Lingye is still thinking about it, and he doesn’t move a step further, but turns slowly around the black smoke column.

After a while, the black smoke column gradually weakened and disappeared. At this time, it was more clear to look at the man lying there. After thinking about it, I saw that Ling Ye gently waved a white ribbon wrapped around her arm. After being waved by Ling Ye, it seemed as if there was life. One end reached out to the man lying on the ground. The white ribbon first came to the man’s side and then rolled up his body and turned him over.
When the man was turned over, Lingye frowned when he saw the man.
"How could it be him?"
At this time, Ling Ye felt that someone was approaching rapidly and looked back at the person who was close. It turned out that Fluttershy Ling Ye breathed a sigh of relief.
Fluttershy came to Lingye’s side and looked at the man lying on the ground and wondered, "Who is this person, senior sister?"
Spirit leaves turned to look at the man light way "is what you call the devil"
"Tick! Tick tock! ……”
The soul of the moon felt that he had consciousness. The first thing he heard was the dripping sound of water droplets, which was so familiar. He slowly opened his eyes and sat up slowly.
When he looked around, he was confused and then froze.
"Magic cave?"
That’s right. This is the place where the Moon Soul stayed for three months. The stone bed here is still a stone bed, stalactites are still stalactites, pools are still pools, and people are still the same, but … there are some different changes.
"Why am I here?" He slowly thought about the past. Isn’t he going to save the girl who was detained in Putuo Temple? Why is it here? That woman …
When the soul remembered that month, the body horse reacted and asked for a stone bed, but the body horse came with a heartbreaking pain that made him fall on the stone bed again.
"Don’t try to be brave. The master said that your body is on the verge of collapse and needs conditioning. If you don’t adjust it, you may never be able to fix yourself into a basket case. Hum! I don’t know how the master and the teacher elder sister think that they should let you live here as a big devil and let me Fluttershy serve you. "
The moon soul looked at the sound and found a woman in a white dress carrying something. The woman looked like a sign of ten sides, but it was not surprising, because the moon soul knew that all the brothers of the Holy Spirit were women and they were all extremely signs, such as Qingran Saint and Lingye.
"Why am I here?" The soul of that moon ask the question he is most concerned about now.
"How do I know what will you be here? You didn’t show up for nothing, and then the elder sister brought you back and shut you down for ten years, and the master gave you treatment after knowing you were here? I don’t know where you are, the devil, so that the master and the teacher elder sister are still so kind to you? " Fluttershy complained while carrying things to the Moon Soul. It is not difficult to feel from her tone that she has no affection for the Moon Soul, but where does the Moon Soul care about this at this time?
See the moon soul didn’t speak, the body is still out to get up, and the posture is just half back, and the body falls on the bed again, and it has been tried several times in a row.
That call Fluttershy woman saw him panic like this, put something on the horse and ran over to press him. "Don’t move. Give me a break, master and sister. Let me take care of you. What can I tell you if anything happens to you?"
The moon soul finally stopped moving and lay on the stone bed like a dead man. But tears were left in his eyes and he muttered, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry …"
Fluttershy let him go when she saw the moon’s soul motionless, but she saw his tears again. When she was about to say that you, the devil, would also cry, she was shocked because she saw the moon’s soul. In addition to tears, her eyes also contained pain, remorse and self-blame.
What? I don’t think he’s as long apart as others say. What about the devil?
Fluttershy didn’t speak, but went to one side and took out a towel from the dish she brought, and then went to the stone bed and gently wiped the tears of the moon soul, which she couldn’t wipe off.
After that, she looked at the soul of the moon and wanted to say something more, but she opened her mouth and left without saying anything.
The next three Tian Yue souls are all taken care of by Fluttershy, but the moon soul has been lying on the stone bed without speaking, and has been silently keeping tears for one day, two days, three days or so. Fluttershy wonders if his tears will not dry up.
Qing Ran Saint and Ling Ye didn’t come these three days, but asked Fluttershy for a situation. When Fluttershy said the situation of the moon soul, Qing Ran gently shook his head while Ling Ye was silent.
On the fourth day, when Fluttershy entered the magic cave, she found that the soul of the moon was not in the stone bed, which made her panic. Did the soul of the moon leave? But she breathed a sigh of relief when her eyes toured other places.
See the moon soul alone beside the female statue in the pool, staring at the statue in a daze.
Fluttershy walked over. "You look much better?"
The moon soul didn’t speak or look at her, but still looked at the statue in a daze.
Fluttershy saw that he had been looking at the statue and turned his eyes to it. "This statue has been here for more than ten years. When I got started, I had a teacher elder sister who said that this is an infatuated person who can keep this female sculpture so lifelike. I think that infatuated person must really love her. She is really a happy woman! There is also this poem, Ghost axe carving thin shadow wandering alone every day, my heart is full of thoughts, I miss my face every night, I dream of hard liquor, and I dream of Mengmeng’s blood and tears. Why don’t people in the depths of drunken dreams return? "
On the soul after hearing Fluttershy expression finally had a reaction startled way "ten years? Has it been ten years? "
Fluttershy is very strange that Moon Soul speaks, but he finally reacts, which is a good thing. "Yes! It’s been ten years. "In fact, even Fluttershy herself didn’t find that her attitude towards the Moon Soul has been greatly improved. Maybe the Moon Soul shed tears for three days and infected her!
In fact, after seeing the statue of Yanji, I knew that I had returned to the normal world, but he didn’t expect that I had traveled more than a hundred years ago, less than two years ago. Why did it take ten years after I came back?

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