The footsteps echoed in the middle of the hall of the soul, which made people feel a gloomy and horrible atmosphere.

As if the blink of an eye, this figure has gradually become clear, and at this time, Yan Wei led a group of monks from the Yan family to make a sudden move!
The murder of six monks from the strict family while drinking low is breathtaking!
Six magic weapons are flashing with great power and rumbling towards this one, and they will walk out of the fog and sweep away fiercely!
"Swallow the jar!"
The sudden attack was fiercer than the figure in the mist, but it didn’t panic and anger. A glittering and translucent jade bowl in one hand suddenly offered!
This jade bowl is glittering and translucent, which makes people feel that it is full of holiness and light breath at first glance, but at this time it emerges with a surging magic spirit!
This rolling magic gas covers the sun and turns a huge magic pot blade into a block for all kinds of attacks in this person!
In the violent explosion, the magic gas surged in the magic pot, but the six long-planned attacks also dispersed!
The moments of fighting Yan Wei and others returned to work and watched the young people out of the fog, and the dangers were even more screaming in their mouths!
This person is impressively Wu!
"It turned out to be you and me. Who cast such a three-pronged attack on little ye? It turned out to be a strict family of seven families, and it really deserves to be a family of seven."
Deep in Wu’s eyes, it’s more dignified than the face, but it’s easy to sneer at Yanwei with a look.
"What about Xia Qi?"
Hear Wu Yan Wei eyes fade suddenly and violently but passed to Wu Leng asked.
If a single Wu, even Wu as he entered the realm of Yuan infant, today he is sure to stay with five Yan brothers behind him.
However, Xia Qi entered this place with Wu, and Wu had easily defeated Xie Yun in the Yuan infant period outside the Temple of the Lost Soul. If Xia Qi were here, I’m afraid Yan Wei would just run away.
"Pick up you such a buffoon must we two brothers begin? Small ye one foot! "
Wu low drink a hand dragon figure to unexpectedly beat!
"The dragon roars for nine days!"
Drank the dragon violently. In the picture, the dragon emerges vividly and exudes strength. Compared with Rowen, it seems that everything is roaring and dragons are screaming for nine days!
"With you a person also dare I yan home against? It’ s simply a dead end! "
I’m afraid it’s because Xia Qi isn’t around that you can leave Wu today!
Yan Wei’s hand appears a apricot yellow flag that shakes slightly, which means that the wind is raging, and the golden light is as big as a hot sun, covering the sky!
The golden lotus blooms quietly in the golden light, and the attack is surging towards Wu!
Dragon roaring golden lotus blooming!
Although the dragon is mighty and extraordinary, it wants to surpass the sky, but it is suppressed by the golden lotus and attacked by the remaining five monks of the Yan family. Finally, the dragon is completely dissipated by a golden lotus!
However, when the dragon dissipated, Wu was in a flash like a streamer and turned to flee to escape back to the hazy mist in the rear.
"With you if a person from my strict family monks to flee to not a big joke? Xinghuangqi sealed the town! "
Yan Wei didn’t panic and sneer at a apricot yellow flag shaking again and again, but he saw the golden light bursting with golden lotus blossoms and surrounded all the places where Wu was located!
"Yan small ye remember you! If you run away today, I will repay your Yan family a hundred times tomorrow! "
Wu looked a little pale. This is a real expense. At this time, he was surrounded by several golden lotus flowers. He watched the six monks of the Yan family form a war and besieged himself. Wu Xin also knew that it would cost him some money to escape.
"Ha ha … Wu, you have no chance! You are bound to die here today! "
Wu Yan Wei was about to speak when he heard a sudden sound in his ear!
Followed by the mist, several figures appeared, but Xie Gu and Nangong family in the seven families joined forces at this time!
The Nangong family was killed by the Golden Snake Princess together with the mysterious boy because the Xia Zhou demon family robbed the gold ingot. Except Nangong Jun, the Nangong family left two hands.
It is so that Nangong Jun is United with Xie Jia all the way forward.
At this time, Xie guhe the nangongshan family appeared to look at the trapped Wu.
Wu was suddenly changed!
If he was besieged by the Yan family before, he was confident that he could escape at some cost. At this time, the family brother behind Xie Yun and Nangong Junjia appeared, hoping to get away from Wu!
It should be noted that Xie Jia Xie Yun’s repair has entered the Yuan baby period!
There are two Yuan infant monks, and dozens of peak monks in the golden elixir. At this time, Wu has been trapped and it is difficult to escape.
"Wu gives you a chance to tell where Xia Qi is. Perhaps the young master’s kindness can spare your life!"
Yanwei is sure to win, commanding and looking at Wu Aoran’s mouth.
"If you don’t tell me Xia Qi is here, you will suffer all the world even if you die today!"
Xie Yun eyes solemnity cold mouth.
The seven families had to give in and let Xia Qi take the lead in entering the Hall of the Broken Soul, which was a great shame for the seven families!
At that time, Xie Yun had already made up his mind to enter the back of the Lost Soul House and was bound to slay Xia Qi to wash away the shame!
"Do you want to leave me? I’m afraid it’s not that easy, little master. I’m a magic weapon to blow myself up. At least I’ll take one of you with me! "
Wu’s eyes flashed with crazy colors, and the glittering and translucent jade magic pot and dragon figure emerged in front of him with a faint majesty.
See the dragon figure and the magic pot in the eyes of the two family brothers are flashing greedy colors!
But in the blink of an eye, greed will save the color of panic!
Therefore, when Wu Zhenyuan surged, he instilled two magic weapons, and the light of these two magic weapons flashed out.

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