When Kuiniu saw this low road, "I dare not", he said that Kuiniu blushed and grew up like being blown up. Beibei exclaimed at this, "Oh, I forgot that you can’t eat so much polysaccharide beans. Dad, come and save people."

Mr. Zhang listened to Beibei’s words and immediately flew out and got into the Kuiniu body. Then Kuiniu’s body gradually became smaller, and his bones crackled and his body slowly changed into a human form. Finally, Kuiniu became a human form, but the first two horns could not stand on the top of his head.
Zhang Wendao: "You eat a lot of elixir. Now I have put all the elixir mana into your body. In the future, the cultivation speed can be increased. The sweeping method is not suitable for you and me, so I will give you a roll of Xuangong."
Mr. Zhang wrote a volume of Kuiniu’s "Xuangong of Heaven and Earth", which asked Kuiniu to work hard to practice six turns, but the remaining two volumes were Xuangong’s remaining three turns and Xuangong’s essence. This Kuiniu is not a Penglai person, so naturally it can’t get three volumes of Xuangong, but this volume is enough for Kuiniu to practice six turns of Xuangong slowly and become a saint. It is much better to be the first person than to cut off two corpses and be a saint.
That Kuiniu got Zhang Wen’s help in the future, but the chance was that many Kuiniu bowed down to Zhang Wen and Beibei after his recovery. "Thank you for your help, thank you for your help, Miss Niu Kui."
Beibei patted Niu Kui’s head and said, "After you are my younger brother, I will protect you in the three realms, and you will run amok. Then you will have to listen to me in the future or you will be responsible for the consequences."
Zhang Wentou’s black line has never been broken since he came to the Biyou Palace. Now the whole head is black line. If it weren’t for his perseverance, he would have been furious.
Niu Kui said, "Miss Da, I have orders. Can Niu Kui dare not listen to Miss Da from there?"
Beibei laughed. "Good, good, that’s my little brother. Now I want you to leave here and be the demon king. The bad guys always ride you out of my house. How can your boss watch your little brother be driven? Don’t come back now, or the three realms will laugh at me. Baby’s little brother can be a human being and it’s hard for me to talk about it."
Niu Kui listened to Beibei and bowed down in fear. "Miss Da, you let go of the small bar. You don’t have the guts or the heart. You just look at the small bar and bad karma people. Except for this, Miss Da told me that Niu Kui had to finish it."
Beibei smiled and looked at Niukui, who directly scared Niukui into a cold sweat, and then whispered, "Miss, I know you won’t promise. Well, I want you to burn this Biyou Palace. Go ahead."
Niu Kui almost fainted after listening to this. What’s the matter? What can I do? What dare I think? Niu Kui cried and shouted, "Miss, please forgive me. How can my family live without me?" Niu Kui cried with tears and snot, which made people sympathize.
Beibei was a cold face and then primly said, "You’re a wild alien who told me what’s old and young. It’s not bullying me. Do you know that I’ll give you two ways today, miss? Otherwise, I’ll directly burn this Biyou Palace later, and you’ll have to carry it back."
It’s not the first time that Zhang Wen really regretted that he had no heart when he taught his daughter. If he had a heart of stone, Beibei might not be like this now. Finally, Zhang Wen decided to follow his daughter more and teach her something better. Then he would have to prepare regret medicine.
Mr. Zhang bent over Beibei’s ear and said, "Let’s let him go, dear daughter. You see that he is so miserable that he will bully him again. You see how pitiful he is."
Beibei refused. "Dad, you don’t know that Niu Kui’s acting skills haven’t been good yet. I’ve seen these two children perform such scenes many times. If you want to lie to me, I don’t want Dad to watch my horse and make him obey."
Beibei saw that Niu Kui was still crying, and a torch came out in a flash. The flame burning at the top of the torch didn’t seem to be any fire. Beibei walked up to Niu Kui and said, "Cow, you can watch this is the true fire of samadhi. If you go back on your word now, you will come back. Otherwise, if I lose it like this, I don’t know if this Biyou Palace can withstand this true fire of samadhi. I really want to see the burning sea of fire. Do you know if it looks good?"
The Niukui listened to Beibei’s words and quickly stopped crying and kowtowed to Beibei. "Miss, I’m going to be the demon king. Don’t light a fire. This Biyou Palace can’t stand how to burn it."
Beibei conveniently took the torch and said, "You’re not forcing me. Actually, Miss is not the kind of person who forces good prostitutes, but you have to be mean. This is not forcing me. Alas, you asked for it. You can’t come back this time, otherwise you can think about the consequences yourself."
When Zhang Wen listened to Beibei’s words, his feet stumbled and he almost fell down. His heart was full of fame and fire, and he hated the panda half to death. That Niu Kui was forced to be prepared to be the demon king. That Beibei saw that Niu Kui was unarmed and found a wrought iron rod at Biyou Palace, and then gave him a nine-turn elixir, which drove him to be a demon in Niu Kui’s world.
Niu Kui was forced by Beibei to save the demon in Biyou Palace, but he hoped that Tongtian would not be blamed in the future, and he also thought about the future story. Seeing Tongtian in the future, he pushed everything on Beibei. Anyway, it was forced. No wonder he was the head.
Chapter 29 The Five Saints in Xihe Niuzhou
This Niukui casually found a hill to rest for a while in the fairyland. Suddenly, it occurred to him that the big lady often wandered around the East. If she found a mountain demon herself, she didn’t come every day. Niukui thought about it and couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. He hurriedly drove the clouds straight to the west. Now, no matter what is in charge, the farther away from the East, the better. Otherwise, he won’t be killed by the big lady.
Niu Kui went to Naxihe Niuzhou and found a place near the western hills. This Niu Kui knew that Miss Penglai had a reputation, but once she agreed, she had to do it. Otherwise, the consequences were unpredictable. Niu Kui naturally didn’t have the guts to disrespect the will.
Niu Kui went to the Jilei Mountain, where the scenery was very good, so he took a seat and came to the mountain. There were a few small demons there, but the last part was collected by Niu Kui. When Niu Kui collected these small demons, he said, "Miss Da is noble, and now I can’t weaken her title as her younger brother. Besides, I can’t weaken my reputation as a leader. Although I am a demon king now, I can’t just bury it. Even if I am a demon king, I have to know all three worlds."
That Niu Kui thought that if she didn’t worry about being famous here, it would attract Beibei’s heart to think about it, and then she thought, "How can a big lady not know about me? The old cow is really ignorant. If a big lady wants to find me, she needs to pinch her fingers to know that she wants to come. Now my every move is in the hands of her old man’s house. I am in the west, far from the east, and Miss is too lazy to come to my desolate place. If I don’t be a good demon king as Miss Da told me, I am afraid that Miss Da will find the door in the future."
Niu Kui thought it over and over again, and finally made up his mind to be a famous demon in the Three Realms, so as to complete Beibei’s account and not weaken the prestige of intercepting education. This Niu Kui started with the banner and invited all the demons in Fiona Fang to be a guest, which is also considered to be his own preparation.
There are also many lich kings in Fiona Fang Baili. No one commanded them before, and all the scattered places are in their own way. Now Niu Kui has invited all the lich kings in Jileishan to watch and see. This new demon is a square person, and it is better to make plans for himself in the future.
After staying for three days, the product Leishan gathered hundreds of demon Niu Kuili in the first seat with a big bowl of wine. "Today, I, Niu Mowang, stand on the top of the mountain and claim the king. It’s a great pleasure to have you here to pay tribute, but I, Niu Mowang, worship first." I drank the wine in one breath.
Then you big demons come out of control, but the heaven, the six emperors and the Emperor Chen are now in charge, and the three demon natural persons are in charge, so the demons are all in their own way. One of the big demons said, "Niu Mowang, you call yourself the king, but you want to lead us in the future?"
Niu Mowang laughed. "Since you are also white, I think that today I am also white. You don’t know the old cow in the future. I want all the demon ministers in Fiona Fang to listen to my orders from Ji Leishan. Now you can compete with me against the demon rules. The winner is the king and the loser is the coach."
The big demon said, "Well, since you want to compete with me, we will naturally not be the king. Let me see you first. Niu Mowang has something to do." Then the big demon came out of the crowd with a big knife.
Niu Mowang casually grabbed a wrought iron rod and appeared in his hand. All the people present gave up a large place for the two of them to compete. Niu Kui said, "Don’t say that the old cow bullied you. Since you are here to challenge me, I will let you take it after three strokes."
When the demon heard what Niu Kui said, his heart was furious and he slashed at Niu Kui with a knife. In the middle of nowhere, it was Taiyi Jinxian Daoxing who followed Tongtian Daoxing for many years. After eating so many nine rounds of alchemy, the great demon was even more earth. Then Mr. Zhang learned a volume of Xuangong, and Niu Kui learned it for a few days, but it was easy to succeed when he turned Xuangong. Although it was not so good, Niu Kui, however, in the middle of nowhere, Kuiniu came to be a tough person. When he turned Xuangong, he condensed his body, and the physical defense was comparable.
It’s a pity that the big demon cut it with a thunderous force, but his lack of mana threatened Niu Kui’s flicker and evaded the knife. I didn’t want this big demon to fall with a knife, and then the trajectory of the big sword continued to rush to Niu Kui according to the metaphysical route. Niu Kui saw that this big demon knife could be converted at will, revealing a smile that seemed to be appreciative.
Niu Kui dodged the sword three times in a row and changed it three times, but the fourth time it failed. Niu Kui said, "I didn’t expect you to have two moves in a few minutes."
The big demon roared, "Niu Mowang, I don’t think I’m your opponent. Since you can easily avoid my three knives, you can beat me a hundred times. I give up, but if you want to lead us, you have to beat us to join hands, otherwise I can’t wait."
Niu Kui looked at the big demon and then at all the demons. The big demons seemed to think so. Niu Kui laughed. "Since you want to see my strength, come with me. Today, I also want to see how many demons you can rely on."
Since Niu Kui said that he would fight against all the demons, all the demons would not miss the opportunity. They took the weapons together and killed Niu Kui. Every stick can fight against all the demons, and a big demon can be shot out. But Niu Kui also kills people. The demon’s mana and low-cut axe sticks hit Niu Kui’s body with sparks, but it can’t hurt him. There are some mana and profound demons that can hurt Niu Kui. Unfortunately, Niu Kui’s Xuangong works once, but he recovers immediately. In the end, the more injuries he gets, the better.
A dozen days later, Niukui Xuangong turned smoother and practiced while playing. It was this ten days that Niukui was inspired, and the more he practiced Xuangong, the faster he practiced. It was this ten days that he was able to break through the border. It was precisely because of this that he would hold the battle for so long, otherwise Niukui’s strength would have to be solved in three days at most. Now all the demon bases are present, and there are no major injuries but a lot of physical injuries.
After more than ten days of fighting, all the demons are exhausted, but that Niu Kui seems to be more excited. Generally, when he hits people, he has no strength to be beaten, but he is excited. This is the conclusion that people have observed for more than ten days.
Suddenly Niu Kui’s body shook, and then it changed greatly and slightly. Everyone didn’t know that Niu Kui’s Xuangong change could be watched by the side. Suddenly Niu Kui’s body soared and the demons immediately dispersed. Then Niu Kui became smaller again and restored to its original state. It was the demons who saw that Niu Kui seemed to go further. Everyone sighed that Niu Kui really deserved to break through even fighting.
Niu Kuixuan’s second conversion to mana has gone further, and his way has also risen a little. He laughed. "Thank you for your help, Lao Niu. My second conversion to Xuangong has gone further now."
Demons worship "Your Majesty’s magical power is beyond the reach of the world."
Niu Kui said, "Those who are here today are all from Leishan Mountain. Those who have not yet arrived should visit the children one by one and set up a banquet quickly. I want your kings to have a good drink."
A large number of demons hurriedly responded, and then everyone drank to celebrate Niu Mowang’s unification of Leishan.
Niu Kui led the hundreds of demons to turn over the various forces of Jileishan in a row, and then cleaned Fiona Fang’s thyme department. This Jileishan was officially turned into Niu Kui’s private industry. This Niukui cleared it up in Jileishan, regardless of the name of the religious forces, and then slowly, when he unified Jileishan, the demon departments of Naxi Niuzhou knew the name of Niu Mowang.
There are also many big demons in Xihe Niuzhou, which are not well-known now. Although the prominent party has not reached the level known to the three realms after all, many big demons came to visit Niu Mowang when he was the master of Leishan Mountain. Among them, the dumpling demon king, the Peng demon king, the monkey king and the Yu Zhou king were wild monsters at this time. In the future, the lion camel king was a bodhisattva riding a horse, but now he has never visited these three realms, so these five big demons are called great sages.
These five people are all monsters at the Great Sage level. When they meet Niu Kui, they get to know each other and get along well with each other in the future. This Niu Kui and all the demons have seen it, and then it is recognized by all the demons. This product is Lei Shan, which is Niu Kui.
Then Zhang Wen and Beibei looked at the water mirror, in which it was Niu Kui who made friends with all the demons. Beibei clapped his hands and laughed. "Great, my younger brothers also have this Niu Kui, which earned me a few minutes. Dad, why don’t we go and find some younger brothers to be the demon king for me? I will be asked to climb up in the future and everyone will gather in these younger brothers. If all of them are famous monsters, then my face will be ok. The cat said that being the boss is to make his younger brother fight for the face. How can the younger brother not be famous?"
Mr. Zhang is holding Beibei’s black line at the moment, and it seems that Mr. Zhang has never broken his anger and calmed down. "Beibei, how can you come forward with such a thing as Miss Penglai? You have to hide behind the scenes to let the younger brother handle everything, even if you arrange for the younger brother to do things, you need the younger brother to understand the boss’s meaning. Those stupid younger brothers are coming. Let the panda do it without these things."
Chapter 30 White Snake
Beibei said, "But the cat doesn’t know what I want to do? Isn’t that a cat and a stupid little brother? "
Zhang Wendao: "The panda is the leader of your hand, and the younger brother will give you a message. You just need to arrange for him to give you a little indication. The rest will be taught to the panda to solve your problem. Their boss will be a boss and can’t come out all day, so that your boss image will be greatly damaged, not only losing your face, but also losing the mystery of being the boss."
Beibei seems to be very excited to hear what Mr. Zhang said. "Then dad, tell me how to be the boss to be a good cat. He tells me that when the boss is the boss, you have to keep looking for the younger brother to handle everything and let him handle what he needs to watch."
Zhang Wen once again pressed his anger in his heart and smiled, "Being the boss is to let his younger brother do things. You need to see the results and process, no matter what you want the younger brother to do, but you can’t have too many younger brothers, otherwise you will make trouble. Being the boss needs a few capable younger brothers instead of those younger brothers, just like my younger brother panda. I don’t need to find a younger brother."
Beibei exclaimed, "Dad, what if I accept a lot of younger brothers?"

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