Planck, that’s even more impossible

Seems to be … desperate.
"Hua-"Chen Senran’s continuous silence made the werewolf hesitate for a while and then stepped out again.
He is already a little impatient. He feels as if there is no danger.
"Wow-"Just as the werewolf was about to take the third step, Chen Senran suddenly got up from the ground.
This move made the werewolf take back the foot, and even the whole person consciously shrank back and became alert.
External forces are unreliable.
It’s like … I have my own.
Chen Senran felt the wolf in front of him, and he knew that his base was impossible to deal with.
But he doesn’t choose.
He put her arms gently aside and reached out to hold the odd-shaped blade in her hand.
"Chen …" Aria felt the man move in front of her, and she understood his meaning, but …
"Don’t talk." He stopped him. rya patted her hand and said, "Leave it to me."
Irelia’s eyes looked at Chen Senran’s face, which had never changed color in the end, and finally put the odd-shaped blade in her hand.
"… you be careful" she looked at him and finally said weakly.
"Well" Chen Senran hands holding that a weapon Huo Ran got up.
Just as he mastered the strange weapon and the palm of his hand was completely attached to the cold metal, he vaguely felt that his body seemed to think of something.
He felt that he had a wonderful resonance with the weapon in his hand, as if he had been a peerless swordsman before, and he would wake up if he could get the sword.
But this awakening was quickly suppressed. The culprit was that Chen Senran’s eyes were inaccurate. It was the eye area where you blocked Chen Senran’s whole body function.
Chen Senran felt a tightness in his chest.
But he can still stand in front of that werewolf with that weapon.
Can be retired because of retirement.
The rain is still falling wildly.
Chen Senran and Warwick the werewolf hit everything around them.
No one speaks.
There is rain crackling in the whole narrow roadway.
Inexplicable asphyxia
The whole world stopped for a moment.
a moment
Werewolves can no longer endure this confrontation. He broke the terrible suffocation with a long cry. He jumped from his original position and jumped madly at Chen Senran.
That kind of sudden force makes those who keep falling rain hiss like torn silk thread.
The werewolf suddenly tears, and the heavy rain grabs it and slaps it toward Chen Senran.
Sharp to the extreme, the wolf’s claws brought a terrible wind, which almost blew the rain curtain into reality.
"When-"violent roar suddenly sounded in the long rainy night.
The terrible wolf’s paw hit the odd-shaped blade in Chen Senran’s hand heavily.
Chen Senran’s reaction was not slow either. Although the werewolf was menacing, he raised his hand at a critical moment to block the werewolf’s blow through the spiritual world.
He misjudged the strength of the werewolf’s blow.
Although he blocked the blow, the great power contained in it made him stumble and kneel on the ground directly.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ….." The werewolf laughed in a low voice against the odd-shaped blade. He bit by bit pushed Chen Senran to the whole person and spat out the words bit by bit. "Little friend, you are just an empty gesture. Ha ha ha ha ha ha …..! ! !”
The werewolf suddenly jumped out of place with a final laugh.
This lax let Chen Senran slow lead a sigh of relief.
But the werewolf is back into his jump after fierce toward one side of the wall from a firm step towards Chen Senran again.
"Tear-"Sharp wolf claws once again tore the wind and rain and grabbed it from the side toward Chen Senran’s neck.
Gal than suddenly Angle is tricky.
But fortunately, Chen Senran’s perception is more terrible than that. Almost immediately, the werewolf realized that his body also seemed to be reflexive and beheaded toward that claw after several exercises.
"When-"another sudden roar werewolf laughed and jumped aside again.
Chen Senran was not prepared to let him go, but once he turned his blade, he chased the past again.
Because at that moment, he saw the flaw in the spiritual world.
His body also automatically followed.
But in the middle of it, his whole body froze in place, and the unknown thing in his eyes once again prevented his strength from recovering.
He couldn’t help but groan painfully.
The werewolf was startled by Chen Senran’s sudden strange sword. That angle was really an angle that he could avoid. If he was stabbed by Chen Senran, he would be hard to suffer a little skin injury.
Seeing was Chen Senran stood in situ at the moment. Although he didn’t know what the reason was, it would be more time if he didn’t fight back at this time.
He hesitated slightly and slapped Chen Senran back toward the other side of the wall again.
"Snow-"This time, Chen Senran was not blocked by a werewolf, and the whole person was shot from the original place and hit the wall heavily.
"Cough," he couldn’t help coughing all over, but also wearing a painful tear in his flesh.
He has some not to get up.
"Kid, you don’t have a chance." Warwick the werewolf looked at lying in the corner and couldn’t get up. Chen Senran picked up his arms and laughed. "Accept fate."
"Cough-"Chen Senran didn’t pick him up. He coughed and gritted his teeth, and leaned the odd-shaped blade in his hand to the ground and barely got up.
The rainy night kept beating on him.
It’s cold.
Is tonight really the death of my Chen Senran? to be continued
Ps first Geng
Tianjiao Shuang is a bit beautiful. It can’t stop.
Page 54 Kill the Wolf
Just as the werewolf was about to start work on Chen Senran, she lay on the side and suddenly Arilia spoke.
"oh? My lovely little girl, do you have anything to say? " The werewolf turned his head to look at rya, who was weak and crooked, and said in a winning tone, "Do you want to beg for mercy?"
"…" Ariely said after a moment’s silence, "I beg you to let him go. You just came to kill me and him this time."
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! ! ! !” The werewolf laughed as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world. His vague animal laughter went straight into the muscles and bones in the heavy rain. "What did I hear?" You, Aria, the great blade will fight invincible, Valkyria, and you’re begging me for mercy? I met a man, hahahahahahahahahaha! ! ! !”

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