"Good idea!"

The busy man cried out with a rare laugh. "Besides, you don’t have to put all the people in the tower and leave half of the Du Jie troops outside, which can not only be used to guard against the other side’s counterattack, but also release the Yuan God’s attack at the moment of opening, and kill the other side’s combat power more quickly!"
What seemed like a narrow escape, under the novel idea of Chen Han and two places at once, suddenly seems to be effortless at all.
Of course, whether it can develop according to the expected situation after really entering the war situation is another way of saying it.
Booming …
Mundus doesn’t care about more than 3,000 Du Jie masters out of thin air. The inferno and practitioners controlled by demons add up. There are nearly 1,000 people in Mahayana, and the Du Jie masters are more than 20,000, far exceeding the number of high-order practitioners on this side of Chen’s cold.
Nearly half of the masters followed him, and the overwhelming attacks fell on the defense mask endlessly, consuming the energy in the ban at an alarming rate.
Light and shadow kept flashing, and half of the masters were put into the Forbidden Fairy Precious Tower by Duanmu Dome. The remaining 1,700 people held him tightly in the center, forming a war completely composed of Du Jie masters.
Chen cold constantly hit a XuanYin blessing on these people, all of them are condensate yuan seal to enhance combat effectiveness.
With the cultivation of Du Jie’s late peak, the true elements mobilized by the same order of fix true can be doubled, which will be improved in essence whether it is used for attack or defense. Acting on those who fix the truth in the early days of Du Jie, it can even triple the fighting capacity, which is equal to the transformation from the early days of kidnapping to the middle of Du Jie. Even for the knife and residual blood in the early days of Mahayana, it has at least a 50% increase effect.
Fortunately, he ascended to the peak of Du Jie’s later period, and the number of five elements of Xuan gas stored in the body was huge. As the corresponding out-of-body experience period, the consumption of Xuan gas was not too much. After nearly 20 minutes of consumption of 70% of the five elements of Xuan gas, more than 1,000 people were all blessed by Xuan seal.
After all the preparations were done, the doppelganger saw that most of the enemies were attacking, and the old force had lost the opportunity for the new force to be born, and at the same time sent a message to everyone: "Open!"
Chapter 282 Decisive bloody prison 2
At the moment when the voice of the busy person came, a lot of masks were enlarged, and more than 1000 people were shrouded in a seclusion array to block the outside world, which was completely broken with a loud sound.
At the same time, the absolute defense of the mask disappeared, and the demons and practitioners around suddenly found that the mask with the locked consciousness was gone.
Unfortunately, most of them have just launched an attack, and there is not enough energy to launch it again.
The Forbidden Fairy Towers on the top of Duanmu Dome burst into dazzling golden brilliance, and a strong suction suddenly spread.
The forbidden fairy towers can be forcibly collected. Enemies who are three times higher than their own strength have the cultivation of Du Jie in the middle period of the Holy Body of Thunder, even if they have special physique, they can be collected by the late Mahayana masters. Of course, the number of masters at that level is extremely limited, and one at a time is absolutely not in line with the efficiency of fighting. He targeted those Mahayana masters who hold ancient fairy wares and repair them as inferior to themselves.
"Damn … quick lock them, attack …"
Mundus’s face changed sharply, calling on him, but before he could finish the intermittent sentence, light and shadow flashed in front of his head, and he had been banned from the fairy tale tower.
Everyone knows the truth of catching the thief first, so among the first targets of Duanmu Dome, not only Mundus is on the list, but also other important high-level infernos have become his targets. After all, he now has an amazing state in the middle of Mahayana, which is a big state higher than that of Mundus, plus five times of the big state, and his strength is 45 times that of Mundus, so he can take 45 people who are equal to Mundus at a time.
The mysterious arrow-Eight Wastes!
The collapse of the recluse array, the disappearance of the defensive mask, and the harvest of the Duanmu Dome all happened at the same time, and there were also more than 1,700 Yuan God attacks.
More than 10,000 gas arrows, which are completely condensed by the force of Yuan God, fly at the speed of light to the dense crowd, all aiming at practitioners controlled by demons.
The reason why there is no target for the inferno is that on the one hand, the inferno knows a little about the attack on the Yuan God, and the defense against this strange attack mode is stronger. On the other hand, practitioners who originated from ancient times and even ancient times are very talented. It is more important to eradicate these people first than to deal with demons first.
Poof! Poof! Poof!
All the objects were chosen to be one grade lower than themselves. With a series of cracking sounds, the heads of more than 13,000 people were blown into rotten watermelons on the spot.
Although these people are not the strongest masters, on average, they are one grade lower than those of more than 1,700 people, but the lowest ones also have the late state of fit, and there are even eight late masters of Du Jie who were killed by a knife, which is also the backbone of each other.
The most important thing is that they didn’t choose those people who had not been born in Xinli, which directly led to the large-scale fall of the enemy who had the ability to attack at this moment, and the attacks against them were much less.
Yuan Shen’s attack speed is incredible, which is ten times faster than that of the forbidden fairy-fairy tower, but the conventional attack speed is a line slower than that of Duanmu dome. Just as a small number of enemies reluctantly locked their minds and transferred them, they launched a counterattack, and a war of more than 1,700 years broke out.
"Lingxiao is absolutely immortal, and the main array melts into Yuan … absolutely immortal sword, chop!"
Geng Jin’s body is in charge of the war, and his own personality and cultivation method make the knife’s murderous look unparalleled. Even if it is a combination of Geng Jin’s metallic thieves, it also has the body of Geng Jin. Therefore, this magical array, composed entirely of Du Jie masters, is incredibly powerful and even better than Duanmu Dome.
There is no thousand-meter giant sword of heavenly sword, no ten-million lightsabers of ground-breaking enemy sword, and only a small bunch, which brings together 1,700 Du Jie-period strong men to strike with all their strength.

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