One day, Zhou Wang went to the temple in the early morning and gathered hundreds of officials and civil servants, but he saw: the golden hall was full of auspicious lights, the former civilian commander of Baiyujie was majestic, the golden stove was sprayed with jade incense, the bead curtain was high with Cai Feng pictures, and the blue musk deer were stacked on top of each other.

Zhou Wang looked at the civil and military officials, and he was very satisfied with the king’s anger. Since he boarded Dabao, although there were governors who rebelled from time to time, there were a surname Wen Zhong and a martial arts king Huang Feihu in Chaoge, which was enough to settle the country and make it prosperous. Moreover, the concubines in the three palaces were virtuous, gentle and virtuous, beautiful, and feasting every day, which was better than a fairy.
Zhou Wang asked the driver: "If you have a memorial, you will retire." Thinking about the harem beauty, Zhou Wang only felt hot all over, but he didn’t mind staying in the golden palace.
Zhou Wang had just finished, when he saw a man in the right class coming out of the class, prostrating himself on the golden steps, holding his teeth high, and shouting at the mountain, "I dare not play something." Zhou Wang was not happy to hear it, and the beauty in the palace in his head was suddenly broken. He said angrily, "What do you have to say?" If it’s not urgent, it’s not too late to go to the DPRK tomorrow. "
Shang Rong saw that Zhou Wang was unhappy, but his face didn’t change color. He said, "Tomorrow is April 25th, the day of the holy saliva of our Terran. According to ancient legend, our Terran was made by the Holy Father and the Virgin Mary. After the three emperors of heaven and earth in ancient times, the Terran had rules. Every emperor of past dynasties had to go to the temple to worship the Holy Father and the Virgin Mary soon after he went to the court, in order to be healthy at all times, long in the country and smooth in the weather.
Hearing this, Zhou Wang became interested, but he was surprised: "Is there such a thing? Why don’t I know? " Shang Rong said, "The worship of the Father and the Virgin Mary has never been publicized by kings in previous dynasties. I am afraid that the Father and the Virgin Mary will not like it, but the sacrifice is the responsibility of the phase, so your majesty does not know." When Shang Rong finished speaking, the king of Zhenguo Wu Cheng came out of class and said, "This is a big event, and your majesty has to go to incense."
Zhou Wang had to ask the driver to announce that the next day, the son of heaven would take a chariot and take two classes of civil and military officials to the temple to offer incense.
The next day, Zhou Wang was engaged in ostentation and extravagance. He saw 3,000 fighters, 800 body guards, and officials from the civil and military dynasties accompanying him. They were so scared that every family burned incense and set fire. Every family tied carpets and bowed down to the roadside to show their grace. Zhou Wang rode on the dragon chariot and looked at the people who bowed down by the Shang Dynasty roadside, which made him very satisfied.
Fortunately, the Temple is not far away, only a few hundred miles away from Duchaoge. After arriving, Zhou Wang got off the dragon chariot, but when he saw the temple in front of him, it was gorgeous, about 100 feet high, with auspicious clouds and colorful colors. He entered the temple and went to the incense burner to pay homage to the civil and military officials. Zhou Wang couldn’t help but watch the splendor in the temple. How can he see it: the golden hall was colorful, the golden boy was right, and the jade girl was right, each holding its own banner.
Zhou Wang was sighing and hissing for the scenery in the temple. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, rolled up the curtain, and revealed the icons of violet saints and Nu Wa Empress. The violet saints wore purple and gold crowns, dressed in jade rings and sage-like clothes, while Nu Wa was beautiful in appearance and graceful as life, that is, the fairy of Ruigong descended to earth, and the goddess of the moon temple was not comparable to the next life.
When Zhou Wang looked at the icon of Nu Wa, he couldn’t help feeling the icon of Nu Wa, which frightened all officials. Yang Shangrong hurried forward to persuade him, "Your Majesty, Nu Wa is the virgin of the Terran, so don’t blaspheme, or it will be a disaster if you are convicted of being a saint!" At this time, Fei Zhong, the admonition doctor among Zhou Wang’s minions, took advantage of Zhou Wang’s favor and stood up and shouted: "Bold business, your majesty is the real dragon emperor, and the world is in total control. It’s already a courtesy to come to worship the temple. As a courtier, you only have rare saints in your eyes. Do you know the crime if you don’t treat your majesty in your eyes?"
It is a great sin to disrespect the ceremony of the monarch and the minister. As a loyal minister, Shang Rong quickly knelt down and said, "Shang Rong dare not, your majesty can distinguish clearly."
Zhou Wang waved his robe sleeve: "Hum, Shang Rong, don’t you think that I dare not punish you because of the arm of the third generation and the minister who entrusted orphans?" !” Shang Rong knocked at me, but I didn’t dare to shout, and the ministers such as Zhen Guo Wu Cheng Wang also came forward to advise me. Zhou Wang didn’t calm down, and then called the driving officer to fetch Four Treasures of the Study, which was deeply moist and purple, and wrote a poem on the powder wall of the temple:
Feng Luan Bao’s tent is very beautiful, full of mud and gold makeup. Qu qu yuan shan Fei Cui; Dancing sleeves reflect Xia Shang. Pear blossoms bring rain for beauty; Peony cage smoke is more attractive than makeup. But enchanting can move, get back Changle to serve the king.
Seeing this, Yang Shangrong couldn’t help but go forward and remonstrate: "Nu Wa Niangniang is a saint, the god of ancient times. Your majesty wrote this poem to blaspheme the sage, fearing that the people in the world would see it. If it spreads, it will say that the sage has no moral politics and cause criticism. May your master wash it with water." Zhou Wang was furious: "I am the statue of Wan Cheng. Now I see Nu Wa’s peerless appearance. Why not write poems to praise her and show her literary talent?" !” When he said that he was angry and returned to the DPRK, the civil and military officials were all silent.
Let’s talk about it. On this day, Nu Wa went to Huoyun Palace to see her brother Emperor Fuxi and returned. She got down and sat on the treasure hall of Nu Wa Palace. Then she looked up and saw the obscene poem on the powder wall. After counting it with her fingers, she understood it and denounced: "You are a good Zhou Wang, who dare to insult me by mentioning this poem in front of the four senior brothers. It’s really hateful! I want to enjoy the country for 600 years, and I will give you a reward when my luck is exhausted. "
It turns out that one of the most important reasons for Nu Wa’s great anger is that Zhou Wang actually desecrated her by writing this poem in front of the Temple Qing Ye. If Qing Ye knew, what would he think?
Nu Wa called Caiyun Tonger to bring the golden gourd, uncovered the reed cover, pointed with her hand, and saw that the gourd had a white light, the same size as a line, four or five feet high, and a banner hung above the white light, which was full of inspiration. It was that trick that Nu Wa used her strength to recruit a banner, and soon she saw hentai.
Nu Wa paid Caiyun: "Demons from all over the place retreated, leaving only the fox demon in Xuanyuan grave to wait on them."
The other demons retreated respectfully, and the fox demon went into the temple to pay homage, bowing down and saying, "Nu Wa Niangniang’s life is boundless." Nu Wa said, "The Third Demon heard the secret message: When the luck of Cheng Tang is dark, when you lose the world, you should go down to the palace behind you, confuse your heart, enjoy the wealth of the world, and you can be my disciples when you succeed in the future." The Millennium fox listened to this exultation, kowtowed and thanked, and went away in the breeze.
Qing Ye, who is hundreds of millions of miles away, is preaching in Qinglian Lingshan. His mind is moved and he suddenly stops: "This sermon is over. Let’s go back and realize what we have gained." When the millions of demons retreated, Qing Ye looked at the direction of Nu Wa 33 days away and said, "Alas, martial sister, the battle to seal the gods is about to start, so why should you get involved?"
(There will be a second watch tonight, which will be later)

Chapter seventy-seven gobbledygook gods list
Words after Zhou Wang came back from pilgrimages, he missed Nuwa’s peerless beauty day and night, so much that he forgot the changes in temperature in the Spring and Autumn Period, and he ate and slept. Every time he looked at his concubines in three palaces and six courtyards, compared with Nuwa, he felt miserable and unhappy.
On this day, Zhou Wang summoned his minions, Fei Zhong and You Hun, and said to himself, "Since I entered the Temple of Incense, I have missed Nu Wa day and night, but none of the harem is to my liking. What’s your plan?" Hearing this, Fei Zhong slapped the dragon fart: "Your majesty is the king of all things, and you deserve Yao and Shun. Everything in the world belongs to your majesty, but Nu Wa is an ancient sage, but she has no blessing to feed your majesty." De Pei Yao Shun? Although there was no connection with Emperor Xuanyuan, Zhou Wang was still happy when he heard this, but he was disappointed when he thought of Nu Wa.
Seeing this, Fei Zhong stepped forward and said, "Your Majesty, I have an idea. I wonder if I should talk about it?" When Zhou Wang heard this, he was refreshed: "What is your strategy? Tell me quickly." Fei Zhong said, "Although the sage Nu Wa is not blessed to feed your Majesty, I have heard that Hou Suhu of Jizhou has a daughter, whose name is Da Ji, whose country is beautiful and beautiful, and who is not inferior to Nu Wa, and who is quiet and elegant. If she chooses to go to the palace to accompany her, she will have fun in the same bed."
Zhou Wang listened, not daydreaming, and directly imagined that he had never met Nu Wa, and then went into the palace to have sex with himself. At the thought of Nu Wa’s beautiful appearance, Zhou Wang felt like thousands of ants crawling in his heart, and he couldn’t wait to call that Nu Wa into the palace now.
When Fei Zhong and You Hun saw Zhou Wang’s face, they looked at each other and both saw a smile in each other’s eyes. How dare this son of heaven fantasize in the daytime? For a long time, seeing that Zhou Wang had not returned to his dream, Fei Zhong carefully said, "Your Majesty." Unexpectedly, he shouted three times before Zhou Wang came back from the beautiful scenery.
Zhou Wang recovered and cleared his throat: "Your words are very kind." Then he ordered the court official to send a message: "Xuansu protection." At that time, Su Hu came to Zhou Wang to make a pilgrimage, and lived in the inn. After receiving the order, he went to the pavilion to deliver the order. He said that Zhou Wang called him to discuss the state affairs, and Hou Su of Jizhou made no other thoughts, so he came to the Longde Hall to appear before him. After the ceremony, Zhou Wang met the future father-in-law, which was much closer than usual: "Su Hu, I heard that you have a daughter with a famous name and a national color." Qing is a relative of the country, with a prominent position. He always lives in Jizhou, which makes the princes of the world envy him. What do you think? "
Zhou Wang say that finish, eyes seemed to see nuwa into his harem and his bed, at the head of a bed by their whipping warbler crow cuckoo called boiling blood colourful scene, unconsciously mouth watering.
Hou Suhu of Jizhou thought that Zhou Wang called himself here to discuss the state affairs, but he didn’t want to hear that Zhou Wang wanted to call his beloved daughter into the palace as a concubine. Su Hou was born like a fire, upright and upright, and when he heard Zhou Wang’s meaning, he was angry. Goodbye to Zhou Wang’s smiling face, he loudly denounced: "I heard that Xiu De was diligent, so all the people were convinced, and the four seas were from him. In the past, he lost the world, and now his majesty was ruined by debauchery."
Zhou Wang was stunned by Su Hu’s anger, and the whole body that had just boiled blood was splashed with cold water, so even something that had just had an erection shrank. After a while, he realized that Su Hu had resisted the imperial edict, and he couldn’t help but be ashamed and angry: "Bold, you are a Su Hu, I am expensive as the son of heaven, and it is a great favor to choose your daughter to serve me in the palace. You are unexpectedly! Dare to resist purport! Somebody! Take out the noon gate and send it to the law department to inquire about the Dharma! " The left and right guards were about to take Su Hu down and push him out of the meridian gate, when Fei Zhong and You Hun stood up and played: "Su Hu wanted to ask the Dharma, but your majesty was punished for choosing to serve his daughter. If it gets out, the governors in the world say that your majesty values virtue over sex, and if you don’t forgive him, he will feel grateful for your kindness in not killing him, and the people in the world will say that your majesty is generous and kill two birds with one stone. May your majesty.
Zhou Wang’s face softened when he heard this. After a moment’s meditation, he said, "I’ll let your mother go home."
Su Hu was pardoned, went back to the inn, met the generals, and denounced Zhou Wang for his debauchery and disorder in state affairs. When the generals heard about it, they asked for details. When they learned the whole story, they were all furious, and then they advised Su Hu to turn against the songs and defend the country.
In a rage, Su Hu lost his head and didn’t consider the consequences. Then he asked his left and right sides to fetch Four Treasures of the Study, imitating Zhou Wang’s move of writing poems about Nuwa in the temple, and he wrote a poem on the wall of the meridian gate to show that he would never go to business. The poem said: If you are a bad minister, you will lose the five permanent members. Su Hu, Jizhou, never goes to business! "Relative to Zhou Wang’s literary talent, Su Hu is inferior to many, but for this poem, Su Hu is very satisfied after the topic, straightforward, easy to understand, and does not detour.
After writing the poem, Su Hu knew that he couldn’t stay in Chaoge any longer, so he led many generals out of Chaoge and went straight to his own country.
Zhou Wang hesitated at the Longde Hall because Su Hu had resisted his will, so he saw that the minister at the noon gate bowed down and wrote Su Hu’s poem, and then presented his poem to Zhou Wang. Zhou Wang was furious: "The thief is so rude, I have the virtue of living well, and I forgive my country, but I don’t think about the grace. On the contrary, writing a poem is a great insult to my Shang Dynasty, and my sin is unforgivable!" Then, even if the northern Hou Hu and Xibo Hou Ji Chang celebrated the festival, they would have to make a special expedition.
The next day, Hou Hu went to the teaching ground, with 50,000 soldiers and horses on the hour. He left the Chaoge today and went to Jizhou, while Xibo Hou Jichang sent troops to follow.
Su Hu left Chaoge and returned to Jizhou in a few days. He and his eldest son, Su Quanzhong, and other generals elaborated on what happened in this pilgrimage and instead Chaoge. Later, they ordered many generals to train military forces, arrange cannon stones and roll wood on the city walls, and wait for the merchants who came to cut.
At this time, Qing Ye, who was spreading Fuxi gossip in Jiang Ziya under the main hall, suddenly stopped and asked Jiang Ziya, "Do you remember how many years you have been practicing in Qinglian Lingshan?" Jiang Ziya didn’t know why the master suddenly asked, but he replied respectfully, "It’s been 42 years since my disciple went up the mountain at the age of 30." Ye Qing said, "Now that you have achieved a successful cultivation, you have reached the realm of true immortals, and you can live forever. Now, you and I will do it for you, seal the gods down the mountain and help the wise Lord. Then, as a leader, you will enjoy the blessings of the world, and you will not waste your 42 years of practice in Qinglian Lingshan."
Jiang Ziya respectfully replied, then said, "Disciple came down from the mountain to worship the gods. Who should I help to understand?"
Qing Ye was about to speak when suddenly a golden light flew from the Zixiao Palace 33 days away and came straight to Qinglian Lingshan. When Qing Ye saw it, he reached out and saw a golden list standing in the middle of the hall, which lit up the whole hall. There were three strange characters on the list, and Qing Ye knew that this was a sealed book, one of the three wonderful books of heaven and earth.
Qing Ye reached a recruit, gobbledygook gods list fell on Qing Ye’s hand.
(According to the list of deities, it’s time for Jiang Ziya to go down the mountain to deify. Can Taoist friends guess who he will help then? Of course, this book is definitely not set by Xibo Hou Jichang)

Chapter seventy-eight Demon Book Seal Demon List
Looking at the list of deities scattered with golden light in his hand, Qing Ye separated the gods and explored the package of the list of deities. The list of deities is one of the three books of heaven and earth, and the fruit is a wonderful innate treasure. When the gods of Qing Ye found out, the golden light within the list of deities flashed dazzling light, and he wanted to devour the gods of Qing Ye. However, Qing Ye was close to the road, and how powerful the gods were, but the golden light of the list of deities could not get close to one point, and the gods of Qing Ye entered. Now the list of gods is actually a chaotic world, and the whole chaotic world is composed of Yin and Yang’s soul-holding array. There are 365 stars in the soul-holding array of Yin and Yang, and the arrangement of each star implies the number of sundays, and the surface is scattered with a faint chaotic fairy spirit.
Recognizing the Yin-Yang Soul-Holding Array, which is one of the congenital severe large arrays, Qing Ye separated the gods and explored it carefully. Then, compared with Pangu Large Array, he understood it clearly. After understanding the Yin-Yang Soul-Holding Array thoroughly, he studied the 365 stars in the array. I saw that although the surface of the 365 stars was scattered with a faint chaotic fairy gas, the surface color of each star was different, and the arrangement was orderly, with blue stars in the east, black stars in the north, white stars in the west and red stars in the south.
Looking closely again, I can see that the East is composed of a corner room, a basket and seven nights, and its shape is like a dragon, which is called Zuo Qinglong. There are seven nights in the southern well star, which is shaped like a quail bird and is called the former Suzaku. The western Kuichang ginseng stayed for seven nights, and its shape was like a tiger, which was called the right white tiger. In the north, there is a virtual wall for seven nights, which is shaped like a tortoise and snake, and it is called after Xuanwu. And these stars are surrounded by some small stars.
Qing Ye knew that this was the Four Spirits and Twenty-eight Hostels, and remembered that Nine Obsidian Twenty-eight Hostels was killed in the Wanxian Array, and then returned to the throne.

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