I really don’t have much confidence in this move, which is almost a soul drill to upgrade Xiang Ye. L didn’t find any power when L’s soul body eyes emit this gray’ color’ light, but I felt some rare feelings.

Anyway, keep trying \
As the body and soul slowly opened their eyes, the gray eyes appeared again in Xiang Ye’s eyes. As soon as these eyes appeared, all the audience around them suddenly felt a dangerous breath, as if some peerless demon had been born. L’s all been to the lost wasteland. At this time, I felt this dangerous breath, just like when I faced the monster beast with far more strength than myself. This feeling made everyone feel a tight feeling coming to my mind.
What’s the matter? Why do I feel this way? It’s like I’m dying. One of the monks has already asked me in doubt.
Look, look at this look. How can it be gray? Another person was surprised.
The crowd shouted with L at this moment, and looked at Xiang Ye’s perfect eyes, which had turned into gray’ color’ with a full face of panic. L had learned that this dangerous smell came from Ye Xiang’s eyes.
Just as the L’s looked into Xiang Ye’s eyes, they saw that two gray’ color’ lights had rushed out of Xiang Ye’s eyes at an amazing speed. Almost no one could find out when the two gray’ color’ lights were sent out.
Opposite Xiang Ye’s opponent, the five-level monk, was also shocked by the two gray’ color’ lights at this moment. L didn’t escape the motivation. Since the two gray’ color’ lights appeared, L was vaguely aware that these two gray lights were not something that I could hide from and I could choose to bear.
The target of the gray’ color’ light attack is that the five-level monk is almost in an abnormal state, and the L base can no longer move. It seems that the two beams of light are not the world should be in the attack mode, and the gray light has passed through the L layers of defense and has entered the L body.
Immediately in L, the body rushed towards L’s mind along the L meridians. At this time, the huge ocean of soul force in L’s mind has already flown in. Compared with the ocean of soul force, the two gray’ color’ lights are simply a drop in the ocean of soul force, but it is only a moment later that the soul sea of the five-level peak monk is already boiling, and a shocking’ wave’ is constantly pounding my mind.
The churning in my mind has deeply affected the outside world. This monk L is worthy of the five-level peak repair. At this time, I have learned that the gray’ color’ light is a kind of soul force attack. It should be no big problem to carry it through the most critical moment by myself.
At this time, it was already steady and I wanted to cope with the soul force shock in my mind. At this time, L found himself a huge mistake, that is, the broadsword that Xiang Ye threw out just now had rushed to the front, because it was just when he was about to stop it that the gray’ color’ light of Xiang Ye had rushed to L’s mind.
Regret is L’s last thought at this time. L regrets that I didn’t stop Xiang Ye from throwing the broadsword at the first time, but I want to wait for a while to get rid of it myself when I fly close to myself. Who knows, at this time, I was already recruited. At this time, L was unable to condense out the spirit in the abdomen and sat there quietly. The reason is that L can’t tell a little even a faint soul force to mobilize the spirit in the abdomen at this time.
The moment of death is so close to L. L has never felt this kind of situation for almost many years. At this time, the only idea is that if I can live, I must let this hateful little soul fly away and live forever. Not only that, this little friend and relative will be punished, a generation of prostitutes.
Ah \
Think at this moment l has drunk a hard to vent their depressed mind to pain at this time.
However, Xiang Ye is also uncomfortable at this moment, because when L releases its own gray’ color’ light, it is just the right time and does not affect the five-level monk’s most fierce attacks. At this time, although ya’s opponent is almost to be hit hard by himself, the L attack is still flying towards Ye Xiang.
Xiang Ye, who is inconvenient to move, was secretly surprised that gravity is really severe now, but it still hasn’t disappeared. It’s hard to crack it until he dies. If it weren’t for gravity, he was still in his own body. In fact, no one’ fuck’ accused Xiang Ye of those sharp attacks, but he can still hide some with his posture and agility. Now it seems that he can be a hard fight.
Opposite the five monks at this time has been Xiang Ye broadsword cut in front of the’ chest’ the original figure has burst a fell to the ground and Xiang Ye is also ushered in the first attack hands at the same time into a fist to attack in front of your face.
But this attack surface contains force is directly hit Xiang Ye fists Xiang Ye already feel glittering and translucent’ jade’ stone hands turned out to be oozing filar silk blood.
Shit, the remaining three attacks are absolutely unbearable for my body, and my heart is already frightened.
At this time, two deep footprints appeared when the foot stepped on the ground, but there was still no way to break free from the bondage of gravity.
The second attack has arrived and rushed directly in front of Xiang Ye’s chest. At this time, Xiang Ye’s chest coat has been shattered by a huge impact. The huge spiritual impact directly hit Xiang Ye and repeatedly retreated without cutting the wound. At this time, Xiang Ye breathed a little sigh of relief and swallowed a mouthful of blood.
Bound by gravity, Xiang Ye’s body turned out to be hit and quickly retreated to Xiang Ye. At this time, he was lamenting that there were still two attacks that didn’t attack himself. L already knew that if his department suffered, there was almost no chance of survival. He just suffered a second attack, and his body had been hit hard. If it weren’t for the glass’ jade’ body, Xiang Ye was almost divided into two sections. At this time, Xiang Ye realized that his dirty body was seriously damaged.
When the third attack comes, Ye Xiang quickly retreats when he is hit by the previous attack. His foot stepped out of his own department and stepped on the ground. Suddenly, Xiang Ye flew out sideways. L just changed his position with one foot and was hit repeatedly. At this time, the third attack has wiped the tip of L’s nose.
When Xiang Ye flashed this attack and fell to the ground, it turned out to be a deep gully on the ground like a solid stone. This momentum has been extended for several zhangs. This piece of road surface has been deeply damaged. This shows that if this attack falls on Ye Xiangshen, it will be dirty even if it is not cut into two parts.
I’m still not glad that I escaped this fierce offensive. Xiang Ye already felt that the last attack was coming.
The reason why the spirit-killing device is called the spirit-killing device is that they can lock the target when they launch an attack. The spirit in the spirit-killing device will take the initiative to find the target attack, even if it has already launched an attack without the master’s control, it will still find its target attack.
Xiang Ye’s body is out of control at this time. In the face of the last attack, L has no means. I can fight hard. I don’t know whether I am alive or dead.
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Chapter three hundred and ten retreating
Looking back, I threw a broadsword and it was’ inserted’ in front of the five-level monk’s chest. At this time, the five-level monk’s life and death are unknown. Please make the Pinyin domain name visit us.
Seeing this result, Xiang Ye is also gratified that he let a five-level peak monk be buried with him. At this time, he actually had confidence that his strength was restored. Today, the result is that he can kill the five-level peak monk.
The last attack at this time has already landed in Ye Xiangshen. Xiang Ye is also ready to bear this final attack. However, a gold’ color’ round shield appears in front of Xiang Ye’s body. First, it blocks this sharp attack shield. It is not a high-order weapon, but it is such an ordinary weapon. Xiang Ye’s whole mind is full of confidence at this time. His hands have been propped up on this surface at the best time. The round shield has resisted this final attack together.
Sure enough, when this round shield consumed most of the attack, cracks appeared.
Good job!
At the same time, the force of both hands is directly pushing the upcoming crack to resist the round shield and directly scattering the remaining offensive. At this time, Xiang Ye was already smiling and turned to the Green Peel and said, Brother Green Peel, thank you, thank you, O round shield, but now it seems to be broken.
Hehe, thank you for what? Although I can’t help you the most, I can still help S block an attack at this moment, but Qingpi said with a slight smile.
Yes, at the most critical moment, Green husk finally made a move, knowing that he could block an attack. At last, he offered an ordinary shield made of his own defensive weapon, but it was this small shield that saved Xiang Ye’s’ sex’ life.
Brother Qingpi, don’t worry, I will definitely help S to refine a defensive spirit, at least a five-spirit spirit. Xiang Ye was in a good mood at this time and admitted that he was seriously injured even if he didn’t die. Who knows that he forgot that a group of monks and Qingpi were watching? At this time, he just helped himself.
Xiang Ye then turned around and walked towards his opponent, who was already in a pool of blood, and almost didn’t have the strength to get up, but his eyes were still wide open at this moment. It seems that he must be unwilling to be defeated by Xiang Ye today.
I s At this time, this whole’ chest’ mouth has been broken down by Xiang Ye’s broadsword. Friar Duan said intermittently that there was still a lot of bitterness in God’s eyes.
The monks who have a broken heart don’t necessarily die. Someone needs to seal the bleeding wound immediately and then send spiritual power to help them recover from the injury. They will soon be out of danger.
Looking at his eyes just now, I still vowed to kill myself. I have let my relatives and friends die a natural death. Friar Xiang Ye directly pulled out his broadsword in front of his chest. At this moment, the friar immediately sprayed a lot of blood, and no one paid attention to it. Soon he died.
In the eyes of resentment, Ye Xiang faded the dry Kun ring. At this moment, I felt that this five-level peak monk was dying. In the abdomen, there appeared a three-inch villain’s spirit. It was this monk’s appearance that slowly floated in the middle at this time. Not surprisingly, this five-level monk cultivated for decades and hundreds of years to condense the spirit. At this time, it has already dissipated, and the soul force in his mind will surely dissipate soon.
Xiang Ye didn’t want this spirit to dissipate in the middle. After all, although he didn’t want to rely on such an evil way to absorb his monk’s spirit to practice, in the face of a threat, his monk Xiang Ye didn’t relent at this time. He just reached out and grabbed the spirit that was about to float away and took out a’ jade’ bottle from his dry Kun ring and went in.
However, the most unexpected thing for Xiang Ye is that this person actually absorbed the soul of this monk by himself because he was attacked by Xiang Ye’s broadsword. Actually, Ye Xianggen didn’t think so. After all, if the friar hadn’t become seven, the soul wouldn’t live and might slowly dissipate to escape into reincarnation again. However, Zhao Cheng’s evil way to sacrifice broadsword has already attached this kind of soul that devours it and kills people or monsters.
See Xiang Ye at this moment, like a statue of killing god, he even took away the soul of the other party. All the monks around him felt a chill. It was already a thrill for Xiang Ye’s practice.
Although there are many methods of practicing evil by monks in the Western Devil Empire, after killing monks, we have to seize other people’s souls to improve our strength and refine other people’s spirits to improve our self-cultivation, but when we do these things, we are generally cautious. Where can we do this aboveboard like Xiang Ye, regardless of other people’s eyes?
Ignored those around who saw themselves as if they were watching demons. Xiang Ye turned to look at another monk who fought with Shen Tu Fan Tao. At this time, this person also looked at Ye Xiang through the frightened eyes of the surrounding audience. When he saw that his companion had been eliminated, his heart was shocked and he saw that if someone next to Xiang Ye collected the spirit and swallowed up the soul, he had already given birth.
Force a recruit’ forced’ back Fan Tao Shen Tu two people attacked the five monks in the leap has been far away when passing Xiang Ye’s head or severely threatened that Xiao O’s death is not far away. Wait slowly. S has offended our house today.
Say that finish is toward the distance to fly away.
But just as I just finished this sentence, Xiang Ye’s eyes on the ground were already that kind of gray’ color’ and death’ color’ appeared, and two gray’ color’ lights flew rapidly toward the middle.
Two gray’ color’ light appeared, and this five-peak monk already knew that something was wrong, and immediately accelerated the departure speed, and he was already out of sight.
Ah, it seems that the upgrade of this soul force drill is the same as that of the soul force drill, so I can barely send it twice. So Xiang Ye secretly sighed and said.
At this time, this gray light soul body has been’ refined’ for two times, and Ye Xiangke can clearly feel the exhaustion of the soul body.
The Xiang Ye brothers were really bad, and they were alone, that is, they destroyed a five-peak friar. I admire Shen Tu and he has come over at this moment.
Fan Tao is also excited to come over and ask the Xiang Ye brothers, just now, S is so awesome. By the way, what are those two gray’ color’ lights from S? How terrible? We all feel a sense of death.
To tell the truth, Xiang Ye really didn’t know what this attack style was at this moment, but it was when he came to the West Devil Empire and made his soul force drill again that this attack mode appeared and its power was more earth than that of the soul force drill.
ò OS can regard it as a kind of occult technique. This kind of occult technique is also very demanding. I can’t always keep Xiang Ye from hiding.
This gray’ color’ light makes if you haven’t solved your opponent after two times, then you just have to wait for death. Of course, Xiang Ye knows that this gray light is still an attack method of soul force, and he doesn’t know whether it is effective to deal with people who are superior to his own soul force. After all, at this time, his opponents are all five or five monks, and his soul force has reached the level of five others when he broke through to the fourth monk.
Shen Tu looked around again at this moment. This time, there was no accident. All the monks who watched the excitement directly left here. They have been intimidated by three fierce people. Even the government people dare to kill where there are three people who dare not do things.

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