With the help of this counter-impulse, he shot out like an arrow from the left, and the speed surprised his opponents.

The pale golden fist made contact with Chen Han’s fist first, and with a series of crackles and explosions, the skin seemed to be wrinkled by the breeze, rippling all the way from the fist to the arm. There was a loud bang, and Chen Han flew backwards like a broken kite, smashing several tables and chairs one after another before falling.
Qin Yang and others have seen how cold it is to hit Su Yunfeng with one punch. As powerful as he is, he has been slapped by a palm, and the power of the Eight Forms of Heaven is really not covered.
The man frowned and shook his head, sneering: "Except for the very weak brute force, there is no qi cultivation at all, and it can’t be a climate."
"Can you decide whether it will be a climate?"
Everyone thinks that under this blow, Chen Han will be seriously injured, but the other person just stopped talking and he stood up unscathed.
In addition to some slight skin damage on the fist and some muscle strain on the right arm, it did not cause other injuries. After all, his physical strength now is far more than ten times that of the same fighters.
"You …"
The man couldn’t help but stare, and obviously looked incredulous. After a pause, he nodded and said, "Is the outer door practicing the golden bell jar horizontally?" I was mistaken, but it’s a pity that it’s useless to be beaten. Can you keep it up? "
A series of handprints emerge in my mind. The five elements of Xuan Qi run in a special way, and Chen Cold is sketched by some rough interweaving.
The foundation period can control SHEN WOO Seal, which is also the most basic Xuan Seal of cultivation.
At the moment when the realm breaks through to the opening period, in addition to the corresponding cultivation method, there is another mysterious seal in memory.
In addition, the color of the five elements of Xuan Qi changed strangely from white to black, and the black gas flowed at the fingertips, emitting an illusory atmosphere. This is the Xuan Qi that was automatically transformed when it was just advanced, and the metal corresponding to the opening period was not obtained. Before absorbing the corresponding five elements of refined gold gas, the number of the five elements of Xuan Yin in the opening period was very small, and it was only enough to start twice at most.
A black aura is rapidly forming, and if there is a fix-true person nearby, you will find that it is clearly the unique text in the fix-true world-force!
The ofuda broke away from the fingertips, appeared above the head like a teleport, and after being broken, it turned into a black awn and infiltrated into the body.
At the same time, an indescribable feeling spread all over the body, as if taking stimulants, filled with the power of the Kowloon Elephant.
The Tianli Seal corresponding to the opening period has doubled the physical strength. With his current cultivation of Xuan Qi, it can only last for two minutes at a time.
With the doubling of body strength, the speed has soared by nearly 70% out of thin air.
There was no time to waste on boring dialogue. Chen Han stamped his right foot on the ground, leaving a depression more than one and a half inches deep, and a meteor rushed to the other side like a moon.
"This is … blood gravity solution? !”
The man’s face suddenly changed, and he once again misunderstood the emperor’s extremely shocking the sky record as some kind of achievement method that can temporarily enhance the combat effectiveness. After nearly 30 years of intensive cultivation, the true qi has been raised to the limit: "Boy, I want to see how much you can rely on, and pick me up."
At this moment, let alone Chen Han and Qin Yang, who know martial arts very well. Even David and others know that this inscrutable man comes from Zifengge.
Just, they never think impassability, how could Su Yunfeng be associated with Zifengge.
Zifengge, as the eight sects of Yanhuang, has always been totally honest, and his disciples can never get involved in the underworld, let alone stand out for the gangsters in our city.
Palm wind and iron fist severely hit, Chen cold stuffy hum 1 even five steps back, in the incredible eyes of all, cold man unexpectedly also back two steps.
The most important thing is that his right hand is obviously shaking. After the increase of Tianli Seal, the boxing force of Chen Han exceeding six tons is not so easy to bear. Although the man’s true qi attack power is still above six tons, Chen Han’s physical defense is too strong to cause substantial damage, and his physical body is far from it.
Therefore, Chen Han, who bears a stronger attack force, has a little numbness in his arm and a slight strain in his muscle. Instead, he hurts his bones and muscles.
"These rely on should be enough?"
Chen cold didn’t give him a chance to breathe, while joking and mocking, while attacking each other with all his strength.
Just like a robot full of clockwork, without fatigue and pause, the man suddenly fell into a dilemma. Self-cultivation is obviously stronger than the other side, but watching the other side be repelled, but without any harm, he immediately jumped up again.
Tons of pure strength confronted him head-on, and his arms ached. God knows how a person’s physical strength can be so powerful.
Is there any amazing background behind him?
At the beginning, he gained the upper hand, and was beaten back again and again by Chen Han, who had been increased by Tianliyin. Suddenly, he thought of this heavy problem and hurriedly shouted, "Stop it! I have nothing to do with that Su Yunfeng. Have you never heard of the Dark Dragon? "
"I don’t care whether you are a bright dragon or a dark dragon. I thought I was afraid of you if I didn’t hit you and begged for mercy!" Chen cold and tide wait for no man, attack speed faster.
"Damn it!"

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