as Long Mai in other worlds.
The three realms of the universe, even the worlds of the heavens and the earth, respect ancestral veins, and others, whether spiritual veins, earth veins, qi veins or even the veins of the nether world and the starry sky, are actually branches extended by ancestral veins!
And the mountains and seas, in fact, also have ancestral vein, which is called … Zu Long Mai!
Long Mai, the ancestor, is the source of the strength of the whole mountain and sea world, and naturally there are branches. Water Long Mai is one of them. Long Mai, the most earth water in the mountain and sea world, is naturally the terrible yellow Long Mai-Yellow River, also known as the Yellow River!
Violet waved her violet robe, and a handful of clear spring water appeared in the palm of her hand. She held it in front of her and sniffed it. She nodded approvingly: "After finding this spring, even a disciple couldn’t help but feel the heart of keeping it for himself. If I hadn’t worried about the causal entanglement here, I’m afraid the disciple’s violet pool would have been built here …"
He was born with congenital violet, but now he is just at the level of Do. Even the neon cold source with congenital deficiency in those years is a little stronger than him. It is the time when all kinds of resources are urgently needed, especially this kind of congenital spiritual spring with high quality, which is very attractive to him.
"In that case, from now on, this is your own territory!"
"Violet, go and inform the family of Si, they have two choices now, they belong to this deity, or … this deity gives them three days, pack up their things and go straight away!"
In the faint voice, there is no doubt about bullying! (To be continued …)
Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Jade Emperor Road, the history of mountains and seas
Yuan heng squinting at the driving light escape violet, a long voice in the faint snow valley:

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