You just drove the Gankun shuttle around and then went around looking for trouble.

Yang day immediately interface with a smile
Hey, I can’t go to play often, and I still have to finish my mother’s cultivation. Even if I go to play, I can find the monty brothers who make them so annoying.
Yiyi ashamed to say with smile
You’re not afraid of them
Yang day doubt way
Well, I’m not afraid of them. If any of them bully me, I’ll let grandpa pick on him.
Yiyi smugly hummed with a charming expression.
Grandpa, is your grandpa very good?
Yang day funny asked
Of course, even mother is afraid of grandpa, who is the patriarch of Monty Sect.
Yang Tianwen immediately exclaimed, I didn’t expect Yiyi’s grandfather to be a monty patriarch. That’s the best in the world.
Hee hee, are you scared?
Yiyi heart laughed
Oh, you really scared me this time
Yang Tian shook his head with a wry smile. Who would have thought that the renowned monty patriarch could be such a nifty and lovely granddaughter?
Well, Yang Tian, don’t blame my mother, okay?
Yiyi suddenly beautiful eyes a dark pleaded.
Oh, I blame her, and I hope she won’t bother me.
Yang day wry smile way
Actually, my mother is very poor. I haven’t seen her smile in these years.
Yiyi sad way
Poor thing to say.
Yang Tian was curious. I really can’t figure out how the daughter of the Tang Monty patriarch can be pitiful.
Well, it’s a long story. There are many reasons why Niang has become what she is today. Maybe you will look at her differently after I tell you.
Yiyi lamented that one of the Committee members was crying when it came to the sad place.
For more than 500 years, a peerless beauty passed away the day before yesterday, which was not only graceful and gorgeous, but also the most beautiful among the younger generation. It became the pursuit object of several young Junjie of various factions for a while, but this female eye was extremely high and aloof, and she regarded the rookie Yingjie Native Wagou as the sky. Among the younger generation, there were many peerless geniuses, but she didn’t hit the wall and lost her soul.
Just when everyone can win this woman’s heart, Tian Renzong has become a peerless public opinion, whether it is grace, talent or cultivation talent, it is not unparalleled in the world, and that peerless beauty is simply a perfect match.
The same arrogance, the same eyes above the top, although they have never met each other, the two sides have long been secretly comparing with each other, and I don’t know whether they mean it or not. Finally, one day, the two sides met each other and fell in love at first sight, but the romance of the fairy couple didn’t last long. Because of their different beliefs, they both wanted to assimilate each other, but in the end they were big thugs.
I don’t know that the peerless male turned into a murderous demon from now on, but the peerless beauty was pregnant and was injured by the male hand. The fetus swore by love and hate that it would never meet again in this life.
Later, people realized that the peerless beauty turned out to be the patriarch of Monty, but because of this, the father and daughter turned against each other, and the Oriental love broke away from Monty Sect and disappeared from the world.
The world doesn’t know that the oriental love is not only pregnant, but also seriously injured. It is a double blow to the body and mind. I want to die, but I am strong because I don’t want to give up my life in my womb. Unfortunately, the fetus has been seriously injured before it is conceived. It seems that I have come to the world.
Fortunately, when the monty patriarch finally doesn’t love women’s hearts, now the peerless magic weapon Gan Kunsuo helps the gods to seize the nature of heaven and earth, and directly refines the fetal body and fetuses and brings them back to the sacred land of Monty Sect. Monty’s secret realm has been bred for 500 years and finally saved the fetal life.
This fetus, which has suffered a great tragedy before the world, is now Dongfang Yiyi. Because it is a congenital fetus, Yiyi I is the integration of heaven, earth and man. It is simply a natural person, immortal body and wisdom, and the cultivation of talent is even more before

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