Feather wisdom launched a crazy attack, like a flood of attacks, wave after wave coming towards Xia Qi, which made Xia Qi very embarrassed and kept retreating. It seemed that he was always facing a crisis.
But no matter what, even though Yu Zhi has seen Xia Qi several times, he will be beheaded by the round sword, but Xia Qi is tougher than every time he will avoid the past at the key moment.
I’ve lost my cool and I’m bent on slaying Xia Qi quickly. I attribute this to Xia Qi’s good luck.
He showed a more violent attack to slay Xia Qi.
Xia Qi appeared more loopholes, and many times he was almost killed by a round sword. Although Xia Qi still avoided the past, he made Yu Zhi more excited.
Because Yu Zhi saw that Xia Qi missed the round sword attack every time, he was even more flustered, which made Yu Zhi feel that he would have to add another sword and force, and maybe Xia Qi would die in a second.
In this case, Yu Zhi is excited, his face is red and his eyes are full of excitement.
He frantically pursued the immortal yuan and poured it into the round sword. This kind of terrorist attack tore the sky and made Xia Qi even more embarrassed.
Even Xia Qi was scarred.
That bloody scar further stimulated Yu Zhi, the intelligent young genius, completely lost his vigilance and kept pursuing.
He squandered the immortal yuan and hoped that Xia Qi could be beheaded by the sword in one second.
What feather wisdom didn’t notice that when he was more excited than chasing Xia Qi, Xia Qi’s several visions had already been solved. He brought several immortals, even Lien Chan, but he was not summoned by Xia Qi to help him. It was still flustered and thrilling than chasing after Yu Zhi.
Feather wisdom eyes looked at Xia Qi in front of him. He believed that he could slay Xia Qi with a sword.
If someone is watching at the moment, it will be obvious at a glance that feather wisdom seems to dominate the wind at the moment, but it is actually being played by Xia Qi like a monkey when facing Xia Qi.
Unfortunately, there is no audience here.
The attendant brought by Yu Zhi has been completely dead, and Chang Yang rescued by Yu Zhi has not been lucky enough to be directly killed and completely fallen by Xia Qi’s several visions.
At this time, no one woke up and he occupied the absolute wind. His eyes kept attacking Xia Qi and Xia Qi was running away.
Feather wisdom didn’t notice that Xia Qi was being chased by him all the time, and he was walking around in circles with him.
After a chase, they escaped for a long time, but they are still in this vein. Feather wisdom is being led by Xia Qi around here without leaving half a step.
Chapter nine hundred and eleven burly figure
Chapter nine hundred and eleven burly figure
Lose calm feather wisdom didn’t notice that Xia Qi was still spinning in the same place after being hunted by him for a long time. The root is not far from this vein.
At the moment, Yu Zhi is full of fanaticism and murder to slay Xia Qi!
His eyes are crazy, his face is ferocious, and he is not as graceful as before, and he is fiercely pursuing Xia Qi.
He believes that slaying Xia Qi takes only one second!
Although he felt this way a long time ago, he has not been able to slay Xia Qi until now, but Yu Zhi still believes that one second can slay Xia Qi!
He completely lost his cool and was led by Xia Qi to squander the body fairy yuan, which made him more and more weak and showed a pale look because of excessive consumption.
But for all this feather wisdom!
He was manipulated by Xia Qi like a puppet and finally believed that he could slay Xia Qi in one second!
This killing didn’t last long. Although Yuzhi was confident that he could slay Xia Qi, the final result was not what Yuzhi imagined.
When he spent a lot of money and looked pale, he almost couldn’t keep up with Xia Qi. When he deliberately slowed down, Xia Qi finally lost his patience to continue to deal with it.
Although Yu Zhi still holds a round sword in his hand, Xia Qi is not going to continue to play around!
A collision explosion is a fierce collision between the town platform and the round sword. This collision is no longer that the town platform flies upside down, but that the round sword is reversed!
This rapid change makes feather wisdom look slightly one leng.
He has some no reaction to come over.
But soon, the town soldiers swept through, and the fierce, bloody ShaQi murder made Yu Zhi completely awake!
Sober feather wisdom looks paler!

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