"I said I told you to die," Swein repeated, pointing to the distant noisy battlefield and not repeating it.

"Yes, yes," the captain hurriedly ran towards the battlefield where he was more likely to die, as if it was a nightmare to stay with this lame man for one more minute.
"Seafood Trident …" Swein stopped looking at the poor guy’s back and turned to look in the direction of Knox Sass.
Deng Nici, what do you want to do?
"It’s the sea." Graves looked at the warships that had stopped. He also heard some shouts from a distance, but he couldn’t hear them clearly.
"I know," Chen Senran did not accidentally take another cigar.
"You know?" Graves is already a little used to it
"Well," Chen Senran flicked the cigarette ash and laughed, "I also know that there will be a big event."
"Big deal?" Graves took another look at the battlefield not far away. "You don’t mean we’re going to lose, do you?"
"No" Chen Senran shook his head "I’m going to win"
Deng Nici
Have you arrived yet?
Chen Senran deeply sucked off the last bit of tobacco and vomited a long smoke turn toward the sky to be continued.
Ps first Geng
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One thing happened today, which was like an awakening.
I want to write well
Page one hundred and sixty-six Who’s the winner?
Deng Nici
Many people want to know where he went, Deng Nici.
All keys, Deng Nici
Where the hell did he go?
Deng Nici
He stood on his sword in front of the huge voodoo city.
The morning breeze is very strong, and it blows Deng Nici’s beard and hair with a strong voodoo spirit.
His beard and hair are very white, but his back is still so straight.
As when he was young.
After decades, he finally returned to this place where he was haunted.
Or hate my guts.
His 10,000-strong army formed a formation in front of this huge city with a history of more than 200 years.
No one has ever done this in the most difficult time in the past 200 years, including the country of Knox.
And he Deng Nici did it.
His name will surely go down in history.
There have been Noxas soldiers in Chengtou who have discovered this breakthrough in the morning howard the duck.
They have made a warning, and the desolate horn has sounded the recovery of the whole old and dilapidated city.
But Deng Nici didn’t seem to care about it at all. He slowly turned around and looked at the army in the morning light.
He is most loyal to his family.
Even if Bill Giwart’s self-management committee regularly rotates the personnel in various dangerous positions of the fleet every three years, even if the self-management committee keeps breaking up, reorganizing and inserting one of its own people into the Seafood Trident.
However, Deng Nici’s highest digit in the Seafood Trident has been recovered for ten years.
Seafood trident arrived in the city.
"My soldiers …" Deng Nici looked at the young faces in the morning and suddenly remembered the evening before the day.
When he swept all obstacles to the red sand coast of Knox Sass
He docked all the warships at the coast, and he took the troops to the shore. He looked at their young faces on the high rocks and the silent sunset dyed them a dazzling golden light.
He said, "My soldiers …"
"We crossed the sea for thousands of miles and came to this foreign land. I used to live in my hometown. Many years ago, they killed my relatives and took everything away from me. From that day on, I swore that I, Deng Nici, would come back one day. Now I’m back. I’m going to take revenge." Deng Nici, an old man, pointed to his foot and land, calmly pointed his finger in the direction of the far-off Noxas King City. "I’m going to break down the gate and go all the way to the mountain of the army. I’m going to break his palace and ask him what’s wrong !”
The last sentence, the old man finally got so excited.
The field is still silent, and seagulls are chirping in the distance.
"I know this is a stupid and naive idea, and I am still stupid and naive even at such a big age, but I … just don’t … I spent the first half of my life in Deng Nici, but I ended up in such a situation. My family’s generations of Wu Xun suddenly disappeared. I don’t" Deng Nici’s voice calmed down again, and the sunset shone on his face. There is a deep vicissitudes of life. "Today, this decision is purely my own decision. I won’t stay now."
He looked at everyone.
Everyone is watching him, too.

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